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Avalanche Risk Scale


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The 5 point scale used in The Alps

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Avalanche Risk Scale

  1. 1. Avalanche Risk Scale (French Alps) Every modern ski resort in the Alps (and elsewhere) will issue notices (bulletins) indicating the level of Avalanche Risk for each day. These risk levels are generally quoted from a five-point scale of increasing risk (of avalanche). If you plan to ski or snowboard off-piste it is  essential  that you understand the Avalanche Risk Level for each local area and plan your skiing accordingly, and check the bulletin before venturing out, particularly if skiing ‘off piste’. Note that there is no ZERO on the scale, as there is always SOME risk of avalanche if there is lying snow.
  2. 2. Level 1 : LOW RISK
  3. 3. Level 2 : MODERATE
  4. 4. Level 3 : CONSIDERABLE
  5. 5. Level 4 : HIGH
  6. 6. Level 5 : VERY HIGH (EXTREME)
  7. 7. This resource produced for a joint SfE / Geographical Association Conference to be held in London on the 5 th of February 2009