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How To Use A Knowledge Graph For Your AEO Strategy


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How to use a Knowledge Graph for your AEO strategy. SEO is evolving into AEO. In this era of more advanced content consumption understanding how to leverage on structured data and knowledge graphs it has become critical to get into Google's advanced features (featured snippets, knowledge panels, top stories, people also ask box and more).

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How To Use A Knowledge Graph For Your AEO Strategy

  1. 1. #seocamp 1 How To Use A Knowledge Graph For Your AEO Strategy
  2. 2. #seocamp 2 SEO has changed
  3. 3. #seocamp 3
  4. 4. #seocamp 4 We use Knowledge Graphs at the base of the AEO strategy
  5. 5. #seocamp 5 The way Google sends traffic has changed!
  6. 6. #seocamp 6 Welcome to the no-click searches era!
  7. 7. #seocamp 7 Where am I supposed to click?
  8. 8. #seocamp 8 On mobile no-click searches are the rule
  9. 9. #seocamp 9 From SEO to AEO This is also a business transition. From open to close or locked-in
  10. 10. #seocamp 10 Google advanced features are stealing traffic from organic rankings! On some competitive queries (like “SEO”), organic traffic has already been hit by Google advanced features
  11. 11. #seocamp 11 Being first doesn’t matter, being relevant does 59.2% of featured snippets get triggered by position 2-5
  12. 12. #seocamp 12 Your brand can get in those advanced features Knowledge panels and featured snippets become an important touch point for your brand
  13. 13. #seocamp 13 Why is this happening? Big G is getting ready to fight the voice search war!
  14. 14. #seocamp 14 And so far it isn’t looking good for Google Amazon Alexa is the dominant player so far in the US
  15. 15. #seocamp 15 How did Google become a Semantic Engine?
  16. 16. #seocamp 16 ... What’s really a Knowledge Graph?
  17. 17. #seocamp 17 What else can a Knowledge Graph do for your business?
  18. 18. #seocamp 18 Contextualize a massive amount of data Airbnb business objective is to offer an end-to-end experience. It used the Knowledge Graph to scale its ability to answer travel related queries
  19. 19. #seocamp 19 With a business objective to give more visibility through search to travel destinations Mapping the user journey with structured data
  20. 20. #seocamp 20
  21. 21. #seocamp 21 Schema Markup Usage
  22. 22. #seocamp 22 There are several tools for Schema markup
  23. 23. #seocamp 23 Leverage on open linked data
  24. 24. #seocamp 24 How do you submit your site to the Semantic Search Engines?
  25. 25. #seocamp 25 We’re testing with a few clients Live Indexing for both Google (currently limited to Job Posting and Live Stream structured data) and Bing. Improvement in Bing one week after we enabled Live Indexing on Bing on a news website. Structured data might become the primary avenue for indexation
  26. 26. #seocamp 26 How a Semantic Web looks like
  27. 27. #seocamp 27 Case studies: Ranking, snippet, and voice From the SERP to the voice assistant
  28. 28. #seocamp 28 Some case studies!
  29. 29. #seocamp 29 Some case studies!
  30. 30. #seocamp 30 Getting in the backend Structured Data + Open Linked Data
  31. 31. #seocamp 31 Getting in the backend Structured Data + Open Linked Data
  32. 32. #seocamp 32 What’s next?
  33. 33. #seocamp 33 Questions?
  34. 34. #seocamp 34 Question Mug What percentage of mobile searches are no-click?
  35. 35. #seocamp 35 Thank You!
  36. 36. #seocamp 36 ● Adoption of Voice User Base - ● Google European Monopoly - SparkToro ● Featured Snippets Study - Ahrefs ● The rise of no-click searches - SparkToro ● How the Google Knowledge Graph updates itself - SEO by the sea ● What is a Knowledge Graph? - WordLift Additional suggested reading