Look At It This Way For Tes 09


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TES Education Show: 3rd October 2009

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Look At It This Way For Tes 09

  1. 1. “A curriculum, to be truly educational, will lead the students to unanticipated, rather than predicted, outcomes” John McKernan
  2. 2. Look at it This Way: ICT in the Geography Classroom Alan Parkinson Secondary Curriculum Development Leader Geographical Association
  3. 3. My contact details alanparkinsonatthega aparkinson@geography.org.uk @GeoBlogs GeoBlogs
  4. 4. About me....
  5. 5. If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants Image by Flickr user Steve Roe
  6. 6. Flickr user: Highranger
  7. 7. What I hope to do.... • Outline some web tools that will help support the development of adventurous pedagogy, and suggest how they can be used in the geography classroom • Connect their use with a Living Geography approach, and to the GA’s manifesto for geography: ‘a different view’ • Share the work of a range of teachers who form part of my Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  8. 8. "As I travel the world, I find myself asking questions that only geographers can answer..." Michael Palin
  9. 9. a different view
  10. 10. Why “look at it this way ?” Example lesson activity in handout...
  11. 11. Geographical enquiry Students as active participants and investigators, not just the passive recipients of knowledge Using imagination and creativity to think critically about what we see
  12. 12. BLOOM’S REVISED TAXONOMY Creating Generating new ideas, products, or ways of viewing things Designing, constructing, planning, producing, inventing. Evaluating Justifying a decision or course of action Checking, hypothesising, critiquing, experimenting, judging Analysing Breaking information into parts to explore understandings and relationships Comparing, organising, deconstructing, interrogating, finding Applying Using information in another familiar situation Implementing, carrying out, using, executing Understanding Explaining ideas or concepts Interpreting, summarising, paraphrasing, classifying, explaining Remembering Recalling information Recognising, listing, describing, retrieving, naming, finding
  13. 13. A-Z on Google Earth by Rachel Young A = Leigh, Kent Z = Sleepy Staffordshire
  14. 14. 7 sections A curriculum resource Thinking geographically Living Geography Geography and young people Investigating and exploring geography Geography and the ‘real world’ Curriculum making with geography
  15. 15. “The Met Office admitted this week that its promise of a barbecue summer was wrong, explaining that it was very difficult to predict what will happen in three months time. Meanwhile, they remain absolutely convinced that they know precisely what the weather will be like a century from now.” Jeremy Clarkson – August 2009
  16. 16. The Action Plan for Geography
  17. 17. “The Independent” – 23rd Sept
  18. 18. “The central problem of our time is not standards. It is actually about getting kids to engage with learning.” Prof David Hargreaves, SSAT
  19. 19. “If you're enthusiastic and have a command of your subject, you don't need technology. You just need to have a relationship with your pupils, to engage with them, and be interested in them as people, and how they develop. Teachers of different ages and different types have different skills, and they all have a place – children like variety.” History Teacher quoted in same article
  20. 20. Blogging.... 2003: GeoBlogs... •A reflective ‘diary’ of what had been taught, and the pedagogy involved • A means of setting homework and continuing the ‘conversation’ so that the lesson didn’t end when the lesson ended • Sharing student work with a wider audience, and peer assessment with other schools • Communication with colleagues • A ‘filing cabinet’ to remember links I had come across
  21. 21. http://livinggeography.blogspot.com
  22. 22. Juicy Geography: Noel Jenkins
  23. 23. Geography Geek: Helen Young
  24. 24. http://delicious.com/preche/wastefulworld Delicious is an example of “social bookmarking”
  25. 25. “mobile learning”
  26. 26. New fieldwork... GA Worldwise Challenge Juniper Hall, September 2009
  27. 27. Wordle Digital images Big Huge Labs : image manipulation
  28. 28. Noel Jenkins “virtual fieldtrips” Exeter Princesshay 360 degree panoramas
  29. 29. Alternative maps...
  30. 30. Flip Video
  31. 31. Make sure you have the latest version installed on your machine.
  32. 32. http://googlearthusersguide.blogspot.com
  33. 33. Clone Towns ? Dead hearts ?
