6 Steps to Winning


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This is a free report on how to win your daily marathon.

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6 Steps to Winning

  1. 1. A Special Executive Health & Performance Report From:Rita Bryan of Genesis Personal Fitness® 6 Steps To “Winning The Daily Marathon”Dear Friend and Neighbor, I’ve taken the time to write this Special Executive Health & Performance Report becauseso many people tell me they absolutely have no time to fit anything else into their busy schedules,especially time for frivolous activities like exercise. And since they are not “that out of shape” or “thatoverweight”, why should they even bother. The real truth is if you want to protect your health, happiness, and earning potential, and beable to continue to perform at high personal and financial levels, you need to understand thepowerful roles exercise and nutrition play in your ability to successfully meet the never-endingchallenges of business today.Let’s look at this scenario… It’s a Monday morning and you wake up to find your front tire has gone flat from a slow leak,your “house” cat got out and the kids can’t coax her in, your 4th grader can’t find her book report,your 7th grader just remembered to tell you she has soccer tryouts after school, your 11th gradermissed the bus, your spouse left early for the airport and will be gone for a week, and you knowthere’s no possible way you can course correct enough to be on time for your first appointmentand…. it’s not even 9:00 AM! Is this a gross exaggeration of real life? Could this possibly happen in ‘real’ life? ABSOLUTELY! According to Murphy’s Law, thebest-laid plans can hit a detour at any time. The majority of us wear many hats all at one time, we’re spouses, single parents, caregiversfor elderly parents, carpoolers, soccer dads, little league coaches, business associates, the list goeson…. We work full time, and some of us are business owners and work all the time. The truth is we juggle multiple roles and multiple challenges all the time. There have beendays when I feel that just keeping my head above water is an accomplishment. And what about thepressure, the stress — well that just comes with the package, doesn’t it? I’ve often thought that Webster should change the definition of stress to read… “Stress”: consistently juggling multiple tasks with multiple groups of people most days of most weeks throughout most of the year! How we handle all our daily pressures affects the way we feel, how we look, how we act, howwe perform in the workplace, the decisions we make... It affects every aspect of our being. For most of us eliminating stress and pressure just isn’t possible and some of us may noteven want to… we thrive on challenge and diversity of task. 1 Special Executive Health & Performance Report By Rita Bryan of Genesis Personal Fitness®
  2. 2. But my question is… Do we wilt and eventually fold, collapse, get sick, get disgustedwith our lives, eat ourselves into oblivion OR… Do we develop “strategies” to help us WIN & enjoy our lives? Do we have the relationship we want, the career we want, the job we love to go to, a closebond with our kids, balance between the office and home?? We all have theories on why some people sustain high achievement and flourish underpressure while others fold. For some its material rewards or undying internal motivation or the rightenvironment? For others it may be just being at the right place at the right time? Maybe it’semotional intelligence, or values and sense of purpose? I’m going to suggest to you that there are 6 Steps everyone can take To Win The DailyMarathon and not just merely survive but… Truly WIN & enjoy your life!! Research tells us the most successful way to achieve sustained high performance is to lookat our person as a whole… Our Body… Our Emotions… Our Mind… Our Spirit Since each component dramatically impacts the others, our IDEAL PERFORMANCESTATE (IPS) – the place where we’re performing at the top of our game - is only achieved when allthese components are working together. It’s a combination of endurance, strength, flexibility, self-control, focus, a knowing of yourvalues and your purpose. It’s your ability to tap into a positive energy at all levels so you sustainhigh performance over time. Now we all know some people who perform successfully and appear to not have any balancein their lives…. maybe they work too much or drink too much or weigh too much or lack emotionalbalance or don’t seem to possess deeply held values or a sense of purpose. But… I guarantee you they either are not performing to their full potential or if they are… it’snot without a cost over time to their families, their businesses, their careers, and to themselves. All I do all day long is coach people on how to take better care of themselves. Do you knowthe #1 reason people tell me as to why they don’t exercise on a regular basis or why they skip mealsor don’t spend any time on quality self-care? They don’t have the time… If you don’t take the TIME to take care of YOU… who else will? And how badly will you pay for it in the future if you don’t make the time today? It’s been said: “We’re born with an 80-year warranty, but few of us read the instructions.” But what are those instructions? 2 Special Executive Health & Performance Report By Rita Bryan of Genesis Personal Fitness®
