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Abducted! Part 1 - Chapter 1


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Abducted! Part 1 - Chapter 1. The challenge where absolutely everyone is an Alien!

© Genlisae 2008

The Sims 2 © Electronic Arts

Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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Abducted! Part 1 - Chapter 1

  1. 1. This chapter contains mild cartoon nudity and adult situations. 2008
  2. 2. “Trey! Thank you for coming. I know you don’t really want to do this.” “This whole thing is a little weird Gen.”
  3. 3. “You’ll do just fine,” SimGen assured him giving him a hug for added encouragement, “How are you doing anyway?”
  4. 4. “I’m doing okay.” Trey explained once they were seated, “Things are complicated, but overall I am happy.” “That’s what I like to hear!” SimGen shot him a smile, “Yet still you hesitate.”
  5. 5. “How comfortable would you feel sharing your whole life story with people you don’t know?” Trey asked frowning. “I promise it won’t hurt,” SimGen assured him, “Well, maybe … just a little. No one better for the job though. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.”
  6. 6. “Okay,” Trey conceded with a sigh, “Let’s get this over with.”
  7. 7. “Cue Narrator Voice Italics,” SimGen said in her best director voice “aaaaaaand … Action!” Greetings dear reader and welcome to Abducted! The challenge where absolutely everyone is an alien! I am Trey Mullin here with SimGen. You know her as Genlisae, we know her as our beautiful, benevolent creator. At least that is what we tell her so she doesn’t drop satellites on our heads.
  8. 8. Genlisae has written her own set of rules for this Legacy challenge. “I took the basics of a Legacy Challenge, tossed in a smattering of an Apocalypse Challenge, mixed it up, extracted the bits I liked and then added my own spin!” SimGen explained, “It was fun!” I am the Legacy Founder for this Challenge. Today I am here to introduce you to the story. “Get to The Book Trey.”
  9. 9. The Book, or in this case my family photo album. Get comfy, it’s story time.
  10. 10. Once upon a time in Pleasantview lived Tristan and Tracy Mullin and their son. That would be me. I was so cute as a child!
  11. 11. See I told you I was cute. I had a happy childhood. I remember I loved playing with my blocks. Actually I think I chewed them more than played with them. Still it was fun! The best part though, were my parents. They loved me and I never lacked for attention.
  12. 12. This is me being tickled by Mom.
  13. 13. Peek-a-boo with Dad.
  14. 14. This was fun. Dad always swung me around like this. I loved it. Of course looking at it now, I can’t help notice that it bears a striking resemblance to … “Trey!” SimGen interrupted, “Not yet!” Right, sorry. Moving on …
  15. 15. Mom loved to read to me and I loved to be read to. I sometimes wonder if this is why I grew up to be a Knowledge Sim.
  16. 16. My birthday! Uncharacteristically I had a fear of having a party. SimGen came by anyway though.
  17. 17. I wished for an exciting life. That is when SimGen shook her head and said “You are going to regret that kid.”
  18. 18. Aren’t rebellious teens great? Don’t get me wrong, my parents were awesome, just very set in their ways. Not above public displays of affection, just so long as you were tastefully dressed when doing it! I had to be different. Dad hated my new look. I thought he was going to have a heart attack the first time he saw it. It was the collar I think. Probably a good thing he never saw what I wore to the clubs. He would have died.
  19. 19. Come to think of it does anyone need to see this? I kind of want to crawl in a hole right now.
  20. 20. Really. At least I wasn’t alone in my clothing taste. You can see David Ottomas in the background there.
  21. 21. Angela Pleasant. Yeah. Not as innocent as she pretends to be.
  22. 22. Neither is Dustin Broke. He and Angela seemed to have an “open” relationship. I think I should mention this isn’t what it looks like … Okay, it is, but Dustin was curious. Every kid questions their sexuality at some point, and well, I am a Knowledge Sim. We have to try everything at least once.
  23. 23. Dancing with Roxy Sharpe. Mom says I should have rolled Romance the way I carried on. I never did tell her that I did roll Romance as a secondary. Speaking of people who should have rolled Romance … Remember what I said about Angela? Check out the couch in the background. That’s Angela and Balric Mythine. Balric is a spare for the local legacy currently on hiatus. I wish I could say we all settled down once we got to college. It would be a lie though.
  24. 24. And here is college. Well our Greek House at any rate. Oresha Urele.
  25. 25. That is Angela Pleasant in the back on the left. She sure grew up different didn’t she? As you can see she ditched the innocent routine, finally! Next to Angela is her twin sister Lilith. Lilith mellowed a bit with age, figured out what she wanted and all that. That is Dustin beside Lilith and up front in the leather pants is David Ottomas. You all know me of course.
