Immaculate Baking folk art


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Folk art from a collection owned by Immaculate Baking.

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Immaculate Baking folk art

  1. 1. Leonard Jones “Art for Sale” paint on metal
  2. 2. Leonard Jones “Man on Tire Swing” Paint on metal
  3. 3. Leonard Jones “Two Men Cooking Meat” paint on metal
  4. 4. Leonard Jones “Two Women” Paint on metal
  5. 5. Leonard Jones “Mountain Landscape” paint on metal
  6. 6. Leonard Jones “Thank-ya-var Much” paint on metal
  7. 7. Leonard Jones “Hunters with a Deer” Paint on metal
  8. 8. Leonard Jones “Man with Coke by Fireplace” paint on metal
  9. 9. Leonard Jones “Man with Guitar and Moonshine” paint on metal
  10. 10. Carl Dixon “Immaculate Consumption” (1999) paint on carved wood (two-sided)
  11. 11. Carl Dixon “Robter Kenney” acrylic on carved wood
  12. 12. Carl Dixon “Jone F. Kennedy” acrylic on carved wood
  13. 13. Carl Dixon “B.B. King” acrylic on carved wood
  14. 14. Carl Dixon “Jim Sudduth (Bikes)” acrylic on carved wood
  15. 15. Carl Dixon “It’s the One I Love, Sweet Georgia Brownie” paint on carved wood
  16. 16. R.A. Miller “Lord Love You” (blue bird) ink on painted metal
  17. 17. R.A. Miller “Lord Love You” (green horse) ink on painted metal
  18. 18. R.A. Miller “Lord Love You” (red snakes) ink on painted metal
  19. 19. Andy Saczynski “Queen of the Jungle”
  20. 20. Andy Saczynski “Bon Temps Butterfly”
  21. 21. Earl Simmons “Landscape with a Bridge” (2009) Paint on wood
  22. 22. Roy E. Finster “Elvis Presley” (2003) acrylic on wood
  23. 23. Chris Clark “Six Man Band” paint on fabric
  24. 24. Johanne Cassia “Lemon Tree” paint on wood
  25. 25. Unknown artist “This Way” (arrow sign) paint on wood
  26. 26. M. Nest “Portrait of a Family Farm” paint on canvas
  27. 27. Unknown artist “Barn Covered in Snow” paint on wood
  28. 28. Unknown artist “Fall Landscape with a Barn” paint on wood
  29. 29. Unknown artist “Big Puch Seafood U Buy We Fry?” paint on linoleum
  30. 30. Nina Spencer “Coconuts”
  31. 31. John Paul Daniel aka ‘Bebo’ “Gator”
  32. 32. Unknown artist “Kite Flyers”
  33. 33. Pat Juneau “The Band”
  34. 34. Unknown artist “Mr. Sunface”