Software Distribution & Collaboration with Pulse


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Pulse is an application lifecycle management (ALM) technology that helps developers collaborate and deliver software to customers and end-users. Pulse is used by known IT vendors, CRM powerhouses, and travel giants worldwide.

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  • If you’ve ever downloaded software from large IT vendors and thought 'wow, that was an easy installation', chances are you already experienced Pulse. Try it today in your enterprise.
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Software Distribution & Collaboration with Pulse

  1. 1. DeliveryCollaboration Software Management Genuitec Confidential, 1997-2010
  2. 2.  Founded in 1997, Genuitec is a founding and strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation With 12 million downloads, MyEclipse is the most popular software and Web development technology on the market Pioneered mobile app development tools for non-developers Maintains active partnerships with leading enterprises Makes Application Lifecycle Management software for the largest global organizations Genuitec Confidential, 1997-2010
  3. 3. Build DeliverSoftware Software Standardize Build Tools Installers Build UpdateCollaboration Mechanism Testing & Delivery to Bug Fixing End-Users Deploy to Updates & QA Servers Maintenance Genuitec Confidential, 1997-2010
  4. 4.  Easily embeds into existing technology & tools Forces team collaboration with varying tool standardization Creates custom installers and update mechanisms in minutes Designed for globally distributed organizations for fastest downloads Reproducibility & traceability of past software configurations Genuitec Confidential, 1997-2010
  5. 5. Delivery & Maintenanc Reproducibility, e Archiving Testing, Bug Fixing Team CollaborationStandardize Tools& Teams Genuitec Confidential, 1997-2010
  6. 6.  Developers use their own tools They ignore dashboards and new technology Change is not embraced even when it saves time and money They believe they know better than the enterprise Genuitec Confidential, 1997-2010
  7. 7. Genuitec Confidential, 1997-2010
  8. 8.  Test new features and enhancements more efficiently with collaboration technology Deliver controlled versions of software to the right testers and trial users based on product needs Alleviate fear when pushing software to production servers Genuitec Confidential, 1997-2010
  9. 9.  Companies like travel giant REDACTED, CRM powerhouse REDCATED and IT behemoth REDACTED, use Pulse built installers for tens of thousands of developers and millions of customers Over a million engineers use Pulse to manage their Eclipse installs from the public community site Genuitec Confidential, 1997-2010
  10. 10. Genuitec Confidential, 1997-2010
  11. 11.  Reproduce software configurations many years later for safety and maintenance concerns Reconstruct past software to resolve current issues Save past software on DVDs, online or in a server cluster Project Start Development End Support Request Setup Project Archive On-demand Share w/Team Toolstack Reconstitution Archive Source of Toolstack Define Initial Toolstack Repository Ensure Exact Equivalence Genuitec Confidential, 1997-2010
  12. 12.  Questions?Genuitec Confidential, 1997-2010