  34. 34. Copenhagen – December Google Earth Climate Tours
  35. 35. Gavin Brock’s OS Layer http://www.brock-family.org/gavin/google- earth/osmaps.html
  36. 36. Images .
  37. 37. http://www.flickr.com/photos/geographypages
  38. 38. Hooks....
  39. 39. Online magazine, plus YouTube, plus iTunes podcast subscription
  40. 40. John Davitt • The LEG (Learning Event Generator) • A series of tasks, and alternative ways of completing the tasks. • An iPhone app (the RAG) and an Excel spreadsheet version... • Have made a GEOGRAPHY version, but could be customised...
  41. 41. Literacy narratives : “writing” the earth
  42. 42. http://www.kerismith.com/
  43. 43. “Childhood is a branch of cartography” Michael Chabon
  44. 44. Bringing your maps to life Ordnance Survey Mapping News
  45. 45. Newspapers
  46. 46. NINGS NetworkING
  47. 47. Supporting each other through curriculum change...
  48. 48. Over 1400 members !
  49. 49. Richard Allaway activities http://www.geographyalltheway.com
  50. 50. Teachers TV Recent series on ICT in the classroom Login to download previous programmes...
  51. 51. Paul Cornish – use of VIDEO in the classroom
  52. 52. Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Flip Video Paul Cornish
  53. 53. Ideas to Enhance Lessons . . . • Starter/ plenary - Filming responses on IWB • Mysteries - Camera is the source of information • Explaining – e.g coastal processes • Discussion & debate – video contributions • Vox pop – Interview pupils/ staff before lesson on an issue • Activities – e.g trading game or model building • Assessment – teacher, self, peer etc… • Evaluation – Group project or pupil voice Clip 1 Clip 2 Enhancing teaching and learning with Flip Video
  54. 54. Projects . . . • News Report Clip 1 • Sustainability film Clip 2 • Puppet Show • Visual poetry Clip 3 • Video for parents • Make a film for link school • Competitions • Prospective parents/ Options evening Field work Enhancing teaching and learning with Flip Video
  55. 55. Field Work . . . • Museum trips- video an exhibit and explain… • Geography fieldwork - methods of data collection - motivation - alternative to making notes - AS revision for exam - KS3 Rebranding Canterbury • Video diaries – Year 9 Ypres trip • Video for assembly/ parents Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3 Enhancing teaching and learning with Flip Video
  56. 56. Tony Cassidy – Social media & “what’s in your pocket...”
  57. 57. Local hotel owner reports guest as missing. .
  58. 58. Guest named as Mr Jones, mid-thirties, home in the East Midlands, paid cash. .
  59. 59. Last seen 48 hours ago- headed for the Foreland… locating the Foreland. .
  60. 60. Downloading images… .
  61. 61. Mobile phone recovered at the Foreland. .
  62. 62. Off to photograph Old Harry, will send you a picture.
  63. 63. Police find bag at the base of the headland. .
  64. 64. Individual recorded as a missing person. .
  65. 65. Police request help with building a profile of the individual. .
