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Raising money on Generocity


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Raising money on

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Raising money on Generocity

  1. 1. Raising Money on A guide for nonprofits
  2. 2. Step One: Getting Started Once your PayPal account is set up (see “Creating a PayPal Nonprofit Account”), you’re ready to start raising money on Generocity! Receive donations to your organization by encouraging your network to make donations via the Donate button on your nonprofit’s Generocity listing. Remember, Generocity charges no fees, but normal PayPal transaction fees still apply.
  3. 3. Step Two: Promote Your Nonprofit You can promote your page by using our Share bar and the Invite friends to follow this nonprofit button.
  4. 4. Step Three: Suggest Stories• Suggest interesting stories about your nonprofit and maybe we’ll write about it, giving you even more visibility. Start by clicking Submit story ideas, found in the footer of the page.• Tell us your idea, give us your contact information, then click Suggest story. If we’re intrigued enough about your idea, you’ll hear from one of our writers.
  5. 5. Step Four: Create a Fundraiser• As an individual member, you’ll be able to create a fundraiser targeting your friends, social media followers and mailing lists. Also, encourage all your employees, board members, volunteers and others to do the same and promote their own fundraisers to their friends and contacts. You can even make it a friendly competition, with prizes or recognition given to those with the most successful fundraisers.• Individual members of Generocity can get started by clicking on the GIVING button, then clicking Create a Fundraiser.
  6. 6. Step Four: Create a Fundraiser• Setting up a fundraiser only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is provide a name, a brief description, the benefiting nonprofit and duration. By clicking Submit your fundraiser will instantly be created!
  7. 7. Step Four: Create a Fundraiser After you’ve created your fundraiser, it will be displayed in our fundraiser database, on the associated nonprofit’s listing and on your member profile page. Now go ahead and donate, share and comment. Also, use the social media tools to help promote it.
  8. 8. Step Five: Create a Giving Circle You also have the ability to create a giving circle by clicking on the Giving button then the Create a Giving Circle button. A Giving Circle is a network that you create to help a group of nonprofits raise money. Link your favorite causes in a Giving Circle and invite your friends and family.