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Global Shapers Geneva Hub - ACM 2015 - ACM DAILY 13th August


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Geneva Hub Media Team covers the 2015 Global Shapers ACM with the Daily Magazine.
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Global Shapers Geneva Hub - ACM 2015 - ACM DAILY 13th August

  1. 1. AUGUST 13, 2015 THE ACM DAILY FIRST EDITION #SHAPERSACM SHARE TWEET FOLLOW @GENEVASHAPERS #SHAPETHEWORLD The Geneva Hub warmly welcomes you to Geneva for the 4th edition of the Annual Curators Meeting of the Global Shapers Community 2015!
 We are excited to spend the next five days with you sharing experiences, making new connections and coming together as a global community. The Geneva International Community is the perfect place for this meeting since Geneva serves as THE hub for global governance and cooperation. We are proud to launch the first ever edition of “The ACM Daily” magazine for this year’s ACM. Each day you will receive this magazine that will give you recaps of the previous day, in-depth interviews with YGLs, fellow global shapers and curators, and experts as well as upcoming events, practical information and so much more! [AP] EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH YOUNG GLOBAL LEADER GUILLAUME BARAZZONE DAILY EDITORIAL BY GIULIA ZANZI INTERVIEW WITH GENEVA HUB CURATOR LUIGI MATRONE THE ACM DAILY WELCOME TO GENEVA! #shapersACM WELCOME
  2. 2. AUGUST 13, 2015 THE ACM DAILY FIRST EDITION #SHAPERSACM SHARE TWEET FOLLOW @GENEVASHAPERS #SHAPETHEWORLD Having started your political career in Switzerland and in the Geneva Canton, you have gained significant knowledge of the area. In your opinion, what are the characteristics that make Geneva such a special place?
 Geneva is Switzerland’s most international and multicultural city. Of its 480,000 inhabitants, 41% are foreigners representing 184 nationalities. This is very unusual for such a small city. The healthy economic environment, combined with a steady political system, has been core in developing sustainable and diversified growth. The region’s economic layout includes many leading multinational headquarters, prominent financial institutions, international organization and NGOs, as well as a strong layer of diverse local service and industrial businesses. In May, you have been re-elected in the Administrative Council of the City of Geneva. What challenges will Geneva have to face in the coming years?
 Geneva will have to face new challenges. The end of banking secrecy is one of them. The Swiss financial industry is becoming one of the most transparent in the world. In the future, Geneva can become an international hub for financial innovation and sustainable finance.
 Geneva is perceived as expensive and unattractive in terms of living. This negative perception remains a challenge in attracting tourism, talent, and modernization. Additionally, the relatively solid economic situation has put little pressure on government and local businesses to reposition themselves. What are your expectations from your first YGL meeting?
 It is a great opportunity for Geneva to host the YGL Annual Summit. I consider this first YGL meeting as a unique opportunity to acquaint myself with other YGLs, with whom I hope to develop a fruitful relationship over the years. I am sure I will learn a great deal from my peers, and look forward to exchanging views and acting as each other’s sounding board. I am excited about attending my first YGL event in my hometown! As today’s leader, what is your advice for tomorrow’s leaders, in particular for the Curators attending the ACM this week in Geneva?
 Always be yourself and never pretend to be someone else. People will trust you as a leader because of your own personality and skills, and will turn away from someone who seems a fake. Read the complete interview by Alessandra and Bea at the link: news/exclusive-interview-guillaume-barazzone-ygl-2015 DID YOU KNOW?? Switzerland’s abbreviation is CH, which stands for its latin name Confoederatio Helvetica. 
 This comes from the Helvetians, the first tribe settling in this central European region there is written historic records of.
 Geneva sits on beautiful Lake Leman (sometimes referred to as Lake Geneva), which is one of the largest lakes in Europe, with a surface of 580km². Leman is both in France and Switzerland! Fantastic waterfront path on Lac Léman. Lausanne - ©
 This year Zermatt celebrates 150 years of the first ascent of the iconic Matterhorn (its peak, which stands at 4,478m, was reached for the first time on 14th July 1865). Celebrations are ongoing in Zermatt throughout the summer. If you go to Zermatt, make sure to watch the illuminated route of the first 1865 ascent. The Matterhorn illuminates three times every night at 9:15 pm, 10 pm, 10:30 pm, until the end of September 2015. - © Robert Boesch Home-Grown 
 by Giulia Zanzi Hard to believe, but the Annual Curators Meeting 2015 starts today! We have all been waiting for this moment for a long time. On behalf of the Geneva Hub and its Media Team in particular, I am honored to welcome you in our city that sparkles innovation in global affairs. 
