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Vital TeachShare Sept 211th


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Paul Cornish talking about his recent expedition to Madagascar

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Vital TeachShare Sept 211th

  1. 1. VITAL Teachshare• 11th September 2012• Guest: Paul Cornish 1
  2. 2. Madagascar and BeyondPaul CornishDirector of HumanitiesThe Coopers’ Company and Coborn
  3. 3. 2011- 2012: One Busy Year!September 11 Awarded ‘Lead Department Status’ and £5,000 grantOctober 11 Ten day tour of India (55 pupils)October 11- June 2012 Led PTI Subject days for NQT, GTP and PGCENovember 11 Organised 3- day PTI Harrogate Geography ResidentialFebruary 12 A level fieldwork in Barcelona (50 pupils)April 12 Multimedia Made Easy Toolkit published by the GAApril 2012 Google Earth session at the GA ConferenceApril 2012 Promoted to Director of HumanitiesJune 12 Speaking at the Humanities Conference, MOE, SingaporeJuly 12 Awarded the Ordnance Survey ‘Excellence in Geography Teaching’ Award by the RGSJuly- August 12 Madagascar Expedition (34 Pupils)August 12 Completed Masters’ in Geography EducationAugust 2012 Joined GA ICT special interest group.October 11- Present Geography co-ordinator for Havering teacher training partnership (GTP)October 11- Present In charge of Geography CPD for the PTI
  4. 4. Using a mini video cameraLesson 1: Bringing a climate graph to lifeLesson 2: A rainforest puppet showUsing a blogLesson 3: Peer assessment using a blogUsing Google Earth as a multimedia resourceLesson 4: A virtual field trip to the Olympic ParkLesson 5: Using Google Earth to investigate biomesUsing hand-held digital technology in fieldworkLesson 6: Emotional mapping of the school environmentUsing Skype for video conferencingLesson 7: Investigating local food through video conferencingOnline resources to accompany the book MEasyResources.pdf
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Andranosoa, Central Highlands:Project Village
  8. 8. Eastern Rainforest Ecolodge
  9. 9. 150km Canoe Trip down theTsiribihina River, WesternMadagascar
  10. 10. First UK school to visit the Tsingyde Bemeraha World Heritage Site,North Western Madagascar
  11. 11. Dune Camp: Western Madagascar
  12. 12. Kirindy: Western Dry Forest
  13. 13. South Western Coral Islands
  14. 14. Avenue de Baobab, Western Madagascar
  15. 15. Masters in Geography EducationDissertation: “To what extent can „curriculum making‟ using core, content and procedural knowledge‟ affect learning outcomes?”
  16. 16. A „curriculum of the future‟ needs to treatknowledge as a distinct and non-reducibleelement in the changing resources thatpeople need access to in order to makesense of the world. (Young, 2008; 90)
  17. 17. Conclusions• Learning Outcomes• Planning for Knowledge• Assessing Knowledge• The Knowledge Model
  18. 18. Madagascar and BeyondPaul CornishDirector of HumanitiesThe Coopers’ Company and Coborn