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Advantage and Disadvantage of Technology

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. TECHNOLO GY Ge-Ann Faith V. Montefalcon
  2. 2. Outline: A. Advantages of Technology B. Disadvantages of Technology
  3. 3. Advantages: o Easen up the life and works of people. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  4. 4. o It is use for communication. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  5. 5. o It saves time. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  6. 6. o It makes people to be sociable. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  7. 7. o It can less value in human work. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  8. 8. o It can help disabled student. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  9. 9. o It is use for assignments and activities. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  10. 10. o It gives man relaxation and happiness. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  11. 11. o It gives more information. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  12. 12. o Technology makes tasks easier, quicker, more efficient, and better. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  13. 13. Disadvantages: o Makes people become lazy. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  14. 14. o People get sick. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  15. 15. o Cost Efficiency. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  16. 16. o It is used for cheating on tests and quizzes. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  17. 17. o Students become addicted on the social networking site. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  18. 18. o Some students learn things which is not accurate for their age. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  19. 19. o People can’t focused on what they do because of different technologies. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  20. 20.  Challenges when submitting assignments. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  21. 21. o Selecting appropriate hardware and software programs. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED
  22. 22. o Difficult to motivate students, requires self-discipline and self-motivation. MontefalconGe-AnnFaithV.1styr.BSED