MyEclipse G IDE, Google Cloud


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Genuitec and Skyway Software slide show on essential development tools for Google platforms, frameworks and services. Android, Google App Engine, Google Web Toolkit. It's an IDE for the Google Cloud.

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MyEclipse G IDE, Google Cloud

  1. 1. betaAn IDE for Google Niel Eyde - Skyway Software Jack Kennedy - Skyway Software
  2. 2. Watching the Webinar If you have a hard time seeing my window during the presentation, use the “Zoom” functionality in the bottom right-hand corner to adjust how it fits your screen:
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  4. 4. The MyEclipse Family $99/year Tentatively $64/year ● for Cloud focused development ● essential workbench for Java and initially focused on Googles JEE developers technology stack ● visual editing/design ● Automation, Migration, Mobile and ● advanced database tooling More... $159/year ● for WebSphere developers $99/year ● RAD replacement for only $160 ● the most comprehensive set ● open standards for WebSphere of development tools for Spring (Spring, Hibernate, etc.) ● Spring editors & wizards, software component generators, project bootstrapping, integrated Spring $99 sandbox ● Create mobile applications & Web sites in minutes
  5. 5. Agenda 1 Cloud Centric Development 2 Google Enterprise Ecosystem 3 MyEclipse G Capabilities 4 Demonstration GWT, Android, GAE, Guice, Google Docs and more..... 5 Early Access / Feedback 6 Q&A 6
  6. 6. Cloud-Centric Development ● Enterprises have steadily moved from Infrastructure as a Service, towards Platform and Software as a Service ● PaaS Providers continue to grow the set of Saas Applications available to Enterprises, and the number of reusable software services and APIs available to developers Analysis ● By 2015, most enterprises will have part of their run-the-business software functionally executing in the cloud, using PaaS services or technologies directly or indirectly. Source: Gartner ● The number of IT managers who expect to adopt public cloud solutions in either a SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS environment will grow at CAGR of more than 23% over the next three years, from 28% of companies today to 51%. Source: AlphaWise, Morgan Stanley Research
  7. 7. A Developers View of the Cloud Primary Focus Growing Abstraction Largely Commoditized1. Minimize the complexity and cost of requisitioning and managing new applications2. Build atop an implicitly scalable set of hardware and software technologies3. Diminish investments in enterprise architectures and lower level programming4. Integrate with enterprise productivity suites, messaging systems, and services5. Capitalize on the growing set of public apis and data sets6. Incorporate 3rd party SaaS based applications and Services7. Build applications that are inherently web and mobile enabled8. Integrate with and improve upon existing tooling
  8. 8. Google Enterprise Technologies● Googles combination of AppEngine, SDKs and Apis, Android, Google Apps, Chromium, and Apps Marketplaces sets it apart● MyEclipse G helps Enterprise Developers take advantage of these technologies
  9. 9. MyEclipse G Capabilities GAE Server Android Native Client Adapter Generation ● support more project types ● CRUD-based Android apps ● concurrent deployments ● Data synchronization services GAE Persistence Annotation Services Generation Editors ● Big Table (Objectify) ● integrated with Eclipse editors ● SQL Service (JPA) ● support Objectify and JPA Software Component Generation ● code generation for a variety of web client technologies ● generate from Java Beans, DB schemas, or Google Docs
  10. 10. Demonstration Produce a Sitebricks, REST and GWT #1 application optimized for GAE Produce a native Android mobile application #2 -plus- data synchronization services running on GAE Produce a web and Android application from #3 Google Spreadsheet
  11. 11. Produce a Sitebricks, REST and GWT application #1 optimized for Google App EngineDatabase Schema Web Application Generate GWT Guice Sitebricks development toolkit for a light-weight dependency an MVC and REST building and optimizing injection framework for Java; framework based on Guice complex browser-based from Google for building web applications applications; from Google
  12. 12. Produce a native Android mobile application#2 -plus- data synchronization services running on GAEDatabase Schema Android Generate ● Native Android App (Client) ○ Full CRUD application ○ SQLite for local persistence ● GAE application (Server) ○ REST API ○ Data Synchronization Android Native Android SQLLite a software stack for mobile an application that runs a self-contained, serverless, devices that includes an directly on Android OS; as zero-configuration, operating system, middleware opposed to HTML-based transactional SQL database and key apps apps that run in browser engine built into Android
  13. 13. Produce a web and Android application from#3 Google SpreadsheetGoogle Doc Web Application GenerateSpreadsheet Import/Export Google Docs Spreadsheet API OAuth 2.0 a free, Web-based word allows client apps to program- an open, standard way for processor, spreadsheet, slide matically access and users to grant permission for show, form, and data storage manipulate user data stored in an application to access part service Google Spreadsheets of their account
  14. 14. Early Access / Feedback ● MyEclipse G - Early access ○ available in August ○ by invitation only ○ register at ○ all webinar attendees will receive an invitation ■ you must still register!! ■ register with the same email address used for this webinar ● Feedback ○ please provide us with feedback on registration form
  15. 15. Conclusion Thanks for joining us! The MyEclipse Webinars page will be updated as we plan for future Webinars. This webinar will be available within 24 hours or so at @genuitec @myeclipseide @myeclipseg @skywaysoftware
  16. 16. Thank you for attending Questions???