  3. 3. How do you achieve and maintain this elusive balance between work and home and self?How do you develop the capacity to keep performing at your best without sacrificing your health, your happiness and your passion for life? I believe it’s all about ENERGY and ENERGY MANAGEMENT. Energy is four-dimensional andcomes to us from four sources:  Physically  Mentally  Emotionally  Spiritually We consistently draw on all of thesesources of energy. The challenge is tomanage your energy more effectively inall dimensions to achieve your goals. When we are physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused and spirituallyaligned with a purpose beyond our immediate self-interest, we feel eager to get to work in themorning, equally happy to return home in the evening and capable of setting clear boundariesbetween the two. ENERGY MANAGEMENT has two key components: The first is the balance we maintain between our energy expenditures (stress) and ourenergy renewal (recovery). If this balance see-saws out of balance, we begin to ‘feel’ our stress. Chronic stress depletes our energy reserves, leads to burnout, breakdown, health problems,fatigue, it undermines our ability to perform in any capacity. Does this sound familiar? You got home late last night so you ate a late dinner. Then you couldn’t stop eating whileyou flipped the channel changer as you tried to unwind from your long, hard day. The next morningyou woke up feeling extra tired, your body ached. You felt as though you desperately neededanother vacation now… You growled at your spouse and your kids as you got ready for work.You’re angry with yourself because you feel sluggish, distracted, out of focus, this is not who youwant to be – you are a loving spouse and parent, not a miserable, depressed grouch! AND you haven’t even started your day and… you wish it was already over! What’s wrong with this picture? 3 Special Executive Health & Performance Report By Rita Bryan of Genesis Personal Fitness®
  4. 4. The real enemy here isn’t the stress in your life… we all have it! What’s wrong is the absence of disciplined, periodic activities that help you recover from yourstress – you’re missing the daily routines and rituals for ‘energy recovery’. The key to successful energy management is how well you maintain the balance… your energy expenditure vs. your energy recovery. The second component of ENERGY MANAGEMENT is the daily routines and ritualsused to maintain that delicate balance between the ongoing expenditure and subsequentrecovery of energy. Think of it this way… your bank account dries out if you keep writing checks and never make a deposit. Right? Same thing happens to your energy level - when you stop feeding your funnel, you dry up! The deterioration begins… from your physical health to your attitudes to your relationships to your ability to function at work to your income potential!! Balancing this energy cycle is so crucial to your performance in business and in life. It determines your capacity to function at all the levels in your life. What’s the solution? You must develop strategies to continually rejuvenate yourself at all four levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Your Physical Capacity is the foundation of your performance pyramid. This is thelevel where you build endurance. This is the level that promotes our emotional & mental recovery.This is the level that provides you with the energy to support your passions, your commitments, yourability to persevere and stay motivated. We tend to discount the role physical energy plays in our daily performance – your energy orlack thereof, affects your ability to manage your emotions, sustain concentration, think creatively,and even maintain commitment to whatever mission you are on. Your body is your fundamental source of energy, the foundation of your performancepyramid. As I said earlier… We have an 80-year warranty but… we never get around to reading the directions. It’s time to start reading the directions... 4 Special Executive Health & Performance Report By Rita Bryan of Genesis Personal Fitness®
  5. 5. If you take it one step at a time, it’s not that difficult. A few new habits will make a significantimprovement in your ability to continually meet life’s energy demands. You may have probablyheard these before, but thought they are too simple to be effective. Well, they are effective andreally work. Don’t compromise yourself any longer, while old habits die hard, you just have to makeyourself do it until you form new habits. As Nike says, “JUST DO IT!” So please give me a couple minutes to convince you that the following 6 practical‘energy recovery’ tips will help you perform on demand regardless of the circumstance. 6 Easy Steps To Winning The Daily Marathon ENERGY RECOVERY TIP #1: Practice Breathing. How foolish does this sound? If you’re still standing, you must still be breathing, why do youneed to practice? We rarely think about breathing. Have you ever noticed that you breathe morequickly and more shallow when you’re stressed or angry or rushed? By noticing this behavior andtaking a few minutes to take deep abdominal breaths you will restore a sense of calmness andpromote a wave of recovery and relaxation. When you begin to sense your breathing is shallow or fast, take a three-minute break and dothe following:  Lie down or sit in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes.  