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Adding authenticity


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How could you make these geographical topics more 'authentic' ?
What additional sources/activities/outside connections could you add ?

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Adding authenticity

  1. 1. Understand the range ofdiseases suffered in thetropics, especially by the poorUnderstand why some places aremore densely populated thanothersDescribe and explain thefactor’s that may influence thesize of rural and urbansettlementsCBDs have similarcharacteristics, whether theyare located in MEDC or LEDCcitiesLand uses in the rural-urbanfringe can cause conflict witheach otherBasic weathering investigationscan be made in your local areaA case study of coral reefs
  2. 2. Explain the relationships intropical deserts betweenvegetation and climateDescribe the effect of at leasttwo natural hazards on people’slives, including possiblebenefitsAgricultural systems haveinputs, processes and outputs.Recognise the causes andeffects of food shortagesDescribe how a variety offactors must be considered whenseeking the location formanufacturing industriesAssess the benefits anddisadvantages of tourism toreceiving areasDescribe the factorsinfluencing the siting ofnuclear power stations
  3. 3. Identify areas at risk fromthreats to the environment, anddescribe attempts made tomaintain, conserve or improvethe quality of the environment.