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The Knowledge Gap


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Irish-Canadian Case Study - Geo Mara & Highland Geo Solutions (the knowledge gap) Eoghan Kieran ( GeoMara Ltd)

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The Knowledge Gap

  1. 1. Eoghan Kieran INFOMAR Seminar, October 2013 GeoMara – Hydrographic, Geophysical, Archaeological and Environmental
  2. 2. Overview  Introduction  Geomara  Highland Geosolutions  Industry Context  Where Geomara and Highland Geo fit in the Plan  The Knowledge Gap – as we define it  Practitioners/Potential Practitioners  General Public  Case Studies  Seafloor Exploration Course  Success – The Moyle Interconnector Project  Conclusion
  3. 3.  Based in Clarinbridge, Co.  Based in New Galway  Service provider to Petroleum, sub sea communications and research industries  Contracts in over 26 countries  9 full time staff and continually expanding Brunswick, Canada  Specialises in provision of data processors and surveyors  Global Client base
  4. 4. The Global Ocean Market •€1200 billion per annum •Massive future Growth Opportunities Figures from Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth, An Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland, July 2012
  5. 5. The Irish Plan – Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth - Vision
  6. 6. Where we are Targets  2.4% of GDP by 2030  Turnover 6.4 billion by 2020
  7. 7. Enablers of Growth and Key Actions taken from Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth, An Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland, July 2012
  8. 8. Business Development Marketing & Promotion  Strengthen and develop a common message and theme that promotes Irish marine products  Give a clear message to investors that Ireland is ‘open for, and a good place to do, marine business’ domestically and internationally and  Encourage and facilitate coastal communities to avail of existing and future marine enterprise opportunities.  Progress a number of targeted emerging business development opportunities (e.g. offshore renewables, offshore services, maritime security and safety, shipping logistics and transport, ICT and sensors, biotechnology ).
  9. 9. Research, Knowledge, Technology & Innovation  Continue to fund strategic marine RTDI (industry, policy and discovery research) through cross-government/ agency collaboration across a range of national and international funding mechanisms.  Increased industry R&D activity and industry academia collaborations  Addressing barriers to marine innovation and the progression of research into applied products and services (commercialising research)  Develop the role of INFOMAR  In training of Irish graduates in latest techniques  Utilisation of data in major research projects  Development of collaborative added-value products through engagement with SMEs and the research community.
  10. 10. Capacity, Education, Training and Awareness  Plan for the appropriate HR to be in place to meet the current demands and capture the future opportunities  Maintain and build capacity (people) to meet the needs of the maritime sector; e.g. through tailored education and training programmes and research capacity building.  Identify future skills needs and labour market supply and demand trends in the marine area  Tailor higher education, vocational and professional training programmes to meet the identified needs  Encourage utilisation of employment and training programmes (e.g. Job Bridge and Springboard) that offer the necessary training and upskilling for marine personnel  Continue to build marine research capacity and capability through targeted national and international research funding  Establish Ireland as an international marine training destination  Develop outreach programmes that create an awareness of our ocean wealth
  11. 11. The Knowledge Gap As defined by two commercial companies
  12. 12. Survey…the realities
  13. 13. The Knowledge Gap  Actually 2:  Lack of suitable graduates   Lack of technical knowledge Lack of real word experience  Lack of Public Awareness  Need to increase public awareness of the industry  Need to increase public awareness of Irish capabilities  Result is lack of public participation in industry  Same problems in N America as Ireland
  14. 14. The Knowledge Gap  What are we doing to fill this?  Ireland & Canada Collaboration  Greenland, USA, Nigeria, Adriatic, N. Africa, Italy, UK  Job Bridge  Reskilling and Upskilling  Tailored Training
  15. 15. Sea Floor Exploration Course – An attempt to bridge the Knowledge Gap The Moyle Interconnector Project - Achievement and Innovation
  16. 16.  To introduce candidates to the basic principles and methodologies of seafloor and sub sea surveying and exploration.  Students were introduced to a range of geophysical, visual and seabed sampling techniques, as well as a number of commercial and open-source software for data manipulation, processing and visualization.  19 candidates from throughout the world including France, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, UK, Ireland and Malta
  17. 17. Partners Supported by
  18. 18. Practical Experience
  19. 19. Practical Experience
  20. 20. Theory
  21. 21. Processing
  22. 22. Learning Outcomes  Candidates had a better understanding of the basic theoretical concepts and operational foundation of seafloor mapping  Candidates prepared for both commercial or academic assignments.  Candidates were exposed to many different types of marine survey hardware and software, and developed an understanding of which technology best matches the survey aims
  23. 23. Rationale for the Course  Developing a structured set of introductory lessons and exercises to develop relevant skills that are in demand by both the commercial and academic sectors.
  24. 24. Moyle Interconnector Project
  25. 25. Moyle Interconnector Find insulator fault
  26. 26. Moyle Interconnector  Geomara, ESB International, Irish Lights, Marine Institute  Full Irish Team..with the exception of American Surveyors and UK Divers  Identified after 5 days – previous contractors took 6 weeks  Successful  Due to competent experienced technical personnel  Innovation  Great team
  27. 27. Summary  Filling the knowledge gap through international co     operation Filling the Knowledge gap through national innovation and collaboration Filling the Knowledge gap through Industry ‘Lets just make it happen’ attitude Using ‘Job Bridge’ to train graduates Retraining The gap still remains
  28. 28. Filling the Knowledge Gap  Vision,  Enablers  Actions  Still a gap remains.  We recognise that need to do more  Publicise our achievements more  What can we do together to help Ireland achieve 2.4% GDP in 2030?
  29. 29. SSS, SBP, MAG and Bathy Harbour Hotel, Galway 13-14th November 2013 or