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Journeys Through Landscapes


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A presentation for SAGT to support the GA's KS3 Teachers Toolkit book which I wrote.
For Year 7 pupils.
Buy the book to get the supporting resources and lesson plan.

Published in: Education, Travel
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Journeys Through Landscapes

  2. 2. Travel Writing Think about whether you have done any travel writing before ? Are you saying no ? Have you ever written a postcard ? Did you put something about the place that you were visiting, and what you had been doing and what the weather had been like ? OK, so you’re a TRAVEL WRITER ! Now we need to turn you into a better one !
  3. 3. Travel Writing You will be given a little 4 page booklet containing all the instructions, and your teacher will also explain when your time is up on each stage of the lesson. You will also be given a piece of writing from an unknown source, which describes a place that you may or may not know.
  4. 4. You now have 5 minutes to read your piece of writing Make a list of words you don’t understand (max. 5 words)
  5. 5. Where is your extract about ? Include detail e.g. locality, region and country
  6. 6. In which type of publication might you expect to find your extract? e.g. newspaper, magazine, book ?
  7. 7. Who is the audience (who is the extract written for) e.g. a particular age group or type of person ?
  8. 8. What words ( adjectives ) or phrases are used to describe the place in your extract ?
  9. 9. List 5 facts about the place in your extract (include some geography , such as climate, landscape, economic activity etc.) a) b) c) d) e)
  10. 10. List some opinions about the place in the extract, either that the writer gives, or that you get from reading the extract.
  11. 11. What type of writing is used in the extract (see Table A – it may be more than one type) ?
  12. 12. On a scale of 1 – 10 (1=low and 10=high) does your piece of writing make you want to visit this place ? IF SO WHY ? IF NOT WHY NOT ?
  13. 13. 8. What type of writing is it? 4. What words (adjectives) or phrases are used to describe the place 3. Who is the audience for the extract ? 2. In which type of publication would you expect to find the extract ? 1. Where is the extract about? Extract 1
  14. 14. Travel Writing Types of writing <ul><li>Looking at different points of view about the same thing. </li></ul>Discussion <ul><li>Putting forward a point of view with the aim of persuading others. </li></ul>Persuasion <ul><li>How something is done, set out as a series of steps. </li></ul>Procedure (method) <ul><li>Why things happen the way that they do. </li></ul>Explanation <ul><li>Description of a place or landscape. This may be simply factual. </li></ul>Report (describe) <ul><li>Retelling events that have happened or may happen in the future. </li></ul>Recount (narrative)