Pay attention to your breathing. Place one hand on the part of your chest or abdomen that seems to rise and fall the most with each breath.  Breathe through your nose and notice if your chest is moving in harmony with your abdomen.  Now inhale deeply and slowly through your nose into your abdomen. You should feel your abdomen rise with this inhalation and your chest should move only a little.  Exhale through your mouth, keeping your mouth, tongue, and jaw relaxed.  Relax as you focus on the sound and feeling of long, slow, deep breaths (10 seconds inhaling, 10 seconds exhaling).  Take about 10 slow deep breaths. Then open your eyes and get on with the task at hand. ENERGY RECOVERY TIP #2: Eat Strategically. Chronically overeating, under eating and skipping meals compromises your energy. Eatingonly one or two meals a day with long periods in between forces your body into a conservationmode… translation… a slower metabolism… translation… weight gain, fatigue, blood sugarimbalances…. Skipping breakfast, grabbing a fast lunch, and having sugar snacks and caffeine tokeep awake just doesn’t cut it. 5 Special Executive Health & Performance Report By Rita Bryan of Genesis Personal Fitness®
  6. 6. The most realistic way to start eating healthier on a regular basis is to:  Begin your day by eating a balanced breakfast or have a homemade high-energy drink rather than coffee and a bagel. This sets the pace of your day. You would not drive your car with an empty tank.  Eat five to six smaller meals daily to you stabilize your metabolism.  Avoid fad diets and “fake” foods that rob the body of nutrients needed to help in your overall daily recovery process.  Limit your intake of processed and fast foods.  Cut down on your intake of sugar throughout your day.  Keep your saturated fat intake low.  Follow the 80/20 rule. This means 80% of the time you eat well and 20% of the time you stray a little. ENERGY RECOVERY TIP #3: Drink Water…Even If You Don’t Feel Thirsty Did you know that about 68% of your body is water and that by the time you actually feelthirsty you are already dehydrated? More than half the population walks around with mild chronicdehydration on a regular basis --translating into muscle fatigue. If you dehydrate your muscle by aslittle as 3%, it will lose 10% of its strength. Inadequate hydration also compromises concentrationand coordination. Research has proven that drinking at least 64 ounces of water throughout the day is key toeffectively managing your energy. So drink your water, even if you’re not thirsty! ENERGY RECOVERY TIP #4: Get A Regular Amount Of Sleep. Insufficient sleep dramatically affects performance. Studies have shown that mentalperformance – reaction time, concentration, memory and logical reasoning – all decline as sleepdeficit increases. The broad consensus is the average human being requires seven to eight hours ofsleep to function optimally. Maintaining a consistent bedtime and wake up time is as important as the number of hoursyou sleep. Regular sleep cycles regulate your other biological clocks and increase the likelihood thatyour sleep will be deep and restful. So set regular wake up and bedtime times. ENERGY RECOVERY TIP #5: Plan A Recovery Period Every 90 To 120 Minutes. Our natural energy stores ebb and flow at different times of the day. Our body’s hormones,glucose levels and blood pressure levels drop every 90 minutes or so. By not allowing for briefrecovery and by overriding our body’s natural stress-rest cycle, our overall capacity is compromised. Take a short break every 1½ to 2 hours and change channels mentally and emotionally.Your breaks only need to be 3 to 5 minutes in duration. 6 Special Executive Health & Performance Report By Rita Bryan of Genesis Personal Fitness®
  7. 7.  Stop and eat a snack (one of your mini meals)  Take a water break  Stand up and stretch  Take a brief walk Have you ever found a solution to a problem after you put it aside for a few moments? ENERGY RECOVERY TIP #6: Get Physically Active and Exercise Regularly. Make a simple commitment to exercise on a regular basis. Just make an “appointment”with yourself, in the midst of your busy weekly schedule, to perform a combination of both aerobicand resistance strength training exercise for 40 to 60 minutes, just 3 times a week. Take out yourcalendar right now and mark off three days each week for the next 4 weeks when you will commit toexercising. Then do it. Make the commitment to yourself that you won’t miss an appointment… noteven one! It’s only 12 sessions over the next 30 days. Likely, you spend more time watching TV, sojust shut it off for 12 hours over the next 30 days. Your consistent commitment will bring you theresults you want. Find the “right” exercise environment for you. Let’s face it – most people (93% ofAmericans) dread joining large gyms and health clubs. If you’re in this group, you’ve probably joinedone of these at one time or another during your life (perhaps you’re still a “lifetime member”) andfound them to be impersonal and unfriendly. While they offer lots of fancy equipment and gizmosand try to dazzle you with their bells and whistles, they offer little in the way help, direction, orexpertise. And its likely that you stopped “going” not too long after joining, and therefore stoppedexercising, because it was overcrowded and you weren’t