FWD_LIVE: The Gen-i Pathway to Cloud


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Gen-i FWD_LIVE presentation about our exciting four step Pathway to Cloud, the latest information on the real benefits, the maturity stages of Cloud and Gen-i’s new ReadyCloud Backup service which launches in 2011.

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FWD_LIVE: The Gen-i Pathway to Cloud

  1. 1. To FWD_Live | November 2010
  2. 2. > Cloud – where does it fit? > The reality of Cloud today > You have heard the hype but what is the reality? > When should you consider a move to Cloud? > What are the key decisions to moving into the Cloud > The Gen-i advantage > Gen-i’s ReadyCloud Backup > In conclusion > Questions?
  3. 3. What are the drivers in my business? What technology is best for us? What services should we outsource? Who are the trusted providers?
  4. 4. > The procurement model has changed. The IT department may not be the only one to procure and deploy ICT > What business value will cloud computing bring to my organisation? > What risks and issues are there? Compliance? Security? Policy? > How do I transition my existing IT in a constrained business plan? > Step change to get off legacy systems and be more agile & efficient
  5. 5. The consumption of cloud services for segmented, stand-alone applications that don’t have any interdependence or requirements to communicate with other areas of ICT infrastructure platform. This means you will have logical separation between clouds or a cloud and the current ICT environment. Current stage in most markets
  6. 6. The use of Cloud products and services for DR purposes. Production environments would still be dedicated or private clouds but you might be using the cloud for DR purposes. Again it’s an all or nothing processing of workloads in one or the other via a manual process. Current stage in USA
  7. 7. The ability to shift an end-to-end production workload from one environment or Cloud to another automatically, when required. There is still no real-time synchronisation of data and, for example, you still can’t effectively separate the database from the application.
  8. 8. During this stage we are referring to the ability to consume a database from one Cloud and an application from another Cloud. The two interface seamlessly as if they were in the same location or environment. The synchronisation and integration of the two clouds is now achievable.
  9. 9. The technology that delivers the synchronisation and integration across different clouds, private and public is not available yet. Some providers are closer than others to finalising this technology but a lot more ground needs to be covered before this is a reality.
  10. 10. > Cloud computing is an evolutionary change to how ICT is being consumed and deployed. (But not a revolution). > Hybrid IT infrastructure and operations will be the norm for some years to come. This will move you from where you are today to a realistic future vision. > Its more than ‘doing old things in a new way’. Also about doing new things in new ways. > An enabler for business agility, flexibility and innovation. Frees up resources so you can do more over time.
  11. 11. > On-demand capacity and elasticity > Matching payment to value creation “pay as you go” model > Transition from Capex to Opex >More responsive infrastructure >Faster deployment times >More resilient infrastructure > Reduce TCO of lifecycle ownership costs > Reduce power and cooling requirements > Release resources when no longer needed (e.g. Servers, DC floor space) > Increased automation > Free up capital for new innovations
  12. 12. Cloud has the potential to deliver real benefits to your business From Hosted To Cloud Under utilised capacity IT resource capacity aligned with demand Ability to scale up or down delayed as IT resource is set up Ability to scale IT resource without having to pay, keep forever Large Capex outlay on hardware and software Use Opex to pay for IT resource that you use Back up’s not complete Can back up more data and restore to specific point in time Requires in-house IT or integrator to manage Operation of IT resources is managed by a service provider Benefits 1. Faster time to value 2. Increase flexibility 3. Opex vs Capex 4. Back up more data and restore to point in time 5. Remove complexity
  13. 13. Gen-i has an exclusive four step process to take clients to the Cloud and ensure their ICT objectives are achieved Gather information about your current ICT environment including: > Connectivity > Security > Applications > Devices & user profiles > Geographic locations 1. Explore Understand your desired outcomes. Including: > Business outcomes > ICT outcomes > Business readiness > Infrastructure readiness 2. Expand Develop a clear plan of your new ICT environment and the steps to the Cloud that achieve your business outcomes 3. Envision Manage the delivery and optimise to achieve your ICT outcomes 4. Enable
  14. 14. You can count on us We’re here and we’re experienced Our Cloud services are implemented, integrated and managed locally using the best technology available We’re already delivering Cloud solutions to a range of clients from large enterprise to smaller corporates
  15. 15. We take you to the cloud We have proven capability in integrating network delivered services with onsite infrastructure Like we have with many of our existing clients we take you to the Cloud on our Pathway to ensure you leverage the best out of your existing assets and Cloud solutions.
  16. 16. The capability you need Our own world class investment in the Cloud to deliver the agility and efficiency of the Cloud We partner with the best the world of Cloud has to offer including VMWare, Cisco, EMC If Cloud doesn’t meet your business needs we can offer you a best of breed hosted solution
  17. 17. End-to-end value you can trust We will work with you to ensure that all the components that make up your Cloud solution provide excellent value. Importantly, we will demonstrate how this end-to-end solution delivers real benefit for your business You have a single point of contact
  18. 18. Gen-i will offer the full range of Infrastructure as a Service products as part of our ReadyCloud suite Gen-i ReadyCloud IaaS Gen-i ReadyCloud Storage Gen-i ReadyCloud Backup Gen-i ReadyCloud Server Launched March 2010 Launching 2010-2011
  19. 19. ReadyCloud Backup will offer virtual backup and restoration of your valuable data in a single step, anytime, from anywhere with a Gen-i managed data connection. ReadyCloud Backup will offer:     The ability to back up more data than a traditional on-premise back up solution and to restore from the Cloud with an easy one step process A standard offer providing 30 day back up of data to a single site in the Cloud.  As a value added service the following elements can be added: > Dual site replication > Back up to tape > On site Avamar grid appliance ReadyCloud Backup is hosted on Gen-i’s service delivery platform and data centres providing high availability and access via Gen-i’s managed data services (One Office and GWS) to ensure managed end-to-end performance.
  20. 20. Cloud computing is an evolutionary change to how ICT is being consumed and deployed Its more than ‘doing old things in a new way’. Its an enabler for business agility and ability to align IT capacity with demand Gen-i has the proven capability, experience and the processes to take you to the Cloud