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Genex CEO's Interview in EXIM - India Newsletter on Warehousing & supply chain


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Interview of Mansingh Jaswal - Founder & CEO of Genex Logistics with EXIM India on 'Evolution of Warehousing in India'.

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Genex CEO's Interview in EXIM - India Newsletter on Warehousing & supply chain

  1. 1. 6 New Delhi, Wednesday, May 28, 2014newsletterEXIMINDIA C M Y K Warehousing and Supply ChainWarehousing and Supply Chain Central Railside Warehouse Company (CRWC), as a part of diversification activities, has planned to develop Logistics Parks and pan-India Cold-chain storage facilities in addition to business expansion into Railside Warehousing. CRWC recently held a Business Consultative Group meeting at Chanakyapuri, New Delhi with the aim to mo- bilize activities in different verticals of trade, consequently uniting efforts to streamline growth of Indian Logistics sector and to explain the expanding role of CRWC. The interactive session was attended by Logistics, Finance and Technology companies besides consultants. Mr. Vinod Asthana, Managing Director, CRWC delivered his views on the contemporary issues on development of logistics infrastructure and how CRWC is working to overcome the challenges of the logistics sector thus contributing to reduce cost. Setting the tone for the meeting Mr. Asthana briefed the gathering about the purpose of the initiative and how CRWC as a PSU can help in formulation of strategies to bridge the gap between different players in market and start looking at the bigger picture of more consolidated approach in logistics. Mr. ML Nagpal, GM (Movement) – FCI, appreciated efforts of CRWC and discussed about opportunities for ongoing projects in North-East India. On request of Mr Yogesh Srivastava representing CRWC holds Business Consultative Group meeting at New Delhi PHD Chambers Mr. Asthana explained how in turn the end benefit gets transferred to the SME’s and customers through 3PL. Mr. Vinod Chaudhary- Retired President of Freight Forwarders Association and Mr. Sohail Kazani suggested that organisations like CRWC take up policy issues and have more such rounds of discussion of the Group to identify the business potential. S peaking to ‘EXIM India’ about the constantly changing warehousing industry in India, Mansingh Jaswal, Director, Genex LogiSolu- tions, said, “Warehousing is evolving in India. There has been a visible transformation of ‘Godown’ into ‘Ware- houses’ in last few years; though, the primitive school of thought still live with ‘Godowns’. The physical aspects of Godowns have either trans- formed or in the process of transforming into warehouses. Once co-located to the production points as extension to productions; the warehouses, geographically, have moved near the points of consumptions and this shows transformation of supply chain with the evolution of busi- ness models. Warehousing is not only about dispatching of mer- chandise, though it is about understanding the specific industry dynamics and then aligning warehousing to industry requirements. It’s about complementing the business models of firms or at times helps firms re-define business models. According to Mr Jaswal there has been a substantial impact of taxation currently in geographical placement warehouses in India and with the rollout of GST, the structure of the industry is going to change for good. Corrections needed in the sector In today’s competitive market place; time to market, efficiency enhancement and cost reduction are instru- mental in business successes. And, here warehousing as a core element of supply chain plays an important role. Supply Chain is not merely looked at from incremental process improvement view any more but firms have started looking at it from the perspective of re-defining business models. Though, the old school of thought still views Warehousing and Supply Chain with a lens of ‘cost “Warehousing is evolving in India” Mansingh Jaswal, Director, Genex LogiSolutions reduction’, however, the emerging school of thought have moved to “value creation” perspective of supply chain. On market scenario As the source of raw material; produc- tion and consumption are geographically separated, and there is a time lag between source of production a n d c o n s u m p t i o n . Warehousing is required to support this time/dis- tance lag and is required in all the sectors from Automotive to Electronics, to Apparel, to Pharma, to Chemicals, and to agri products. What next on the plan list? Genex Logistics have been able to put up full scale warehousing footprints in more than 26 locations all over India from Jammu in North to Chennai in South and from Guwahati in East to Kandla in West. During the year 2014-15, we have planned to have our footprint in all the remaining states of India. Genex Logistics has also cre- ated a very effective distribution network to cater to the last mile from the warehouses to the consumers. Genex now has the distribution capability in the states of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Hary- ana, Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhat- tisgarh, Orissa, West Bengal, 7-Hill States (North East), Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Telangana, Seemandhra, and Tamilnadu.