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Women Leading Change Qatar is a platform from which we will “Develop, Nurture and Promote the emerging talent of Qatari Women in line with the National Vision.” In collaboration with international best practice and expertise we start to build a diverse cultural society that work together in both business and society. Projects
and initiatives will grow from this platform that build a roadmap towards Qatar’s vision to be a knowledge-base economy in all areas of human, social, environmental and economic development. Join Women Leading Change Qatar on the 29th April and be part of this journey of positive change.

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Women Leading Change (WLC Qatar) brochure

  1. 1. WOMEN LEADING CHANGE QATAR Grand Hyatt Doha April 29, 2012 Doha, Qatar
  2. 2. AMBASSADORS NOTEWelcome to you all,It is my pleasure to welcome you all here today for thelaunch of Women Leading Change Qatar. This is a specialmoment in history which we can all share together, as weplan for the future of our nation. My vision is to “Develop,Nurture and Promote Qatari Women in line with our NationalVision” and Women Leading Change is the perfect platformto start this journey.As Qatari Women we need to take the lead in thedevelopment of our country in all areas of human, social,environmental and economic development. Qatar nowholds the number one position in the world for femaleenrolment in secondary and tertiary education*. We shouldbe proud of what we have all achieved as individuals whilestill maintaining our strong family and cultural values.Now is the time to move forward as one nation. Letus embrace the diversity of cultures, communities andexpertise we now have in Qatar and share our beautifulculture and vision with the rest of the world. Her HighnessSheikha Moza bint Nasser has set the vision for Qatar it isnow our role to deliver it.Buthaina Al Ansari*Global Gender Gap Report 2011
  3. 3. PROGRAM OWNER HOST SPONSOR Rachel Petero Garry Friend Entrepreneur, Gender Diversity Specialist, International General Manager of Grand Hyatt Doha Keynote Speaker, Executive Agent Grand Hyatt Doha is proud to partner with Women Leading Welcome everyone, Change Qatar; and sponsor the launch event. At Hyatt we believe that we are only as strong as the communities that surround our hotels. This is a day I will always remember as we start this Supporting local initiatives like Women Leading Change journey together as women but more importantly as citizens Qatar with its aim to enable women to lead Qatar’s national of a global society. As women we share many similarities vision 2030, is an excellent opportunity to further enhance and also differences but I know when you gather like- our vision. minded people together you can literally change the world. Moving to Qatar from London in December has been a “We see our role not only as a partner in the hospitality great learning experience and I believe I am culturally development in Qatar but also as an active participant richer from being here. My perceptions of Arabic and to the welfare of our community through a wide range of Islamic culture were very narrow when I arrived but now activities we spearhead or sponsor to enrich and assist in my eyes are wide open. I would personally like to thank the Women of Qatar for allowing me into their social circles and event and we are delighted to partner with Buthaina Al- integrating me into Doha lifestyle. Ansari the Ambassador of this great initiative. As host of this launch and upcoming planned events throughout the Women Leading Change Qatar is a platform to “Develop not only to women but to the community as a whole.” Said emerging leaders and grow entrepreneurs in line with Garry Friend General Manager of the hotel. Qatar’s Vision for 2030”. Together we will lead initiatives and projects that support the delivery of the vision. Corporates, government and ministries will be invited to participate and endorse these initiatives and today we are pleased to welcome onboard Vodafone, ictQatar, QDB, Qatar University, Georgetown and Q-Tel. Please join us at the next Symposium on the 23rd of September. Be inspired by international speakers and hear about how you can be part of Women Leading Change Qatar Awards in 2013.