seeing progress toward your fitness goals.If you’re going to succeed at your fitness endeavor, you have to be in an inviting, non-intimidatingatmosphere where there are real people, just like you, working toward achieving real goals.You should be in an environment that supports health and fitness, not bodybuilding, spandex, andtans. “Integrate” both resistance exercise (strength training) with cardio/aerobic exerciseinto your exercise regime. The benefits start with muscle and metabolism, but they go evenfurther. Both strength and cardiovascular exercise have a powerful impact on health, energy levelsand performance. This combination will not only increase your strength, but it helps speed up your metabolism,enhances your mobility, improves your posture, and dramatically increases your energy… basically itturns back the markers of age. Exercise produces a sense of emotional well-being, clears the way for more precise thinking,and drives you to overcome any adversities that you encounter! Now, if the above 6 steps seem overwhelming, start with just one, and add another the following week. Make the commitment to follow through and eventually your new habits will develop. I realize most of us are just trying to do the best that we can each day. But when all the demands exceed our capacity, we start to run on 7 Special Executive Health & Performance Report By Rita Bryan of Genesis Personal Fitness®
  8. 8. empty. And this takes a dangerous toll over time. While you still may say you are starved for time,and you just can’t fit another thing into your schedule, I believe that… Skillful management of your “energy”, not your time, may be the answer to better performance, health and happiness! When you feel strong and resilient - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – youperform better, with more passion, longer. Then YOU win, your family wins, and your businesswins! So let me ask you… Are you ready to start taking a different path for your life? Having come from a long tenure in the corporate world myself, I discovered a long time agothat the ultimate secret to becoming more physically energized, emotionally connected, and mentallyfocused to sustain high performance in a world with ever-increasing demands really does start at themost foundational level: The “Physical” YOU! When you get the “physical” part of youright, you have a strong foundation to build or re-build the other three components: The Emotional,Mental, and then the Spiritual. This why several years ago, I recruitedsome of the best minds in the health and fitnessindustry and created a unique Executive TrainingProgram designed for those who want to reachand stay at the top of their personal andprofessional life by…  LEARNING how to maximize performance and increase productivity in all aspects of their business and personal life through specific, time-efficient exercise and nutrition strategies.  ACQUIRING the energy required to make quantum leaps in any area of life that really matters.  UNDERSTANDING how to develop greater resilience and flexibility in the face of non-stop stress through proper exercise and recovery “rituals”.  EXPLORING how to feed their body to expand their energy capacity, lose/maintain their weight, and improve their productivity.  DISCOVERING how to tap into their deep reservoir of acquired strength and energy to positively change any aspect of their life.  ENHANCING their personal and professional lifestyle by creating a “physical foundation” that will serve them well for the rest of their lives! I called it The Genesis Execu-Fit Program and it has already enabled hundreds of busyexecutives and private business owners just like you to take their personal and financial goals, aswell as their professional achievements, to the next level and beyond. 8 Special Executive Health & Performance Report By Rita Bryan of Genesis Personal Fitness®
  9. 9. Why? Because taking care of the body is taking care of business. The GenesisExecu-Fit Program is an exclusive exercise and nutrition program designed to equip individualsjust like you with the strength and energy management skills to ignite their personalperformance, minimize burnout, and bring their talent and skill to life on demand. I’ve proven this over and over again. Look at what some of our Execu-Fit Clients have tosay: “I was serious about wanting to live healthy and get the most out of life – Genesis Personal Fitness not only showed me the way, but made sure I got there. I came to Genesis because my cholesterol level was 386; I was only 29 years old. After one year, I had reduced my cholesterol from 386 to 207 - without any drugs - just targeted exercise and healthy eating. Moreover, I drastically increased my energy level, and my ability to handle a crushing workload, and the constant pressure to consistently perform at the top of my game. My productivity has increased so drastically - both physically and mentally - that it seems like I’m getting twice as much done in a day than I used to. Genesis works. You definitely get what you pay for – in time, energy, money, health, and quality of life – and you get it for the long run. ” – Ryan Parry William B. Parry & Son, LTD  “I started with Genesis Personal Fitness as my first commitment to personal fitness after being physically inactive for several years. After only just two and one half months, I noticed a reduction