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African Cup of Nations: Who should win ?


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Geography activity introduction, based on work by Kate Walters.

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African Cup of Nations: Who should win ?

  1. 1. African Cup of Nations 2008
  2. 2. This tournament is held every 2 years. This year, the tournament is being held in Ghana.
  3. 3. Ghana is in West Africa . It was formerly called the Gold Coast. The official language is English.
  4. 4. The capital city is Accra, which is where the final will be played.
  5. 5. Ghana is celebrating its 50 th birthday this year. The motto for the games is: “Sharing passions at the centre of the earth.” The defending champions are EGYPT
  6. 6. As with the World Cup, there are a number of groups, each made up of teams who play each other. There are 4 groups.
  7. 7. Here are the 4 groups. Choose a country and find out a little more about it… Find it on the map of Africa you will be given. What countries does it link to in its history ?
  8. 8. Who should win the Cup based on statistical information on development ? (Could use Gapminder here and identify the countries involved and watch how they have behaved over time…
  9. 9. Using the spreadsheets that my colleague K. Walters has kindly made available from here…
  10. 10. Will the nation with the greatest choice of players, the best facilities and the fittest population win the African Cup of Nations?
  11. 11. Group A
  12. 12. Group B
  13. 13. Group C
  14. 14. Group D
  15. 15. Work through the other matches
  16. 16. Who wins ? Now keep track as the competition commences and continues. Will the actual result reflect the statistics. If not, why not ? What factors are not included in your analysis ?