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Danny MacAskill Questions


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Published in: Education
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Danny MacAskill Questions

  1. 1. AP - Week beginning 2nd September 2013 Danny Macaskill: “What has this got to do with geography ?” What did Danny use as obstacles for his riding ? What was/were your favourite part(s) of the video, and why ? Adjectives to describe the video and Danny’s skills… What do you think had to take place before Danny was able to make a video like this ? Hint: Equipment / physical & mental Read this quote from one of Danny’s other films on YouTube: ‘When I’m looking around the streets you can visualise how you might ride different features…you’re always looking around thinking ‘how can I jump on this rail, and then maybe jump to this wall’… This is similar to the sport of parkour or free running Prep Identify three places on the King’s Ely site where Danny could do one of his tricks. Draw a simple sketch map with arrows and other symbols and a few sentences to explain the trick that he could do.