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Media powerpoint

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Media powerpoint

  2. 2. Candidate No: 2116
  3. 3.  My Target audience is meant to be young people between the ages of 16 and 19 (College students) So in my magazine I tried to include articles that would intrigue them, such as school competitions and school nominations for most popular etc… In order for my magazine not to be to boring or unattractive, I included slang and less formal terms to attract the target market, the images used were also very simple ones, not too detailed with informative subjects. In Adobe Photoshop I learnt how to edit pictures in various ways, using the crop tool other tools. In Indesign we learnt how to put words together with pictures and this is how the contents pages and front cover of the magazine.
  4. 4. Contents pageFront Cover
  5. 5.  I would put in more effort in order to make it look more professional, I would take more pictures so I have more of variety when choosing for my magazine and my front cover. I would also use colours that were more compatible and attractive to catch the readers eye. I didn’t get any feedback but looking at my friends work and how well they did motivates me to want to do better in mine and possibly get the highest grade I can. I need to learn how to make things look better and I can do that through a tutorial online or get someone professional to teach me. There is still a lot I need to learn.
  6. 6.  Genre: Rnb My chosen title is ‘Press Play’ this insinuates that the magazine has something interesting to offer the music industry and it’s intriguing. In order for you to understand the magazine Pressing Play (opening the magazine) takes you into a world.
  7. 7.  Half of the cover titles are questions – this all get answered on the inside of the magazine The colour that the main artist on the front is wearing corresponds with the colour theme used on front cover The articles are different sizes The image of artists are always facial and shoulder shots or from the waist above. The article that associates with the artist is the biggest and most apparent cover story
  8. 8.  Target Audience: Young people between The ages of 16 and 22 Frequency: Weekly magazine Cover price: £2.50 Publisher: Rhynegold publishing USP: The celebrities that are used
  9. 9. This is how it works.o It clearly shows the title of the magazine on the front cover in a white font, the main article that I meant to attract readers is in white alsoo There is also a clear colour theme which consists of white, pink and fuchsia. These colours may not be suitable for all readers but they always attract people and this may change the mind of the readers who are less likely to look at pinks .o The articles and the artist that are being used are meant to attract more readers, they’re meant to be popular and attractive to bring in more readerso The person on the front cover must be famous and influencial and that’s what I chose to use
  10. 10. raw FinalHere is how I changed the photo and why:I wanted to make the image brighter and more inviting, the pose that ShaunRiley is doing is isnt very attractive so i added a colour boost and got rid ofsome of the facial blemishes and made it seem as professional as possible
  11. 11. raw Final This image was edited simply, i chose to add more colour and make it prettier to look at and i added a blur all over the image to make it seem a little bit more pure and free.
  12. 12. final raw I made this image brighter and increased contrast because i wanted it to be different from the other images. The effect where the images is separated into various to create a collage is unique so i thought id incoporate it into the image, it will make the reader more interested and make them want to investigate the image.
  13. 13. raw final To edit this image i simply to highlight the colours and to enhance the silhouette aspect of the image. The image is much more aesthetically pleasing than the initial one
  14. 14.  Key features
  15. 15.  My contents page has articles that are included on the front cover and the connection is shown with images and page numbers, in some cases the colors coordinate with the article that is coming up.
  16. 16.  How have you made the reader want to read on?By adding images to entice the reader, i use things that are visually aesthetically pleasing and in doing this the brain connects more to the page. Images fonts and grammar all contribute towards this. What are the links between images and words?Using smart words and analogies that somehow connect to the image makes the connection clear. What determines the dominant stories?The images sizes the positioning of the How have you gone about ordering the information on the page?All of the articles have a page number allocated next to them and they’re all in order so there is no confusion when you’re finding the pages.
  17. 17.  There is a clear image of the main artist The page number is on the image It is at the top of the page so its easy to see it says cover article above it
  18. 18.  There is a large image of the main artist on one side of the and his name is clearly there There is another smaller image to show the artist doing something else There is a quote written in a larger quote to attract the reader if its something you like. the colours are contrasting so its clear and easy to read The colour are different for the questions and the answers
  19. 19.  The quote comng from shaun riley is Large for  The image is in everyone to see the whole There is a colour scheme in terms of the background so its clear to see. interviewer and the answers Its obvious that its him because no one else is talked about in this article apart from his brother  The page is very simple but I still appealing
  20. 20.  There is an image of Shaun Riley on the front cover the contents page and on the double page spread On the front cover it leads you to the contents page and the contents page leads you to the double page spread
  21. 21.  I changed it by adding different colours, made sure the title was different. Doing this made it look less home made and more professional. The image was different, it concentrated more on Shaun Rileys face. The eye contact shows connection with the audience There are more interesting cover stories included more artist are included so if anyones favourite happens to be there you’ll want to but the magazine
  22. 22.  I changed it minimally, i added more articles. I made it look more attractive by changing the layout of the numbers and the articles The colour scheme remained the same The article of Shaun Riley is clearer to see Press play is at the top to remind you of what magazine you’re reading
  23. 23.  The writing layout is different and i added tour dates and an album release date The image was rotated to it wasn’t completely covered by the interview colomns The large quote is easier to make out. In the old on the words adnd the colour of the back ground were clashing and this caused problems
  24. 24.  I changed the image and the layout of the interview, I wanted mine to be unique so I chose I layout that I’ve never seen before There was no information about a mixtape or album before so I added one in I aslo added a competition to see Shaun riley in concert
  25. 25.  You can find my blog here: can find my evaluation with responses to the 7 questions here:(URL)NB. Make sure you have completed slides 11-15 with downloads of the minimum 4 original images before thinking this is finished. Then erase this reminder.