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Google Earth Intro


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Slides to set the context of a training session on Google Earth for GIS style activities...

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Google Earth Intro

  1. 1. Google Earth & Beyond Alan ParkinsonFreelance Geographer & Author GA Curriculum Maker
  2. 2. E. Yorkshire coast: 1967
  3. 3. "GIS is a form of digitalmapping technology.   Kind oflike Google Earth, but better."Arnold Schwarzenegger at the  Government Technolog yConference 2008
  4. 4. Google Earth• Version 6.2• Free• Huge user community
  5. 5. AGX ArcGIS Explorer Online• 2 versions• Free & subscription
  6. 6. Google’s own description• “Google Earth is a powerful tool that enables you to fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean.”• Doesn’t say ‘this is a GIS’....
  7. 7. Answers or questions ?• “In a time where answers are as ubiquitous as they are, the value is now defined by the ability to ask a better question”• Stephen Wolfram
  8. 8. Is Google Earth a GIS ? • OFSTED Subject Report for Geography 2011 • ‘Learning to make a world of difference’ • Gave an example of a good GIS lesson which made use of ‘Google Earth’...
  9. 9. So what is a GIS ?
  10. 10. Map DataSoftware that links them
  11. 11. "Knowing where things are, andwhy, is essential to rationaldecision making"Jack Dangermond, Environmental SystemsResearch Institute (ESRI)
  12. 12. The importance of location....• A video & news story to use with students:• - Train into space• 2012/08/06/after-3-years-lost-in-forest-a- camera-reveals-secrets-to-its-home/
  13. 13. GIS has data that can be queried...
  14. 14. Query = questioning... Questions relate tocontent & context
  15. 15. Geographical Enquiry...• Start with a hook, and a question and identify the appropriate information and mapping that might help answer it....• Provide students with a range of resources which they can make use of in different ways...
  16. 16. GIS has layersLayers can be created
  17. 17. Visualisation
  18. 18. Visualisations are common• FACEBOOK STORIES• 1574/interactive-mapping-the-world-s- friendships#color=continent&story=1&cou ntry=DK
  19. 19. New Street View with scroll-wheel....• ‘U’ takes the view back to vertical• ‘N’ orients to North...• ‘R’ = both...• Keyboard shortcuts document in Dropbox
  20. 20. Images need to be hosted or in a fixed location...•
  21. 21. BRAZIL• 19/michael-palin-brazil-bbc-series
  22. 22. Tour with highlights...