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Note for Salzburg Geo-media delegates


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Note for Salzburg Geo-media delegates

  1. 1. Salzburg Geomedia CourseAlan Parkinson - Resources for creative pedagogyUseful iOS Apps* - indicates also available on Android / Google PlayRed means that we will hopefully have the chance to use these to create resourcesIMAGESSplice - excellent video creation appCamCat - take a photo and it will be pinned to a map along with map, distance and angleof orientationFreezePaint - create a photo-collage by capturing sections of several images - also goodfor painting people into weird locationsSnapseed - excellent for editing photographs and making an average image look betterDermandar - rotate your camera and get an instant 360 degree panorama which can beviewed onlineSkitch - annotate images in the fieldSketch+ - turn images from the camera into a range of sketched effects to representplaces differentlyTourWrist - create panoramic images and share them with othersWordFoto - overlay text on images to create photo-collagesAUDIOAudioboo - record a short sound file and upload it for embedding on websitesWideNoise - measure sound levels - where are the quiet places in your city ?Spotify - ‘soundtrack’ your work (may not be available in your country)MAPPINGEsri ArcGIS - allows use of a range of map layers, measurement and interaction with webapps for live mappingMotion-X GPS - record a walk and export it so that it can be seen in a range of softwareFlightRadar24 (Pro) - identify planes and track their movementsGPS Log (Lite) - plot and geotag photos in the field - can be used without 3GGraffiti Mapper - add examples of graffiti to a global map (only a few weeks old)INTERACTIONNeoReader - QR code readerPosterous - instant blogging in the fieldSTORYTELLINGStorify - create a narrative with items from various social media feedsFUNMission:Explore - lots of ideas for missions to do anywhere, not just LondonAR Player - put a model on your deskSee Paul Turner’s poster for further ideas...GEOMEDIA TOOLKITTriptico: - create interactive elements with a free download of thetoolse.g. Word Magnets, Timers, Find Ten, Name selectors etc.Also new hexagons:
  2. 2. Salzburg Geomedia CourseFollow the blog for more updates and new versions of apps coming soonArcGIS Explorer Online: orExtension to story maps: apps: - 3D Model grabbing of landscapes: - surveys that students can respond to freely -also can use Google Forms for this - there is a guide to using Google Drive and GoogleDocs here: - an alternative to Wordle for word clouds in customshapesFlickr Toys: - manipulate images to create a range of resourcesGeoClip GIS: - free GIS / visualisation toolComic Creation: e.g. and Comic Life AppGoogle Earth: and the associated blogs with support - resourcesfrom Dublin GeoTeacher Institute which I attended: Geographic: to consider ‘using’ - comparisons with inequality / disasters - live updates of location of aircraft - GIS activity - population data heat maps for theNetherlands - a weekly digest of geographical news
  3. 3. Salzburg Geomedia Course -build your own virtual volcano - my presentations can be found with the user name GeoBlogs - try the ‘Create a Book’ option which has now beenadded - make your own book... - National Geographic site exploringInterdependence - what’s in your closet ? - map mashup... - create charts with embed codes forGoogle Earth placemarks - Hypercities - cities through time - you may wish to begin to curate yourown PINTEREST boards on topics that are relevant to your personal and professionalinterests.... - our website for the Geography Collective - our blog is here:http://thegeographycollective.wordpress.comWe are leading Guerrilla Geography Day on the 7th of November 2012 - website launchingsoonALAN PARKINSON’s 2011 Projects for further exploration1. Google World Wonders: - relates to UNESCO World Heritage Sites2. Multimedia Book activities by Paul Cornish and Bob Lang (see hard copies on the Moodle)3. RGS-IBG From the Field project: KS5 - +Stage+5+-+From+the+field+resources/Key+Stage+5+-+From+the+field+resources.htm and KS4 - +Stage+4+-+From+the+field+resources/Key+Stage+4++From+the+field+resources.htm4. Geography all the WayYou will have a free account for the duration of the course so that you can seehow Richard Allaway has used a range of geomedia to create engaging activities for IBGeography, MYP and other qualifications in GeographyAlso check the book on the eBookstore if you have an iPad - Free book on ExtremeEnvironments
  4. 4. Salzburg Geomedia CourseAlso the mini-sites and mysteries, such as this Piracy site: TeachIt Geography: - ask me to log you in to this site if you want to explore further - resources for geography teachers6. Frozen Oceans teaching pack - produced by Digital Explorer - some copies of this will be given to you to take away, and explore at your leisure registration needed to download - also working on some resources related to CatlinSeafloor SurveyA digital copy of the pack is included in the Dropbox to which you have been invited7. BBC Primary Geography website: still to be launched, but I rewrote this with a colleague in early 20128. Geographical Association - written book, also created some resources on Food security and Geographies of food: National Geographic Awareness Week 2011 and 2012 Raven Ellison talking at the National Geographic: you need to watch this :) Mission:Explore Food - free CC versions of chapters can be obtained from TES Resources - http:/ - free registration needed, or ask me for my login...11. Fieldwork through Enquiry book with John Widdowson - to be published in 2013 - we will have the chance to try some of the ideas in Salzburg Old Town12. Blogposts on geography education, including the idea of a Landscape in a Box...13. Digital Explorer: - Frozen Oceans pack: and new project on corals14. Follow the ThingsA project aimed at identifying the place where goods come from, and the connections thatare created whenever we buy something. Will be creating some teaching resources on thisproject shortly. Discovering the Arctic - also Discovering Antarctica - from the RGS-IBG activitiesMissions - see separate Mission:Explore Salzburg sheetStoryCubes: - also available as an app as well as the threephysical sets of cubesGeographical narratives: geography literally means ‘writing the earth’My stuffBlogsSee my Blogger profile for links to them: (over 8000 of them)
  5. 5. Salzburg Geomedia Course but I also run several other fictional accounts aswell as @VitalGeography for my work with the OU...My old website - still popular if a little out of date nowPinterest boards