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TM GA Conference 18


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Presentation from the GA Conference 2018 - Home and Sheffield

Published in: Education
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TM GA Conference 18

  1. 1. Alan Parkinson TeachmeetGAConference2018
  2. 2. Carl Lee: inspiration for this talk… "I wanted to write a geography book for people who wouldn't normally read a geography book. "I also wanted to try and get to the heart of why Sheffield was such a great place to live. I've thought the city is one of the best- kept secrets of Britain. "I've had a go at exploring the ingredients that make up the city and contribute to it being such a great place to live”.
  3. 3. Home…
  4. 4. Geographies of home….
  5. 5. Wickersley, near Rotherham
  6. 6. Steel, Peech and Tozer
  7. 7. Castle Square Underpass
  8. 8. The Everly Pregnant Brothers You’d come down from Fargate with the wind in your hair, You’d go down escalator ‘cos they didn’t have no stairs, It were too far, For your tired legs, With your nannan, Walking through ‘oyl in t’ road. uxZU
  9. 9. Park Hill Flats Ivor Smith and Jack Lynn
  10. 10. 3 years…
  11. 11. JR James Archive on Flickr Alasdair Rae @undertheraedar
  12. 12. Timepix – Elaine Owen from the OS
  13. 13. Attercliffe – World Student Games
  14. 14. Sheffield is….
  15. 15. Mentimeter Andrew Boardman
  16. 16. Vote now….
  17. 17. Create and share something similar for your own ‘home town’…. Illustration: Tom Morgan Jones
  18. 18. …and look up when you’re heading for the Beermeet later…