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Brave Geography Edited


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Version of presentation used at SAGT 2012 without some of images and activities...

Published in: Education
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Brave Geography Edited

  1. 1. Brave Geography brave/Images: Copyright Disney/Pixar and used in educational context…Removed from this version as shared online rather than in classroom
  2. 2. Wall-E
  3. 3. Up
  4. 4. Tourism Culture Landscape(Re)Branding “free fromdrug-abuseand midges”
  5. 5. Standing Stones
  6. 6. “There is nota stream or a rock thatdoesn’t have its own story”
  7. 7. Merida "The environment actuallyreminds me of her - this perfect but complicated blend of hard and soft." Brenda Chapman, Director
  8. 8. “You can’t escape the grandeur and beauty of Scotland. It’s so wild and rough. You don’t find anywhere else on earth thathas mountains like that. All the lochs and the trenches are so rugged it evokes themysteries and legends that have come out of Scottish culture. The grey, cool mist mixes in with the russet mountains. The variation of landscape and ecosystems makes everything feel very touchable, everything has texture”.
  9. 9. “We went up the east coast and found our castle – Dunnottar Castle. We looked at standing stones and lochs and moss andheather and we lay down in it to get a real sense of what it was like.” Art Director
  10. 10. DunBroch CastleBased onDunnottar Castle
  11. 11. Mountain Vistas
  12. 12. “We could only have found out all of it by actually going to Scotland. We wanted to collect enough details so we could bring them backto make it all very Scottish.”
  13. 13. The recipe for a Scottish Landscape• Ingredients…• Blended together…• Serving suggestion…
  14. 14. Mission:Explore Food
  15. 15. Cultural GeographyPlaces are ‘socially constructed’
  16. 16. “According to Brave, Scottishpeople are very opinionated and boisterous. They spendmost of their time bickering, brawling, or drinking”. Review
  17. 17. BRAVEMapping
  18. 18. Digimap for Schools
  19. 19. EDINA• Paula Owens and I have created a range of activities from Early Years – S4 age• Use the OS mapping as the basis, along with a range of tools• Maps can be customised and printed at a range of scales• Individual pupils can create individual
  20. 20. Tools
  21. 21. CONTEXT europe/scotland-vacations/
  22. 22. Reassuringly expensive…• $6000 = £3700• Can we do better ?
  23. 23. Using Digimap – identify a location suitable for a tour…..Choose from:• A castle• A circle of standing stones• A stunning landscape with a view to matchIdentify:• The method of arrival / transport• An activity that will be done there• A place to stay / eat / have a comfort break…
  24. 24. Images from Geograph…
  25. 25. Create a location description report…• E.g. Dunnottar Castle
  26. 26. OS MapStream – an alternative….£35 Primary - £50 Secondary
  27. 27. Living Geography 4000 posts and counting….