  66. 66. Home Profile Inbox Friends Settings Logout Search Beachy Head Seven Sisters…I love you  Wall Info Photos Boxes Loving the sunny weather  I am Ads getting a tan! Share View photos View videos Recent activity- Information Beachy Head commented on Seven Sisters Hello, I am Beachy Head, Britain’s wall post. highest chalk cliff. I live near Eastbourne in East Sussex. I’m married to one of the Seven Sisters in Seaford and I love the sun x Hello neighbour. The tide is high  Groups Friends Yes, those waves are eroding my side x River Seven Birling gap Older posts Cuckmere re sisters By Ben
  67. 67. Home Profile Inbox Friends Settings Logout Search Name: Loch Ness 10hrs ago Wall Info Photos Boxes Ads The weather’s atrocious and Nessy’s not sayin much! CATCH Share View photos NESSY View videos Recent Activity Information Shimmering from the light! I’ve lost Nessy!!! I’M LOST!!!!!!! Groups Friends Lakes-a- What’s the weather like over there……WET!!!! like Ben Seven Nessy Nevis Sisters Older posts Nessy rules By Jake
  68. 68. Home Profile Inbox Friends Settings Logout Search Dr.Blue Lagoon says: I wish people would stop skinny dipping in me! 1 minute ago Wall Info Photos Boxes Ads Too many people splashing around. Share View photos View videos Recent Activity Information I am a large geothermal spa I just hurled some water 70 ft high. You located in the south west of should have seen their faces lol Iceland. I have an average temperature of 40 degrees and people are forever taking their I’m fed up of being dormant. I fancy clothes off to bathe in me! some action! Groups Friends I am flying to the Westmann Islands for I love Iceland some peace and quiet. Catch ya later ;) Fans of the Blue Lagoon. Geysir Eldfell Mr. Puffin Older posts By Dale M
  69. 69. Home Profile Inbox Friends Settings Logout Search Mayon Volcano is feeling hot, hot, hot! 10hrs ago Wall Info Photos Boxes Ads Mayon Volcano is thinking it’s time for a pyroclastic flow. Share View photos Donate now! View videos Recent Activity Information Mayon uploaded a photo- I am an active stratovolcano ‘’My photo when I erupted September 1984’’ in the Philippines. Renowned as the "Perfect Cone" because of my almost Thanks, my owners will be rich! x perfectly conical shape . Groups Friends You should see my rice yields this year! Bora Manila Banaue Save the earth! Older posts By Catherine
  70. 70. Home Profile Inbox Friends Settings Logout River Nile River Nile 10hrs ago Wall Info Photos Boxes I hate those boat tours…more Ads pollution!  Share View photos View videos BBC filming a documentary on me I Information get really fed up with people filming about me. I am about 6,670 km in length and I am the longest river in Africa and in the world. Lovely scenery Nile loving it  Groups Friends I wish I was as big as you. Thames Sphinx Beyonce Older posts By Naomi.
  71. 71. Home Profile Inbox Friends Settings Logout Search Eiffel Tower 10hrs ago Wall Info Photos Boxes Ads I love watching all these people climbing my stairs! Share View photos View videos Recent Activity Information I'm the tallest building Eiffel tower is now playing in Paris. I'm 1,063 ft tall, the same height as Farmville. 81 story building. I weigh 10,000 tons. Just had loads of people taking photos of me. Groups Friends It’s Nearly 12 . London Statue of Big Ben Eye Liberty. Older posts By Abbi
  72. 72. U Mapper – make your own “find a location” game
  73. 73. Visualisation Ageing Britain: Office of National Statistics http://www.statistics.gov.uk/ageingintheuk/agemap.html
  74. 74. Gapminder
  75. 75. Worldmapper Cartograms http://www.worldmapper.com
  76. 76. Gracenote Music Maps http://www.gracenote.com/map/ Cultural Geography of Music...
  77. 77. Vocaroo.com
  78. 78. Wallwisher
  79. 79. Wordle
  80. 80. “Pupils want to learn. If you forget that, give up and get out of the profession...” Neil Winton Teachmeet SLF 09 BBC Scotland – 23/09/09
  81. 81. You are not alone...
  82. 82. and finally.... “Look at it this way” Available from GA shop later this month
  83. 83. Thanks for coming – safe journey home ! alanparkinsonatthega aparkinson@geography.org.uk @GeoBlogs GeoBlogs
  84. 84. Acknowledgements • Map Head image: Strangemaps Blog • Images of Otzi: Otzi Museum • Climate map: Centre International de Recherche sur l'Environnement et le Développement and Ecole Nationale de la Météorologie, Météo- France • Alec Couros, Networked teacher • Other images by Alan Parkinson, made available under Creative Commons
  85. 85. Acknowledgements Teacher / colleague ‘giants’ on whose shoulders I have stood today: • Noel Jenkins: Juicy stuff • Tony Cassidy: Facebook template and mystery bag • Kenny O’ Donnell: Twitter conversations • Richard Allaway: Hjulstrom curve and IB goodness • Helen Young: Geekiness with the Mr. Men • Liz Smith: Facebook brilliance • Daniel Raven Ellison: Urban Earth and Journey Journal • Jamie Buchanan Dunlop: Digital Exploring • David Rogers: Social networking • Ollie Bray: Ever present • David Lambert, Ruth Totterdell & John Lyon – GA colleagues • Staff of Juniper Hall Field Studies Centre: Worldwise