  5. 5. DESIGN PARTNER STRATEGIC ALLIANCE PARTNER About 974Design Axel Breuer Film Director, Entrepreneur, Creative Mind, 974Design is a design agency located in Doha, Qatar. Adventurer, Humanitarian Our philosophy is to focus on delivering what our clients need. We are driven by a passion for creating innovative Combining creative skills and marketing knowledge for innovative communication solutions Axel has developed campaigns and designs suited for all kinds of business and personal communication concepts for clients like SAP, BMW, Siemens, requirements. 974Design was established in 2010 by 3 Q-Tel, Unicredit and many more. Qatari women. We are committed to providing the Qatari market a new approach of design. He is the owner of Voodoo Creative Partners, a German-Qatari media production agency with clients in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Qatar. In 2011 he founded the Corporate Media Academy - a training entity for corporate communication, mobile and social marketing. The Academy offers workshops for employees to get a better understanding of media production from the client’s perspective When a director did not show up, Axel took over – and discovered his passion for directing. Since then he has directed more than 100 commercials, corporate presentations and several feature Germany, Austria and USA. Axel Breuer has received several awards for his work as screenwriter and director: The New York Festivals Gold and Silver Award, CLIO, Worldmedia award and several others. His feature- length documentary ‘The Last Appeal’ will be released in theatres worldwide October 2012. In collaboration with Buthainia Al-Ansari and Rachel Petero Breuer is working on the documentary project ‘Rising Star’, a story about Qatari women making their way between traditions festivals by the end of 2012.
  6. 6. ABOUT WOMEN LEADING CHANGE QATAR ABOUT THE LOGO Women Leading Change Qatar is a platform from which In this Concept the graphical element looks like the we will “Develop, Nurture and Promote the emerging letter “W” , representing the word “Women”. Looking at it talent of Qatari Women in line with the National Vision.” differently you can also see an illustration of a tulip. In collaboration with international best practice and expertise we start to build a diverse cultural society that When a tulip comes in a red tone it means, “believe work together in both business and society. Projects me” we have chosen these tones of colors because we and initiatives will grow from this platform that build a believe in women leading change. roadmap towards Qatar’s vision to be a knowledge-base economy in all areas of human, social, environmental We have also chosen this symbol to represent women and economic development. Join Women Leading all over the world because tulips can grow from Europe Change Qatar on the 29th April and be part of this to Asia. journey of positive change.
  7. 7. SYMPOSIUM SCHEDULE11:00 am Registration Open Ghada Al-Subaey WOMEN LEADING CHANGE QATAR SYMPOSIUM Co-founder Women’s Society and Development Club - Georgetown12:00 pm Keynote Opening Statement Buthaina Al Ansari Zarqa Parvez WLC Qatar Ambassador Founder Women’s Society and Development Club - Georgetown12:20 pm Keynote Speech Rachel Petero WLC Qatar Program Owner 3:30 pm Workshop Helen Tucker & Layla Saad12:30 pm Keynote Speech ELNUK - IODT Mathew Hallam “Leading Change Workshop” Industry Leader “Women Leading the Sharemarket” 4:30 pm Keynote Closing Statement Shareefa Fadhel & Aysha Al Mudehki1:15 pm LUNCH IS SERVED Roudha Center2:15 pm Panel Discussion / Q&A 5:00 pm CLOSE Susie Kelt Moderator ‘Women Leading Qatar’s National Vision 2030” Panel Speakers: Maha Al-Essa Co-founder +974 Design Hayfaa Al-Marri Channel Manager Vodafone
  8. 8. GALA DINNER SCHEDULE6:30 pm GUESTS ARRIVE WOMEN LEADING CHANGE QATAR GALA DINNER7:30 pm Keynote Opening Statement Buthaina Al Ansari WLC Qatar Ambassador7:40 pm Keynote Speech Rachel Petero WLC Qatar Program Owner7:50 pm Keynote Speech Axel Breuer Project “Rising Star”8:00 pm DINNER IS SERVED9:45 pm Keynote Closing Statement Buthaina Al Ansari WLC Qatar Ambassador10:00 pm CLOSE
