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Some of the popular toys connected to General Mills.

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  1. 1. Easy-Bake Oven This Kenner toy joined the General Mills family in 1967. The Betty Crocker brand is displayed on this kitchen range that used a light bulb to make cakes.
  2. 2. Spirograph This pattern-drawing Kenner toy from 1967 allowed anyone to create intricate works.
  3. 3. Nerf ball The spongy, foam ball from Parker Brothers hit the market in 1970 and let kids safely throw a ball in the house.
  4. 4. Johnny Horizon Environmental Test Kit The updated chemistry set from Parker Brothers in 1971 allowed kids with an environmental bent to test air and water qualities in their neighborhoods.
  5. 5. Six-Million Dollar Man & Bionic Woman action figures Based on popular TV series about an astronaut and tennis pro who were ‘reassembled’ after serious accidents, Kenner introduced the toys in 1975 and 1979.
  6. 6. Star Wars action figures When other toy companies turned down the licensing opportunity for these toys, Kenner jumped at the opportunity in 1977 as the original “Star Wars” movie became a worldwide smash.
  7. 7. Star Wars action figures The two most well-known droids from the series, C-3PO and R2-D2 were among the 12 original Star Wars action figures introduced by Kenner.
  8. 8. Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Barber and Beauty Shop Created by Kenner in 1977, the toy lets kids push Play-Doh through molds so they can cut and style “hair.”