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Israel tour guides


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Visit Israel with the expert Israel tour guides of Genesis Boutique Travel. Get a personal Israel tour guide to accompany you on your Israel tour.

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Israel tour guides

  1. 1. Israel Tour Guides Take our expert tour guides along your travels and experience Israel like never before!
  2. 2. Our tour guides are experts in: • • • • History Religion Topography Architecture
  3. 3. Experience Israeli attractions, cities, and iconic locations like a local! Our tour guides are great in making you feel at home.
  4. 4. Our Tour Guides are Great With Children! See how our tour guides keep your kids enchanted to the stories of the places you visit and how children are fascinated by the activities along our tours.
  5. 5. Some Testimonials about our Guides: Myra Erez – An Israeli tour guide and specialist of Jordan related tours as well. Myra has the enthusiasm and natural story telling ability that makes her guided tours an experience to cherish and remember. With her high spirits and enthralling nature she has received numerous outstanding reviews from people who have taken part on her tours. Maen Kasassbeh – Our Jordan tour guide, Maen specializes in guiding our tourists through Jordan, Petra and additional attractions. He is kind and easy going and is extremely knowledgeable about the whole Petra and Jordan areas. Hillel – As our Tel Aviv tour guide, Hillel is an expert in taking you to the most exciting and happening places in Tel Aviv. From culinary tours, to nightlife tours, to cultural tours, and recreational tours of Tel Aviv’s beaches, and attractions Hillel is the man to see if you wish to visit Tel Aviv and see it like only a few lucky people can.
  6. 6. More Testimonials: Udi – As one of our Israel tour guides, Udi is an ace when it comes to helping out with itineraries and helping in balancing the needs of the entire family. He is an expert in Israeli history and works brilliantly with kids. Gil Daleski – With a great sense of humor, intelligence and charm Gil is a sought after Israel tour guide. He has extensive knowledge of Israel and includes gripping stories and historical insights in every tour he leads. Many of our clients are requesting Gil time and time again. Gershon – An expert in Israeli culture, religion and travel Gershon is a dedicated tour guide which takes a lot of pride in his work. He is a great choice for families who wish to take a trip to Israel and learn more about every aspect of Israel.
  7. 7. Even More Testimonials: Shagra – Lastly, Shagra is a tour guide which is praised by many of our clients. His knowledge of Israeli terrain, agriculture, and history is one to envy. Whether you are looking for a short sightseeing trip in Israel or a few days tour passing through some of Israel’s most asked for destinations like: Masada, Eilat, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Shagra is a great choice.
  8. 8. Book your tour with one of our excellent Tour Guides Today! Call: Genesis Boutique Travel at - Tel: +972-2-6765868 Learn more about our tour guides here: