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Most Likely To... China or UK


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China or the UK ?
Which is the statement "most likely to" be describing ?
Geography starter

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Most Likely To... China or UK

  1. 1. Most likely to…
  2. 2. CHINA U.K
  3. 3. Be encouraged by the government to reduce the size of your family.
  4. 4. CHINA U.K
  5. 5. Have to pay for medical treatment when you fall ill.
  6. 6. CHINA U.K
  7. 7. Hear the noise of construction as a nearby area of open space is built on.
  8. 8. CHINA U.K
  9. 9. See a homeless person begging in the street.
  10. 10. CHINA U.K
  11. 11. Buy an item that said “Made in China” on the label.
  12. 12. CHINA U.K
  13. 13. Hear people speaking a language other than English as you walked through the city centre.
  14. 14. CHINA U.K
  15. 15. Catch a train that had arrived on time.
  16. 16. CHINA U.K
  17. 17. Think of one of your own…