  26. 26. This is Opal Somethingorother, our “resident” cheerleader. Seriously, she never left. Not even for a few minutes. Remember how I said that I wish I could say I settled down in college…
  27. 27. It really would have been a lie if I had. Opal didn’t mind though.
  28. 28. She really didn’t mind.
  29. 29. Random blonde chick didn’t mind either.
  30. 30. Or random brunette chick.
  31. 31. More with the not minding ...
  32. 32. There was a professor in there somewhere who also didn’t mind. Then of course there was Angela …
  33. 33. Ahh, Angela. Good times. How did Dustin feel about this? Angela was after all his high school sweetheart.
  34. 34. Somehow I think he was okay with it. Lilith couldn’t have been happier either. She and Angela even became friends; all it took was for them to figure out what they wanted. Lilith wanted Dustin, Angela didn’t and all was right with the world. As for Dustin’s questions regarding his sexual orientation, turns out he is straight.
  35. 35. David is not. Fortunately for him, neither is Corbin. They were happily engaged before we finished freshman year.
  36. 36. It wasn’t all fun and games though. I am first and foremost a Knowledge Sim. Life Time Want to be a Mad Scientist. As much as I sometimes wish they could, girls alone will not get you promoted through the science career track. Course work, classes and 4.0 G.P.A. all around. Fun came after study. This is all of us writing term papers, even if some of us were distracted …
  37. 37. And what wonderful distractions they were. Opal. Never left.
  38. 38. I couldn’t tell if Mom was shocked or proud when I graduated. Probably some of both.
  39. 39. Obligatory party Smustle, with obligatory person out of synch.
  40. 40. Opal and I congratulating each other on graduation. Mom appears to be congratulating Dad on something as well. Ladies and Gentlemen, my Parents. Raising party scores everywhere.
  41. 41. Angela got some congratulating in as well. Creepy guy who would not stop staring seemed very excited about this.
  42. 42. Not my choice of clothing!
  43. 43. See I told you Angela and Lilith became friends. Gen insisted.
  44. 44. After moving back to Pleasantview and getting my own place I got my dream job in the science track.
  45. 45. It wasn’t too long later we started hearing about all the Abductions. You couldn’t open the paper without another abduction story. Sims have been abducted by aliens pretty much forever. A lone stargazer out with their telescope and WOOSH! Abducted! Sometimes they even brought back “souvenirs”. These abductions were different.
  46. 46. These people weren’t coming back. Always before the abductees came back. Well except for Bella Goth, but she was just misplaced. One by one the residents of Pleasantview were being abducted and not returned. No one knew what to do. Some were calling it a hoax, other’s a conspiracy. The only people who weren’t afraid were the Knowledge Sims, but even they hesitated to stargaze.
  47. 47. I made it to the top of my career in record time. The brightest mind of my generation they called me. I was renowned the world over in my field. I was working on a project involving String Theory coupled with Fractal Geometry and how they relate to planetary formation with regards to life sustaining atmospheric generation. It was exciting stuff! It was while working on this project at home one night that it happened.
  48. 48. After everything I had read in the paper recently, standing on my deck alone with a telescope, even just to study the clouds, was a dumb move.
  49. 49. Really dumb.
  50. 50. That was the last time I saw Pleasantview. It was an uneventful trip as far as being sucked into a spaceship by a beam of light, tossed into a cell by aliens and whisked across space goes. After all the stories I had heard I was expecting probing at the very least. It didn’t happen. The aliens left me alone. And then …
  51. 51. I was pitched out into a landscape unlike any I had ever seen before.
  52. 52. “Oh good, you are here. They will be most pleased.” … ***************************
  53. 53. “That wasn’t so painful now was it?” SimGen asked grinning. “I survived.” Trey responded simply. “You enjoyed Narrator Voice Italics, I know you did." “Narrator Voice Italics were pretty cool.” “Wanna do this for the next chapter?” “Don’t hold your breath.”
  54. 54. “Where did the aliens drop Trey? What do they have planed for him? Why are they abducting all these Sims? Will there be babies?” SimGen asked in an excited rush, “All these answers and an explanation of the modified rules for this challenge in the next chapter of Abducted!” “Hey Gen?” Trey asked, “How did you get here anyway? You hadn’t been abducted by the time they got me.” “Erm … maybe I’ll explain that another time as well. Happy Simming everyone!” ***************************
  55. 55. “Hey! Don’t forget about me! I need to go too! Heeellllllooooo! Aliens! Here Alien, Alien, Alien!”
  56. 56. “Ugh! I get the feeling this is going to really suck.” 2008