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Wellness industry newsletter

  1. 1. www.Ardysslife.com/gwhill Ardyss International An appointment with Ardyss will change your life! Freedom is being able to do what you want when you want to do it. - Ardyss products such as the Body Magic garment for women, the best body shaper on the market and the Abdomen Shirt for men transforms the body and instantly reduces the waist up to 3 sizes without diet, pills exercise or surgery. Other high demand Ardyss products are: •Corset – Reduces the waist size and producing that dream figure. •Panty Reshaper - Shape and tone up your buttocks. Lifts the buttocks, providing the needed support to prevent flaccid muscles and smoothing any irregularities. •LeVive Nutritional Supplement - LeVive have the top five antioxidant fruits: Mangosteen, Noni, Acai Berry, Goji and Pomegranate. The combination of these juices slows your body's cells aging process while preventing the occurrence of terrible degenerative diseases. LeVive also targets arthritis, blood pressure, allergies, diabetics and so much more. •All natural household and personal care products Genevia Hill, MBA www.Ardysslife.com/gwhill *Spanish translators needed as Independent Distributors The Wellness and Health Industry is a $600 Billion Dollar Industry. So why are you not tapping into it? Ardyss International is a health and wellness company founded in Mexico over 20 years ago and in the US for over 33 years. We are currently looking for self-motivated entrepreneurs to open new accounts with local business owners, aspiring business owners to distribute our products and general individual sales. Responsibilities include but not limited to: -Sell our portfolio of nutritional, therapeutic garments, household items, personal care items and skincare line, -Study product line to be knowledgeable in the market -Purchase starter kit for product demonstrations, Be a product of the product -Large focus on generating new accounts and establishing business partners -Meet customer needs, and Set up showcases and display merchandise Characteristics needed in order to succeed; -Self starter, motivated, and organized -Energetic people person with positive can-do attitude, Set your own schedule -Enjoy working on a performance and incentive pay structure -Understand networking is essential to business growth -Customer service oriented and work independently or with a team We are rapidly growing and will only offer this opportunity to someone that is hungry and willing to do what it takes to move this market to the next level. If you are the person that can handle these responsibilities and welcome the opportunity to join our company, please visit ww.Ardysslife.com/gwhill click on business opportunity link, under Start a Business and explore the company to see if you are the best person for this opportunity. Dress Away Pounds (DAPs)