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Wind Farms lesson plan


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Wind Farms lesson plan

  1. 1. Lesson PlanYear 7 – Windfarm DevelopmentAims / Objectives Activities Resources OutcomesStarter (5”)ChangesIntroduce the idea oflandscape changeImage interpretation anddiscussion of potentialchangesImages on PPT Identify possible changes inthe landscape.Imaginative / possiblechanges to a rural landscape.Changing LandscapesChange for the better or forthe worse?Magic SpectaclesLook at the view again,through fresh eyes. Whatnew things do you now‘see’?Images on PPTMagic Spectacle cardsUnderstand that differentpeople have different viewson landscapes.Geography gives you a wayof looking at the landscape.Changing landscapesAppreciating changes are ofdifferent scales of impactand timeContinuum – placingchanges and explainingreasons for placement –individual reasonsContinuum sheetChanges on PPTPersonal views on the impactof changes which happen inmany local landscapes.Where did they place windfarms on continuumWind farmsIntroduction to wind farmsDiscusssion Which way does yourturbine blow…Active – decision made andacted out with arms spinninga particular wayPMI of Wind Farms Notes and discussion Plus, Minus and Interestingsheet plus informationsheets from ‘Look at it thisWay’Further research, possiblychanging opinions that wereoriginally held…Literacy development Letter to Ely Standard Letter starterSentence starters…Vocabulary /connectivessheetLiteracy -Format adapted from resource that I wrote for Digital Explorer on sustainablefishingAlso requires Magic Spectacle cards which are available as part of the KS3Toolkit book ‘Look at it this Way’, published by the Geographical Association