  9. 9. SPEAKERS ITINERARYMathew HallamFinancial Markets Expert, International Speaker,Commodity Specialistinternational market experience in Australia, UK and Europe.As a keynote speaker he brings to life the world of FinancialMarkets for thousands of newcomers and engages with industryexperts everyday.He spent three years as the market analysis commentator forAustralia’s national broadcaster (ABC) with 400,000 daily listenersFinancial Review, The Herald Sun and The Age to name a few.His international experience has now brought him to the MiddleEast through his full-time role with QNB Asset Management as acommodities specialist. Currently he is studying a post graduateof Trading.Mathew brings a fresh new perspective to Financial Marketsfor newcomers to this industry and believes Women makegreat investors. Launching his exclusive “Women Leading theSharemarket” programme with WLC Qatar it is a session not tobe missed.Sponsored by MiBx Pty Ltd www.mibx.com.au
  10. 10. SPEAKERS ITINERARYSusie Kelt Maha Al-EssaDirect Sales Expert, Entrepreneur, Leader of Change, 23 years old, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder,Champion of Women Art Director, DesignerSusie Kelt has a deep fascination of Gulf culture and in As a girl growing up Maha wasn’t interested in arts and design,particular, admiration of Qatari Women’s Courage, Innovation until she found digital media. This is the moment it all madeand Determination for personal and business development in sense and she found her true passion and this is what shetheir rapidly changing world as their country is lead by their wanted to do with her life. Maha graduated from VCU in 2008highnesses, Sheikha Hamad Al Thani and Sheikha Moza with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts as a Graphic Designer.towards their inspirational 2030 Vision. After two years of working as a designer with major companies in Qatar, she knew there was more. Courageously Maha madeAs Head of Al Johara Qatari Women’s Sales Channel, Vodafone a change in her career and her life by leaving her job. MeetingQatar, Susie created Al Johara and trained Qatari women. They with Al Anoud Al Henzab and Aysha Fhakroo about theirnow operate their successful Mini Mobile Business Branches collective contribution to the growth of Qatar, they decided toof Vodafone Qatar within their Community. This direct selling establish a Qatari design agency. This was the perfect platform,model has enabled them to maintain family and cultural to showcase their creative work, and show the world what thetraditions and responsibilities and to Learn, Grow and Earn as emerging Qatari generation have to offer. Today they are threeVodafone Representatives. proud Qatari women and Founders of 974 Design.New Zealand entrepreneur and professional with 25 years www.974Design.comcorporate experience Susie came to Qatar January 2009 torejoin Vodafone. Her skills in recruitment, sales, communicationand her unique leadership style has been the key to Susie’ssuccess. With passion and commitment enabling her to createtrusting relationships, share knowledge and energy Susieharnesses support of others to deliver targeted results.
  11. 11. SPEAKERS ITINERARYHayfaa Al-Marri Ghada Al-SubaeyTeam Manager Al Johara Vodafone Qatar 20 years old, Student, Aspiring Entrepreneur, Speaker, Youth AmbassadorAs team Manager for Al Johara team, Hayfaa assistedrecruitment and training women who had not worked before, Ghada is a student at Georgetown SFS-Q, class of 2013,for the new sales channel.The Joharas now very competently majoring in international politics. She has interned in Qataroperate their own Vodafone home store, professionally selling Financial Center policy department and BQFP reading and writingVodafone products and services within their tradition and culture development. With a passion for development and she believes in the role of the youth to foster positive change in Qatar. Co-Hayfaa helped creating the trust, accountabilities and processes founder of the Women’s Society and Development club, it wasfor operation within Al Johara team. The Joharas are growing set-up to create a platform for women to develop and learn frommore every day, as they build knowledge and skills while facing each other. Ghada is passionate about supporting young womennew challenges with the telecommunication market and building entrepreneurs and aspires to be one in the future. Amongst all oftheir sustainable community businesses. this she also supports the Tanween Qatar project, which is aimed to develop Arabic reading skills among children.Earlier activitiesVIP customer manager in banking QNB and CBQ Join Women’s Society and Development club Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/wsdclub
