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How much does In-Company Training cost?


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Training can be quite costly and it's important to try to get the maximum value for money from your training budget.

If you need to train only 1 or 2 people then our public/open courses offer excellent value especially if you look out for our early bird booking offers.

Genesys Training is a leading provider of training services specialising in management systems training in quality, environmental and health & safety standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001.

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How much does In-Company Training cost?

  1. 1. 01925 818088 How much doesIn-company training cost?
  2. 2. 01925 818088 can be quite costly and its important to try to get themaximum value for money from your training budget.If you need to train only 1 or 2 people then our public/opencourses offer excellent value especially if you look out for ourearly bird booking offers or sign up for our newsletter toreceive last minute deals.
  3. 3. 01925 818088 you have a number of people to be trained then you maywant to call one of our advisors to discuss your options as itmay be more cost effective to have the training delivered onsite at your premises or at a training venue local to yourworkplace. In-Company training, which is sometimes referredto as In-House or on-site training, can offer huge savings of upto 80% off the equivalent open course booking.
  4. 4. 01925 818088 much does In-Company Training cost? In-Company training is usually offered on a day rate basis rather than a per delegate basis although for somecourses there may be a delegate rate for the materials, certificates orworkbooks. For example, the IOSH courses have a charge per delegate forthe IOSH materials, certification and registration. You may also have to payfor expenses, this is often re-charged at cost and is kept to a minimum. Wehave a range of trainers located up and down the UK which helps us to keepexpenses as low as possible.
  5. 5. 01925 818088 training has added benefits because it isexclusive for people in your organisation. It allows your teamto share common knowledge and best practise and it meansthat we can tailor the course towards your processes. Weinclude an amount of tailoring in the prices quoted and forclients wanting a bespoke course we can develop acompletely bespoke set of course materials and trainingexercises specific for your needs.
  6. 6. 01925 818088 a bespoke course may cost more it could mean thatthe training is more effective which can save money in thelong run through lack of errors, less need for re-training oreliminating others risks. for example, effectively health andsafety training can reduce the cost of absenteeism andcompensation payments.
  7. 7. 01925 818088 looking at the cost of training its important to considerthe wider factors such as the cost of improper training.People often ask what is the return on investment for trainingor what is the payback time with out taking in to account thecost of not training. The true cost of In-Company trainingcould be not doing it properly and trying to save money forthe wrong reasons.
  8. 8. 01925 818088 The best thing to do is speak with one of our advisors and we will listen to your exactrequirements and give you your options which are in yourbest interest. We work with you to achieve your trainingobjectives within your budget in a timeframe to suit yourorganisation.
  9. 9. 01925 818088 We’re here to helpFor more information on In-Company Training or for a free no-obligation quote call Genesys Training today on 01925 818088 or email: