Finding Unindexed Journal Articles from a Library Website


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Finding Unindexed Journal Articles from a Library Website

  1. 1. Search Guide: Searching for an articlethat is available from the library, but cannot be easily found
  2. 2. IntroductionMany articles can be found easily by searching for the article title in thelibrary’s search box. However, in some cases, the search does not workas expected and a few more steps are needed to find the article.These slides will help you find articles that require a few more steps toaccess.
  3. 3. What to do when the Article Links to aJournal PageIf the link to the article takes you to a journal’s page instead of thearticle itself, you will need to search for it from the journal’s page.Here are some tips for doing this type of search.In this example, we will look for this article:Moore, J. C. (2012). A Synthesis of Sloan-C Effective Practices. Journalof Asynchronous Learning Networks, 16(1), 91-115.
  4. 4. Begin bysearching for thearticle title in thelibrary’s searchbox
  5. 5. Click the link toaccess the article.(There are differentversions of this articlewritten over time. Weneed the 2012 version.)
  6. 6. Click the link under“Holding Information”to access the article.
  7. 7. This webpageindicates that thelibrary has 2sources foraccessing thejournal. Note the datesfor each source.Not all sourceshave a completecollection ofissues.Since the articlewas published in2012, it can onlybe found in thefirst source.Click the first linkto access it.
  8. 8. The link did not open thearticle, but linked to thecollection of journal issues.When this happens, continueyour search on this page.• If a search box is provided, enter the article name into the search box.• If a list of journal issues is provided (as in this case), search by issue.
  9. 9. In this case, the onlyoption is to search forthe desired issuebecause a search box isnot provided. Click the year to viewthe issues and click Issue1.
  10. 10. Enter the article title in the searchbox at the top.ORScroll to find the desired article.
  11. 11. Click the article titleto access the article.(In this case, thearticle was quicklyfound by scrolling.)
  12. 12. Click the PDF Full Textlink to open thearticle.
  13. 13. Success!
  14. 14. Finding Articles Not Listed in the SearchResultsThis is a continuation of the steps discussed in the previous example.It is not unusual for articles to not be included in a library catalogue. Many articlesare published daily and it may take time for them to be found by using the librarywebsite’s search box. Some are missed because there are simply too many articlesto make “findable” by the library’s search engine.If the article you need does not appear when you search for it in the library’s searchbox, it does not necessarily mean that the article is unavailable.1. Once you have confirmed that the article is not listed in the library catalogue, search for the journal.2. If the journal is available, search for the article within the journal.
  15. 15. In this example, we will find this article:Charlton, S. R., Fantino, E., & Gossett, B. D. (2012). Hyperbolicdiscounting of delayed social interaction. Learning & Behavior, 05October 2012. DOI 10.3758/s13420-012-0093-3
  16. 16. The first step isto try searchingfor the articletitle in thelibrary’s searchbox.
  17. 17. The article does not appear inthe first page of search results,but there are many results. Try a strategy to limit thesearch.
  18. 18. Using quotes around searchterms is an easy way to limitsearch results. In thiscase, we will enclose thearticle title in quotes.
  19. 19. Since there are no results thatmatch the exact article title,the article is not included inthe library catalogue.The next step is to search forthe article within the journal.
  20. 20. Searching for a JournalJournals that are part of the library’s collection can be found bysearching for the journal title in the same way as for other items.
  21. 21. Enter the name of thejournal into the searchbox.
  22. 22. Success - the journal isavailable from the library.Click the journal title toaccess.
  23. 23. There are a few choices foraccessing the journal. (Checkthe dates because not allsources carry the entirejournal.) Since our article waswritten in 2012, click either ofthe first 2 links to access it.
  24. 24. This site provides 3 options for finding anFind the issue by article.using theVolume/Issuemenu. Browse forthe article within Browse to find article by scrollingthe issue. (if the article is recent).
  25. 25. The next few slidesdemonstrate the otheroption of searching forthe article directly byentering the title in thesearch box.
  26. 26. Click the article titleto access it.
  27. 27. Click either PDF orHTML options to viewthe article.
  28. 28. Selecting the PDF is a goodchoice if you wish to save acopy of the article.
  29. 29. Questions?If you need help or have other questions, do not hesitate to contact thelibrary. We will be pleased to assist you!This document was created by: Genny Jon, LIS9751 Fall 2012