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UWE Session


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Session with PGCE colleagues - May 2009

Published in: Education, Technology
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UWE Session

  1. 1. “the only way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas...” Winston Churchill
  2. 2. Web tools, online collaboration and a ‘Living Geography’ approach to curriculum planning Alan Parkinson Secondary Curriculum Development Leader Geographical Association Image credits: GA,,
  3. 3. The structure for the session 1. Living Geography – what is it, and why should you be teaching it ? 2. Web tools to aid pedagogy and resource creation 3. You are not alone: co-constructivism and your PLN... 4. Play-time... Image: Berwick Upon Tweed – Alan Parkinson
  4. 4. My contact details alanparkinsonatthega @GeoBlogs GeoBlogs This presentation hosted here!
  5. 5. quot;As I travel the world, I find myself asking questions that only geographers can answer...quot; Michael Palin
  6. 6. Why am I telling you this ?
  7. 7. .uk s. co age p hy gr ap o . ge w w :/ /w h t tp
  8. 8. Living Geography Does this take Which the learner learning beyond what activity ? they already Student Experiences know ? Teacher Choices Geography: the subject Underpinned by Key Thinking Concepts Geographically
  9. 9. Living Geography: • embraces young people’s geography and experiences • is current and future oriented • is local but set in wider (global) contexts • raises questions of change, sustainability and development
  10. 10. What’s your ‘view’ of geography ? What’s your students’ view of it ? (An egg hatches and a rhino comes out) Lisa: Rhinos don't hatch from eggs. Homer: What did you just see, Lisa? Lisa: I know, but . . . Homer: What did you just see? Simpsons Safari With thanks to Margaret Roberts for idea...
  11. 11. In pairs or threes...
  12. 12. A YPG curriculum will: – be planned through dialogue: between teachers, young people, teacher educators and academic geographers – draw from young people's everyday experiences – extend the way that young people are involved in, and can directly influence, the curriculum – emphasise dialogic pedagogies – enable young people to use their capacity to think geographically when encountering the world
  13. 13. With thanks to Joe Dale (MFL – embrace cross-curricular !!)
  14. 14. There are only ever choices.... When choices are made and accepted by a sufficient number of teachers, they tend to become 'common sense' (Castree, 2005) The choices YOU make are all important !
  15. 15. The Food Crisis • I have written a new unit for the Training and Development Agency • This will be available as an ONLINE CPD unit • It explores the issue of FOOD SECURITY. • Check it out on the GeographyTeachingToday website
  16. 16. BECTa ICT KS4 Project Now ‘live’ on GA website and well worth plundering !
  17. 17. Young Peoples Geographies
  18. 18. Teachers’ TV: hands up who watches ? Tomorrow’s Teacher
  19. 19. Clay Shirky “the best tool ever invented for improving communication is the table...”
  20. 20. “Social networking”
  21. 21. “Social networking”
  22. 22. The Networked teacher.... Then and Now (Alec Couros)
  23. 23. Twitter “What are you doing...?” 140 character limit
  24. 24. Every teacher should also be a learner. The “Social Web” makes this possible at a time and a place to suit everybody. This is where your PLN comes in...
  25. 25. Over 700 members Also a dedicated network for PGCE / NQT / GTP
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Why? Where? Who? With thanks to Tony Cassidy for these resources....
  28. 28. Large number of armed and There is a well developed experienced warlords from welfare system in the the civil war. country. Failed state- government is not in full control. Stable government which is in control of the country. High returns from ransoms paid for ships and crews- Average income in Somalia average $2 million. is $600 dollars per capita. Huge coastal area makes it uneasy to police. Where is Somalia? There are few employment opportunities in Somalia. Much of the population isWhy is piracy an Most ransoms are unlikely to be paid. reliant on food aid. Employment opportunities are widely available. issue? Large coastal area. Large number of ex- Strong international support fisherman that know the for the Somali government. area well. Small coastal area. Pirates are viewed as heroes by the local population. Pirates are shunned by the Illegal fishing of Somali local population. waters has put fisherman out of business.
  29. 29. With thanks to Russel Tarr for ClassTools
  30. 30. Beautiful tag clouds
  31. 31. Flickr Toys • Picture Collages • Trading Cards • Photo Mosaics • CD covers • Motivator poster • Magazine covers • Movie posters • Picture frames • Captions...
  32. 32. Removed image of The Sun and Swine Flu...
  33. 33. Flip Video - £ 70 “Alternative narratives...”
  34. 34. New video case studies...
  35. 35. Knock Knock Who’s there ?
  36. 36. A DOCTOR ?
  37. 37. A MATHS TEACHER ?
  38. 38. A BALLET DANCER ?
  39. 39. A SHEEP SHEARER ?
  41. 41. Credit Crunch G£ography Winners and Losers & Geo-connections Flickr user: nataliej
  42. 42. What connections are there with geography ? • Higher energy costs • Changing retail landscape • Less disposable income • Price-cutting and bargain-hunting • Austerity • De-multipliers starting off... • Higher unemployment • Impact on global warming ?
  43. 43. Assessment What can you explain in a text message ?
  44. 44. ICT SESSION
  45. 45. Some other options* for you... 1. Explore BECTa materials 2. Sign up for the GA NING 3. Explore the GA MANIFESTO and the lesson ideas that have been provided for teachers to adopt and adapt... 4. BECTa ICT * - students like alternative formats for homework and project tasks
  46. 46. Making a magazine cover / poster 1. Go to 2. Choose Magazine cover or Movie Poster 3. Decide on the cover image, save to your desktop and then upload it to the site. 4. Decide on the description / taglines / title etc. for your chosen format, and fill in the relevant boxes (don’t fill them all in as the poster will look too cluttered. 5. Once you are fairly happy, press 6. This will show you the magazine as it looks at the moment. Look at the placement and colour of the text. Can you see it clearly on the cover. 7. Click EDIT COVER (just underneath the image) and you can make those changes. You can keep doing this as often as you like, but as soon as you press SAVE, the cover will be saved and can’t be changed. 8. Save the image into the folder that your teacher will tell you. 9. Get a blank powerpoint slide and paste the image into the middle of the slide. 10. Use AUTOSHAPES for arrows and some text boxes to explain your choice of image and labels. Don’t forget audience / purpose
  47. 47. Feedback time....
  48. 48.
  49. 49. All images under Creative Commons • Bank note on title page - image by Flickr user nataliej • Tiger Woods losing sponsorship - - image by Flickr user ATIS547 • Woolworths - image by Flickr user mrlerone • Clock by ToniVC • Thanks to Gary Simmons & Danny O’ Callaghan for “vibrant hub” or “dead heart” CBD slides
  50. 50. All images under Creative Commons • - image by Flickr user ariel.chico • Information Commons – Alan Parkinson • Bayards Cove, Dartmouth – Alan Parkinson • Shillpages for “The End” • DS and belongings: • Text message by Skimbalu