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Gent profile

  2. 2. General Company Overview 2/19
  3. 3. 80%40 1 year Total number of completed projects Company is active for 1 year Repeated customers Total number of Web Developers and Software Engineers Average time of employee experience Company Facts and Figures 3/19 4 Total number of Web Designers
  4. 4. Our Engineering Office in Lviv Premises • Located in «Sphere plaza» – B+ class business center About Lviv • 8 national universities in Lviv, 5 of which prepare highly skilled specialists in IT; • Convenient geographical location and flight connections; • Lviv was named the Best Ukrainian City to Live In by Focus Magazine in 2009 • Cost efficient and talented engineering resources 4/19
  5. 5. Outsourcing to Ukraine • In 2011 the volume of IT outsourcing/outstaffing and software development services provided in Ukraine reached US $ 1.1 billion («Exploring Ukraine. IT Outsourcing Industry» report by Hi-Tech Initiative) • Number of IT specialists working in the industry in Ukraine reached 25,000 people with 20% growth (2011) • Ukraine is the largest IT Outsourcing Industry in Europe (CEEOA 2010 Report) • In the «Most Master-Level Certified Nation» category Ukraine ranks 2nd globally (Global IT IQ Report, BrainBench) • Ranked 11 in Top 100 Leading Countries in IT Outsourcing (Global Services 100 List, 2010) 5/19
  6. 6. Company Strength 6/19
  7. 7. Fundamental Company Value: Customer success Project success 7/19
  8. 8. Customer oriented • Focus on achieving business goals of our customers • Effective communication • Providing innovative solutions Cost Effectiveness • Eastern Europe / Ukraine • High level design/engineering skills for a reasonable cost Talent Management • Technical skillset & interpersonal communication skills • Real teamwork • Engagement into challenging tasks • Regular improvement of employee competencies 8/19 Our Formula of Success
  9. 9. Our Technology Expertise 9/19
  10. 10. Services We Provide Web design Web development Software development 10/19
  11. 11. Libraries and extensions CSS: Less, SASS + Compass, Bootstrap & Foundation framework Serialization formats JSON, XML/XSD/DTD, YAML Methodology of optimizing development processes Scrum, Kanban Subversion SVN, Git OS Windows, Unix / Linux, Android, iOS, RIM BlackBerry Design Web Design, Design Bootstrap, Graphic Design, UI Design, Prototyping, User Experience, Usability Tools Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, InDesign CS6 Web Design 11/19 Web & Software Development Technology Areas of Competence
  12. 12. Programming languages PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, C++, C#, Python Matcher Ruby TDD/BDD CMS WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, MODx, Magento, eCommerce PHP FrameWork Yii, Kohana, Symfony, CodeIgniter JS FrameWork jQuery, jQuery UI, Mootools, Prototype, BackBone.js, CoffeeScript, Sinatra Protocols / Technologies SOAP, XML-RPC, AJAX Templating Twig, Smarty Databases MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSql, Oracle ORMS Doctrine / ActiveRecord Markup Languages and Data Formats HTML5, XHTML, HTML, CSS, CSS3, Haml, Slim, Jade Libraries and extensions CSS: Less, SASS + Compass, Bootstrap & Foundation framework Web & Software Development Technology Areas of Competence cont. 12/19
  13. 13. Our clients 13/19
  14. 14. Name Company Web site project Overview Role BC-TECHO (under construction Home appliances web store oriented on retail trading in Ukraine. Web design, PSD convert HTML, Web developer Tree Family Web catalogue of factory products oriented on retail trading in Ukraine and abroad. Logo, Web design, PSD convert HTML, Web developer TopLevelUa Specialized car parts web store for wholesale trade. A system for managing business processes CRM was developed with this store. Web developer Devik Corporate business website company Web design, PSD convert HTML, Web developer 14/19
  15. 15. We have experience in following fields Web design • Web pages design; • Company logos Web programming • E-Commerce; • E-Catalogs; • Corporate website; • Content Management System (CMS); • Client Relationship Management (CRM); • Web service system; • Real estate; • Money transfers 15/19
  16. 16. How We Work 16/19
  17. 17. Business models 17/19 In the new economy, we realize that customers are increasingly demanding flexibility that best serves their unique business requirements. We provide selection of business models to suit various phases of project cycles.
  18. 18. Recommendations Gran Prime We highly appreciate our cooperation with your company and are very grateful for our co- working in the field of development of business processes automatization and creation of online resources for representatives of "Grand Prime" Group. We sincerely thank your staff for their high level of professionalism and their attention to our tasks. Yours faithfully, Chief Executive Officer "Grand Prime" Group Devik Employees of Gent company solved all their tasks at the highest professional and quality level, strictly adhering to the specification and implementing new technological solutions. The work was carried out in the spirit of mutually beneficial business cooperation. We would especially like to thank the staff of the company for an attentive and responsive attitude to my wishes. CEO Fedorchuk Evgeniy Simeyne Derevo I express my sincere gratitude to «Gent» for creating a website for our company «SimeyneDerevo». CEO Vasil Tokar 18/19
  19. 19. 19/19 If you have any questions, please contact us: +38 (097) 512 80 12 (ENG, UKR, POL, RUS) +38 (032) 253 76 77 (ENG, UKR, RUS) +38 (097) 973 52 30 (UKR, RUS) +38 (063) 022 03 31 (UKR, RUS) gent.manager (Skype) Summary We value Relationships with our Customers We have Talented Staff We have the Expertise, and we are capable of extending it