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5 Ways To Boost Your Google AdSense Revenue


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Discover 5 reasons your Google AdSense ads aren't making you the money they should – and what you can do about it.

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5 Ways To Boost Your Google AdSense Revenue

  1. 1. www.geniusstartup.com5 Ways To Boost Your AdSense Earnings Does your Google AdSense make you jump for joy? Or howl with despair? Here are 5 reasons your ads arent making you the money they should – and more importantly what to do about it. © 2012
  2. 2. 1 You Dont Have Enough Visitors Often overlooked by new publishers, simply not having enough traffic to your site is guaranteed to keep your earnings hovering around the disappointing level. Even for publishers who are high AdSense earners, the actual click through rates (CTR) on ads is low. It’s hard to quote an average click through rate because it varies so much from site to site and niche to niche but for most web publishers it’ll be around 1.5-3%. That means you need fairly large numbers of visitors to start making a meaningful amount of money. Suppose the average click on your site gets you $0.20. That means you need five clicks to make one dollar. If your average click through rate is 3% you stand to make $0.60 for every 100 visitors or $6 per 1000. This is just an example. If your site is based around a topic where the ads pay more – and there are many topics where the payout is higher than twenty cents – you can make more money with less visitors. © 2012
  3. 3. But the principal still applies. A good flow of traffic is a vital part of earning revenue – whether through advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling your own product.2 Youre Accidentally Attracting Low-Paying Ads Not all user clicks are created equal. Imagine two companies – one sells greenhouse seeds, the other patio covers. Seeds sell for very little. This means the seed advertiser will never pay much for an ad click because he makes very little back on a sale. On the other hand, the patio cover advertiser makes a lot more profit per sale so it’s worthwhile spending more for ad clicks. Here are the actual figures for those keywords taken from the AdWords Keyword Tool (AdWords is the advertiser side of AdSense): greenhouse seeds $0.51 patio covers $3.16 Most of the time AdSense displays ads based on the content around the ad unit. So if you have a gardening blog and you’ve been writing about greenhouse seeds you’ve accidentally been attracting low-paying ads. © 2012
  4. 4. Writing about more expensive items every once in a while will boost your income as your blog starts displaying ads with higher paying clicks. You can apply the same method to any market. Use the AdWords tool or take a look on Amazon to see which are the more expensive products or services that relate to the topic of your website.3 Youre In A Low-Paying Niche An extension of the problem above is when the entire niche is full of low-paying ads. A good example of such a market is games. There’s no shortage of users wanting to play casual web-based games but the click payouts for AdSense are extremely low, making it hard to make a good income with a games site using AdSense alone. If you’re in this situation, investigate other ways of generating revenue like affiliate marketing – which cover on - or look into an alternative to AdSense. © 2012
  5. 5. 4 Your Ad Units Have A Low Click through Rate High-paying ads won’t earn you cash if no one clicks on them. As a general rule, ads perform better when they’re above the fold – in the upper part of the page, so they’re visible without scrolling – rather than hidden lower down the page. Ad placement is usually the single biggest factor of success with AdSense. The ads need to be in a position where your users can see them but not be so in the way they’re annoying and driving people to the browser back button. Best Ad Sizes AdSense offers a large selection of ad sizes but you’ll find some are better earners than others. What will work best depends on your site design & layout but here are some examples of positions and sizes that have worked well for me and other publishers over the years, so they’re a good starting point. © 2012
  6. 6. 36×280 – Large Rectangle300×250 – Medium Rectangle728×90 – Leaderboard160×600 – Wide SkyscraperMy experience has been that the Large Rectangleworks the best for most sites. It’s quite a large ad blockso it’s not always easy to make it fit into a site designwithout it being overpowering but if you can it usuallyworks well.Good places to put this size ad are near the start ofyour content or over to the right, so that it forms thefirst part of a right sidebar. These positions are alsogood spots to try running the Medium Rectangle.The 728 Leaderboard often works best to the rightof a left-placed site logo, either above or below a topnavigation bar. Many publishers report excellentresults with this size banner so if you’ve never tried itit’s definitely worth experimenting with.If you’re using the Wide Skyscraper, you’re limitedto where you can place it by its large size – that usuallymeans the left or right sidebar. Curiously, this is one adsize that often works better in the lower part of thepage, below the fold. © 2012
  7. 7. Experiment With The Ad StyleThe default styles applied to new ad units generallywork ok but you should definitely spend some timeexperimenting to find a look that brings in a little moremoney. Often a small change to the look can increaseyour CTR, and therefore your earnings, quiteconsiderably.Don’t use a borderBy default there’s a border running around the edge ofsome of the preset ad styles. My experience has beenthat removing the border can increase your CTR by asmuch as 1%. You can remove the border by making thecolor the same as your page background.Set the URL color to blackThe default is green and I’ve found it changing it toblack often improves the ad performance. © 2012
  8. 8. Make the Link Color Match Your In-Content Links If you’re using a non-standard blue color for links within your content, set the ad units to use the same color. The idea is to make your AdSense units blend in more with the content and look less out of place. For the same reason, set the font and font size to match your site design. Use Image / Rich Media Ads Only If your site content is mostly images or videos try setting the Ad Type on your ad units to Image/rich media ads only. Again, it’ll make the ads blend in more which is likely to increase your profits. Image ads also often perform better than text ads on tech and gadgets sites.5 Youre Not Making Your Ad Units “Targeted” Make sure your best-performing ad units have ad channels associated with them. It’s a great way keep track of the styles and placements that work best on your site. You can now also connect your AdSense account with your Google Analytics account to see © 2012
  9. 9. exactly which pages generate the most revenue. When you create your channel, make sure you select the Targeting option. This allows advertisers to more easily find your site when they’re setting up their campaign in AdWords.* Final Checklist Keep Building Traffic Ads Above The Fold Match Ad Style With Content Use Ad Channels To Track Performance Add Attract Targeted Placement © 2012
  10. 10. * More AdSense Resources Be sure to check us out on the web for more help and tips on AdSense, Affiliate Marketing (including making money with Amazon), content creation, web marketing, SEO and everything else it takes to make a success of your website. There are many (expensive!) AdSense courses & ebooks online but most just tell you the information in this ebook, usually in a long-winded way to pad out their book. Some even recommend tactics for increasing ad clicks that are actually against the AdSense Terms of Service and could get your account banned. That said, there are some great places to go to continue turbo-charging your AdSense income. Visit us for a round up of the best here.This is a free ebook from Please feel free to share with a friend – what helps you might help them. © 2012