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The magic washing machine


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The magic washing machine

Published in: Education
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The magic washing machine

  1. 1. The Magic Washing Machine
  2. 2. Start End
  3. 3. What do you need in order for the washing machine to be able to work? Start End
  4. 4. Start Fetching water and firewood is often a job given to girls. Finding water and wood takes hours out of the day and puts people at personal risk Better education can lead to people getting better jobs. When people are employed, they pay taxes, which are spent on improving infrastructure including education and transport. Employed people have disposable income, which can be spent on washing machines and other gadgets. Multiplier effect USE SOME OR ALL OF THESE / ADD YOUR OWN FLOW CHART TO EXPLAIN HOW THE WASHING MACHINE ENDS UP WITH A RICHER COUNTRY
  5. 5. Why is the washing machine ‘magic’?