  12. 12. SPEAKERS ITINERARYZarqa Parvez Helen Tucker21 years old, Student, Emerging Leader, Founder and CEO, Author, Career Development Coach,Mentor, Founder People DeveloperZarqa is a student at Georgetown SFS-Q (Junior), majoring in Helen is an award winning business woman, author and Career Coach who has a BA Honours degree in Business Studies, ain Arab Regional Studies). Currently she is an intern withSilatech and is pursuing her ambition as a future leader. Zarqa Administration (MBA).founded Women’s Society and Development club in Georgetowndue to her profound interest in women and their role in society.As an active member of the ‘circle of pearl’ mentoring program over 15 years experience of designing and delivering interactiveshe also mentors university students. With big hopes and training programmes, courses and workbooks. The successfuldreams Zarqa continues to contribute positively to society ‘Career Development Programme’ that she designed has beenand stresses the importance of youth in relation to global accredited by EDEXCEL and NCFE offering an internationaldevelopment. to senior management, developing skills and abilities at bothJoin Women’s Society and Development club operational and strategic levels. Helen is customer-focused, aFacebook page: team player and a “hands-on” leader, always endeavouring tohttp://on.fb.me/wsdclub develop teams, and individuals to achieve best practice. ELNUK- IODT www.elnukiodt.com
  13. 13. SPEAKERS ITINERARYLayla Saad LLB Roudha Center About Roudha CenterCoach, Holistic Health Enthusiast The Roudha Center was co-founded by Aysha Al MudehkiLayla is an accomplished businesswoman and personal and the Center’s Managing Director, Shareefa Fadhel. Theand professional development expert. She holds extensive Center is supported by Sheikha Hanadi Bint Nasser Bin Khalidexperience in coaching, training and facilitating employees and founding partners, Silatech and Al Ansari and Associatesof various companies across Qatar from different industriesincluding Oil & Gas, Finance, Technology, Healthcare and entrepreneurs in Qatar with a one-stop shop for innovative andEducational Institutes. Layla also has a strong background in effective programs and advocacy efforts, have been runningentrepreneurship, having run her own development company in different workshops from the initial idea to strategy and thenQatar for two years. to market. This year Roudha have collaborated with experts in the market to cover subjects like the legal aspects of setting-upLayla is passionate about empowering others to develop business in Qatar through to the fundamentals of Franchising.and grow through training, coaching and behavioural skillsdevelopment. Layla uses her skills as a facilitator and coachto get the best out of her trainees, and believes that the and programming services, market and exhibit opportunities;empowerment of women means the empowerment of society.Layla is currently studying at the Institute of Integrative NutritionCounsellor. Layla will use her understanding of the corporate Women Leading Change Qatar look forward to collaboratingworld as well as her holistic health studies to offer Corporate with Roudha Center as a strategic alliance partner. RachelWellness programs through ELNUK-IODT. Petero, Program Owner of Women Leading Change Qatar commented “I have the utmost respect for what Shareefa and Aysha have achieved to support Qatari women as entrepreneursELNUK- IODT and innovators of the future. I see Women Leading Changewww.elnukiodt.com Qatar as a complimentary platform to Roudha Center’s vision and strategy.” Join the Roudha Center Facebook Page http://on.fb.me/roudhacenter