 I’m also excited to present you our daily magazine - “The ACM Daily”. Hot off the press we will bring you main recaps of the previous day, in- depth interviews with YGLs, fellow curators, and experts, upcoming events, practical information and much more! 
 We are extremely proud that for the first time, the Geneva Hub will support ACM with a dedicated media team. Don’t be surprised if we stop you for an interview. Your experiences, impressions and reflections will help to bring this event live even for those who couldn’t participate. Stay tuned on social media: follow @ G e n e v a S h a p e r s a n d @GlobalShapers for live updates and use #shapersACM! Let’s spread the word together! Wishing you a great stay, fruitful discussions and inspiration to bring home. Giulia Zanzi
 Vice Curator of Geneva Hub From your professional experience we understand that you are willing to take risks. Can you tell us about your recent major career transitions?
 Calculated risk I’d say. I have had the opportunity to work for one of the largest multinational companies in the world, Procter & Gamble. After seven years with them, transitioning to my first entrepreneurial experience was a long term process that involved a radical personal transformation. What was the triggering factor behind these transitions? 
 I would say there were three main factors:
 The realization that I wanted to do something much more meaningful with my life than what I was doing before; 
 The desire to constantly increase my learning curve; 
 The ability to take on new and more challenges, while at the same time generating a positive impact in the world. This year, in addition to hosting 450 curators, Geneva will welcome YGLs from all over the world for their annual summit. What is the importance of these two major events for the GVA Hub?
 For the first time ever, the very same magazine you are holding has been prepared by the Geneva Hub. Our Media Team is covering the event and is looking forward to hearing your stories, projects, passions and anecdotes. We want to make this an unforgettable experience for all curators and their fellow shapers. The Geneva hub is also in charge of unofficial networking events, one of which will happen tonight when YGLs and Shapers will meet after dinner. Our aim is to give the opportunity to members of these two communities to get to know each other and establish solid connections. You have been a Global Shaper since 2013 , what does the Global Shaper Community mean to you?
 Being a global shaper is both an honor and a duty for me. It also means building a path towards a more sustainable planet, in order to address global challenges, starting from our local communities. The shapers I have met along my journey have truly changed my life, inspiring me to have a positive impact on others, directly and indirectly. What are your expectations for the ACM 2015? 
 I’m expecting to have meaningful conversations that can lead to new opportunities for the Geneva hub, amplify the potential of our work, and build a long lasting network. In addition, I would like to truly leverage the potential, passion and power of this community. I'm sure some of the friendships we will make here will last forever! Interview by Alessandra and Bea Shaping Geneva AN INTERVIEW WITH 2015 GENEVA HUB CURATOR LUIGI MATRONE
  4. 4. AUGUST 13, 2015 THE ACM DAILY FIRST EDITION #SHAPERSACM SHARE TWEET FOLLOW @GENEVASHAPERS #SHAPETHEWORLD SOCIAL MEDIA PHOTO CONTESTS Send us your best pictures via #shapersACM of you in front of your favorite place in Geneva, with a few words for the Geneva Hub and the whole Community! We’ll choose the best one and publish it in The ACM Daily! You can also participate to the #SummerInGeneva photo contest: tweet your pictures with this hashtag for a chance to win an iPad Air, offered by Geneva Tourism! CERN Free guided tours every day. To be booked online at least 3 days in advance. Shout out to Giovanni Porcellana (@GPorcellana) for help ;) International Museum of ICRC Entrance fee is 15 Swiss Francs (15$). Info on
 Or ask @swissidealist Yannick Heiniger for help ;) For all the updates about the ACM15 : @GenevaShapers & @GlobalShapers 
 GenevaHub & GlobalShapers Use the official hashtag #ShapersACM. Other allowed hashtags #ACM2015 &#ShapeTheWorld. 
 If you need help, contact and we will cater to your needs ;) Emergency Numbers in Geneva FIRE : 118 POLICE : 117 AMBULANCE : 144 WORD OF THE DAY PLACES TO VISIT PROGRAM Today, Thursday 13th: 19.00-22.30: Concert and Dinner with YGL @ Bâtiment des Forces Motrices 22.30-onwards: Private Networking event Shapers+YGL @ Rooftop 42 Tomorrow, Friday 14th: 7.45-8-45: Transfer from the hotels to the venue 9.15-19.00: Engaging the YGL and Official ACM Welcome