in my waistline, my stomach, and ten pounds in weight. Genesis Personal Fitness works for me because of the close attention paid to me… especially the supervision of the progression of both my weight training and cardiovascular programs. I recommend Genesis Personal Fitness particularly to those over 40!!” – Ron Zeigler, Attorney At Law Now, please don’t misunderstand me - I’m not sharing this information with you in an attemptto “sell” you on our Genesis Execu-Fit Program, but rather to impress upon you that we get top-notch results for our clients who go on to become top performers in their field. We’ve proventhat our “integrated approach” to personal fitness and performance for executives is the mosteffective way to rapidly and permanently get the results you demand for the time, money and effortspent. So, if you don’t want to “go it alone”, maybe you should consider letting me help you! A New Way Of Exercising & Eating… For Performance! The Genesis Execu-Fit Program is custom-designed for individuals of all ages and fitnesslevels. Regardless of your physical capabilities, it maximizes intensity with time and minimizes risk.If you are currently out-of-shape, no other method will prove safer for you. 9 Special Executive Health & Performance Report By Rita Bryan of Genesis Personal Fitness®
  10. 10. Furthermore, an important part of each exercise session in The Genesis Execu-Fit Programis communication. You and your Genesis Fitness Instructor constantly work together, one-on-oneor in a small group format, to adjust body position, monitor breathing and control many other aspectsof the exercise. You are supervised every second of the session so you can focus all your energy oneffort and performing to the best of your ability. The Genesis Execu-Fit “Strengthening” Experience The Genesis Execu-Fit Program offers a unique strength-training technique that focuses ona deliberately slow and controlled, movement. Moving at this slower speed reduces momentumand focuses on correct body/motion form, letting your muscles do 100% of the work. You safely, systematically and slowly work into the deepest layers of muscle fibers of eachyour body’s muscle groups, achieving momentary muscle fatigue and “flipping the switch” foryour body to change. Throughout the entire exercise sessions, you become acutely aware of the your body’scapabilities, and with Zen-like concentration, transform yourself into an exhilarating sense ofaccomplishment. Then, by allowing 2-3 days of rest, the positive changes you seek begin to occur. Notsurprisingly, this “strengthening experience” carries over into other aspects of both yourbusiness and personal life. The Genesis Execu-Fit Program is suited for even the busiest, “no time to exercise”individual with hardly a break in schedule or change in routine. The Genesis Execu-Fit “Active Metabolism” Cardio-Aerobic Experience The Genesis Execu-Fit Program includes a prescribed, metabolically-determined series ofcardiovascular exercise “events” that enables you to increase the burn rate of stored fat, lose theright kind of weight and inches, improve heart fitness, and avoid wasted exercise effort. Based on the results of your Exercise and Resting Metabolic Assessment using our NewLeaf Active Metabolic Assessment System™, you’ll be performing optimal cardio-aerobic exercise atyour ideal heart rate frequency, intensity and duration. This enables you to harness your fitnesscapabilities based on your own “metabolic fingerprint” for a greater level of success. The Genesis Execu-Fit Nutrition Plan When, what, and how you eat powerfully affects your energy levels, your body’sperformance, and your personal productivity. Therefore, nutrition plays a fundamental role inenergy production and is a vital link in the Genesis Execu-Fit Program. Unfortunately, eating right is not as simple as counting calories, avoiding fat, orchoosing healthy foods. These methods don’t guarantee optimal energy, performance, or health. If you choose to add our Genesis Execu-Fit Nutrition Plan, you will learn the impact thatnutrition has on your energy, moods, ability to think clearly, metabolism, and performance, both atwork and at home. 10 Special Executive Health & Performance Report By Rita Bryan of Genesis Personal Fitness®
  11. 11. Some of the topics covered in the Genesis Execu-Fit Nutrition Plan include: • The 80/20 Strategy • The 6 On/ 1 Off Strategy • Strategic Eating Patterns • Meals - The Peace Sign • Managing Your Fuel Mixture • Quick Start Breakfast Strategies • Managing Hunger With The Right Portions • Making Coffee, Alcohol, & Other Beverages Work • And much more! Excel In Our Ideal Training Environment The Genesis Personal Fitness 4,000 square foot “training environment” supports the needfor focus and peak performance. In our clean, safe environment you will not find the distractionsyou normally would at other exercise facilities. Our highly professional Genesis Fitness Instructors are articulate and specially-trained inthe Genesis Execu-Fit Training Technique. They express their passion for the program withmindfulness during each exercise session, attention to your needs and ongoing monitoring of yourprogress. This unique approach to the Genesis Execu-Fit Training Technique requires sophisticatedexercise equipment that provides you with the utmost in safety and human performance. Everyexercise machine at Genesis