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Hypnotherapy How It Works, High Wycombe Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy How It Works, Presentation for CBC Networking Group Local In High Wycombe

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Hypnotherapy How It Works, High Wycombe Hypnotherapist

  1. 1. Genovieve Feasey Therapeutic Coach – Hypnotherapist Accredited & Registered CNHC, BACP & GHR
  2. 2. Hypnosis  Hypnosis is believed to put the conscious mind to rest while allowing the unconscious mind to prevail on its own.  The subject still is aware and in control although the ego, being the most conscious state of mind, is not in control.
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  5. 5. Stage Hypnosis Shows  Stage Hypnosis Shows and Clinical Hypnotherapy are two completely different forms of Hypnosis, with vastly different practices, working towards very different outcomes.  A trained Clinical Hypnotherapist will aim to help you overcome difficulties and challenges using the resources of your unconscious mind, rather than getting you to cluck like a chicken.
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  7. 7. Learned Behaviour can be Unlearned  When in a hypnotic trance, the unconscious mind is no longer being controlled by the conscious, making suggestions easier received.  “The subconscious mind doesn't analyse, it simply takes in suggestions and store temporarily and plays them back…any behaviour that is learned can be unlearned”
  8. 8. 500lb Gorilla  “Although we sometimes respond automatically to events and may at times be motivated by subconscious impulses , we have the power to determine our own destiny and to decide our actions at almost any given moment” The unconscious is responsible for 83% of our actions on a daily basis.
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  13. 13. Strengths in Life  People have their own strengths in life.  Sometimes these can weaken because of retaining negative thinking patterns and affect our current behaviours.  This is typically the main factor that causes obstacles to achieve our dreams or change our characters.
  14. 14. Discipline & Bad Habits  For most people, having the right discipline to achieve a certain goal can be very difficult, especially when that particular person gets used to bad habits.
  15. 15. Safe, Natural & Easier  Hypnosis is a safe method, to access the unconscious mind; patterns and habits can be altered by addressing them directly so the changes feel more natural and easier than ever before.
  16. 16. Genovieve Feasey Therapeutic Coach – Hypnotherapist Accredited & Registered CNHC, BACP & GHR Thank you for listening and please ask for more information REDUCE THE EMOTIONAL COST AND ASK FOR A CONFIDENTIAL CHAT. Call m 07833 196 474 t 01494 883 815