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Chrono Urbanism changing the timings



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Chrono Urbanism changing the timings

  1. 1. “Chrono-urbanism” How can the use of Open Data and technology allow us to change our personal timings? KA2 - 2019-1-BE02-KA201-060212
  2. 2. We don’t have to shop during the usual opening hours. KA2 - 2019-1-BE02-KA201-060212 2 Image: Alan Parkinson
  3. 3. We don’t have to go to the office to work ‘from 9 to 5’ KA2 - 2019-1-BE02-KA201-060212 3 Image: Alan Parkinson
  4. 4. We don’t have to eat at the usual meal times in restaurants 4 Image: Alan Parkinson
  5. 5. We don’t have to move around the city by sticking to the bus timetables... 5 Image: Alan Parkinson
  6. 6. We don’t have to watch films or TV at the time they are broadcast 6 Image: Alan Parkinson
  7. 7. We can free ourselves from the usual patterns of how we live our lives using apps and open data 7 Image: Alan Parkinson
  8. 8. How easy is it to do that in your home area? 8 Image: Alan Parkinson