  14. 14. WOMAN IN POWER R achelPeteroisastrong,passionatewoman.Withinminutes ofmeetingherit’sevidentshe’sabornleaderofwomen. WOMEN Fiercely proud of her roots, her inspiration stems partly from Maori Queen Te Atairangikaahu, ruler of the Tainui peopleofNewZealandforover40years.Addtothather mother’s determination and strength shown by the fact LEADING thatshewentbacktouniversityforadegreeatage40,andit’sobvious justwhat’sshapedRachelintothewomansheistoday;awomanwitha messageforallQatariwomen.“Thisisyourcountry—leadit.” Already a successful businesswoman Rachel owns a consultancy company called Genviva in the UK. “I set it up as I was passionate CHANGE aboutwomenleadingchangeinbusinessandsociety,”explainsRachel. corporateenvironments,andentrepreneurshipforwomen.”Hermantra is “empowering women to lead change” and that’s why she recently movedtoQatar;acountryshealreadyconfessestofallinginlovewith. “There’sahugeopportunityhere.Ithinkwomenwillultimatelyleadthis country.Theyhavetherightattitude,theyaresoeducatedandpassionate, The wind of change is blowing in andthat’swhatcountriesneed.Whatmypersonalexperiencewillgiveto themisaspirationandhopetokeepgoing,nottogiveup.” Qatar and it recently brought Rachel Women Leading Change Qatar (WLCQ), an initiative of Rachel’s, waslaunchedinApril2012andshealreadyhasthebackingofseveral Petero to our shores. An expert in inspiring and empowering women successfulbusinesswomanButhainaAlAnsari,sharesthevisionofthe program.“Myvisionistodevelop,nurtureandpromoteQatariwomenin Ohlala! met with her to talk about linewithournationalvision,andWLCQistheperfectplatformtostart this journey.” Along with Rachel she believes that it’s time for Qatari her latest project — Women Leading womentoplayamuchgreaterrole.“AsQatariwomenweneedtotake theleadinthedevelopmentofourcountryinallareasofhuman,social, Change Qatar environmental and economic development. Now is the time to move Image&by&Jerome&@&Creative&Design forwardasonenation.HerHighnessSheikhaMozabintNasserhasset thevisionforQatar,itisnowourroletodeliverit.” RachelexplainshergoalsforthelongZtermprogram,whichshehas beenintegralinlaunching.“IamdevelopingQatariwomentoownthis program.It’saknowledgetransferofexpertisefromexpatriates,that’s the model. That’s also the onus of the plan, to develop, to nurture and to promote Qatari women in terms of emerging talent,” she explains excitedly. Buthaina,AmbassadorforWLCQ Herpassionshinesthroughandshe’sanimatedasshespeaksofthe differencesbetweentheUKandQatar.“Ifeelricherculturallyandmore theenergyinLondon,astherecessionhasn’treallylifted.Here inspiredthanIdidinmy11yearsintheUK.Iamthankfulandgrateful for everything I can create. The energy in this country far outweighs your value to society.” Rachel is thrilled with the growth of the initiative in just a few short months. “I’m so pleased with the progresstodate.It’slikeI’mlivingmyvision.It’sallbeingdone withintegrity;Iamveryrespectfuloftheculture.” There’s huge amount of interest in the program, which has already seen exciting offshoots from the initiative, the most innovative being the ‘Rising Star’ project. Director Axel Breuer, OwnerofVoodooCreativePartners,isdirectingandmentoring this unique and groundbreaking documentary. It will feature Qatariwomenintheirownhomesandwillbesubmittedtoglobal “Qatariwomenwillselfdirectandselfproduceadocumentary about the changes and their frustrations and aspirations,” explainsRachel.“TherewillbetwentywomenandAxelwillshow themhowtosetcamerasuptoactuallycapturethemoment.It’s got Qatari women from all walks of life that are really excited abouttheproject.” RachelPeteroisalreadylivingherdreambutthisambitious lady has worldwide plans. “I want to go global. I look at my ro nations’, that was my ultimate dream, and here I am.” She is te “I think women ch el Pe adamant that nothing is impossible; it’s all about planning and selfZbelief.“Whenyouputastakeinthegroundthatfarahead, Ra will ultimately itgivesyouamarkerandabeacon,youhavetohavesomething lead this toworktowards.Ifyoucanvisualisethat,reallybelieveinit,and alignyourselftothatvisioneverytimeyouaredoingsomething, country.” thenultimatelyyouwillgetthere.”32 Ohlala! I June 2012 I www.ohlala-magazine.com 33
  15. 15. For sponsorship, partnership, press or speaker queries contact: Rachel Petero GENVIVA - Founder and CEO PO Box 30747, West Bay Doha, Qatar Mobile: +974 556 08450 Email: rachel@gen-viva.com www.gen-viva.com Brochure Design by www.974design.com