Personal Fitness is ergonomically designed to facilitate maximumefficiency and benefit according to our methods. These advanced exercise machines balance thestrengthening resistance in accordance with your natural body movements. These features notonly protect muscles and joints from injury, but enable you to perform at peak levels. Why is it so important that you contact me right now? Because in your heart, you know the truth: You can do better, be better, and youdeserve it. You already know there are no quick fixes, no magic potions, special pills or wiz-bangpieces of exercise equipment that are going to suddenly make you fit. The infomercials andadvertisements you are bombarded with daily are produced by multi-million dollar companies thatknow how to push your emotional buttons. They know how to get you to pull out your credit card. But once you get their shake or pill orabdominal machine, you realize that you have been misled. Because it’s not the pill, the potion, orthe expensive equipment that will get you healthy and fit… It takes some level of personal commitment and consistency to achieve the resultsyou want. And, when the motivation (really the commitment) is cultivated from within--rather thanfrom an external source like money spent on a gym membership, expensive exercise equipment, orfad diets -- you become personally inspired and motivated to stick to your exercise program. But there is only one way to internalize your commitment and cultivate your motivation: 11 Special Executive Health & Performance Report By Rita Bryan of Genesis Personal Fitness®
  12. 12. You must personally experience results! I know that if you’ve read this Special Executive Health & Performance Report to thispoint, you ARE READY to “make your move” and take the first step to change your lifestyle… andultimately YOUR LIFE! Oh, you might be thinking… “I’ll think about it and maybe make the call later.” That’s OK,because like I said above, I’m not trying to “sell” you on anything. But, if you wait too long, it may beTOO LATE. Why? Because unfortunately I only have a limited number of openings in our schedule atGenesis Personal Fitness to take on new clients, particularly at this time of the year. So, if you aresomeone who IS READY to MAKE THE CHANGE and benefit from what I can offer you, then Irecommend that you call me TODAY! It is not that I wouldn’t want to help you in a few weeks; it’sjust that I may not have an opening for you. In fact, I only have 14 12 openings left in ourGenesis Execu-Fit Program until sometime in the Spring of next year. Its amazing how so many individuals have changed their lives with the Genesis Execu-FitProgram, going from unfit, unhealthy and unhappy -- to fit, healthy, happy and self-confident…injust 12 short weeks. And I am absolutely certain our program can do the same for you. If any of what you’ve read here rings true for you, and you are serious about finally achievingyour personal health and fitness goals once and for all, then the process of creating a “new you”begins the moment you call me at 215-504-0100 and request your personal 30-Minute FREEConsultation directly with me. Here’s what will happen during your consultation: I will explain, indetail, exactly what our Genesis Execu-Fit Program involves and how it works. At a bareminimum, you will learn a great deal about how you can achieve your health and fitness goals, evenif you decide not to become a Genesis Client. I will answer all your questions fully and completely. I will NOT attempt to “sell” or “convince” you to move forward with our Genesis Execu-FitProgram. Let me tell you our philosophy on selling. We are not salespeople. That’s part of thereason we’ve been so successful at Genesis Personal Fitness®. We are health and fitnessEDUCATORS and COACHES. Of course we believe in our Center and our program, and yes, weearn our livings by teaching people the program. BUT we know that our Genesis Execu-FitProgram is a solution for some, but not all people we meet. The only way the Genesis Execu-Fit Program will work for you, is if you voluntarily enrollyourself. So trying to convince you that this is what you need is counterproductive. Instead ofselling, I will answer all your questions, explain in detail exactly what we do and how we do it, andgive you a complete overview to better understand the reality of your situation. Please take a moment to call me now at 215-504-0100. Since we only work with a limitednumber of clients at any one time, it’s only fair that we give priority to those who have the desire totake immediate action. Whatever your decision after reading this Special Executive Health & PerformanceReport, I hope it gives you a few ideas on how to achieve the health and fitness goals you desireand deserve. Should you decide to work with us at Genesis Personal Fitness® in achieving your 12 Special Executive Health & Performance Report By Rita Bryan of Genesis Personal Fitness®
  13. 13. success, we look forward to developing a personal relationship with you that will bring you theenjoyment and satisfaction about your health, fitness and life that you deserve.Wishing you good health, Rita Bryan President, Genesis Personal Fitness® www.GenesisPersonalFitness.com Call Me Today At 215-504-0100… Remember… The 1st Step Is To Begin! 13 Special Executive Health & Performance Report By Rita Bryan of Genesis Personal Fitness®