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General Bets sponsorship

  1. 1. General Bets Betting to the future
  2. 2. What is General Bets? General Bets Spain is a society created to operate from Spain on behalf of General Bets SA and hence its actions in the field of online gambling. Based in Valladolid (Spain), it articulates its project as an enterprise focused in the long term, casting a spirit of permanence and ambition for offering the most extensive choice for leisure and entertainment in gambling from both its different products: and
  3. 3. A project with an eye for responsibility Responsibility It is the purpose of General Bets to offer its users the best choice of leisure and fun whilst winning in the internet. Nevertheless, it’s aware that some users might sometimes be needing help to control their gambling behavior. General Bets recognizes this as one of its core compromises towards its clients and offers them its customer service team with different, tailored control programs to help ensuring the experience in 321loto and 321apuesta will truly be of harmless fun and healthy leisure.
  4. 4. The brand and its values Values is an online gambling, casino and poker portal created to fulfill a highly demanded gap in the field of internet betting. Inheriting the reliability from the online gambling leading platform, it offers one of the widest choices for betting, always guaranteeing the best odds, the juiciest bonuses and an absolutely outstanding customer service. is a brand new concept in online gambling that allows betting and winning in exceptional conditions of easiness, reliability, affordability and quickness. Based on the results from all five State lotteries run by the Governments of Germany, Canada, Spain, France and the United States. Starting from just one euro and placing your bets to a figure from one to nine, with five raffles providing five new possibilities a day, 365 days a year, to win up to 200.000 euros to just one bet.
  5. 5. A project with an eye for service General Bets works everyday from the conviction of having its main asset in its clients’ satisfaction. Therefore it struggles to provide its users with the most competitive leisure and gambling choice in the market. To achieve this, General Bets founds its offer on 4 pillars: Variety: General Bets, through and, offers the most extensive variety to win and enjoy in the Internet, with games for everyone and always in the best conditions of safety and reliability. Variety Tailored service Personal, individual customer service: users from and will find at their disposal our exclusive direct and personal customer service system via video-chat and which is operated directly by the General Bets team (not by an externally hired call-center) to express their questions and have their problems solved 24 hours a day. The customer service team may as well be reached over the phone on the number 902.101.338 and, naturally, via email
  6. 6. A project with an eye for service Service Technology: from the very beginning General Bets is delivering the most advanced technology in betting software design, integrating all resources in the same system and keeping itself in a perpetual quest for enhancement. Technology Reliability Reliability:  General Bets is an acknowledged brand that operates under official license by the Government of Costa Rica. It bases its online gambling system upon the experience of the world’s leading platform and the bets placed to lottery are based on the raffles for official, strictly regulated, national lotteries from the most developed countries. Results from sports events and raffles are immediately paid off and users can access their betting history data anytime. Moreover, the team at General Bets is always available for any contingency through its exclusive, individually adapted customer service system.
  7. 7. Business model Business Both and portals fund their business structure on the following premises:   Own clients: Both brands share a common and exchangeable client platform, within which direct actions focused in attracting and ensuring clients’ loyalty will be performed.   Business partners: In the same way, policies will be developed in order to establish alliances with other key players to optimize reach and exploitation of the system’s resources.   Affiliates: All the same, agreements will be reached with affiliated programs aiming to get a relevant position within these sites.
  8. 8. National and international presence and growth Reach Since 2008, General Bets Spain has developed its project from its offices in Valladolid under the license by General Bets SA, whose release will be completed in September 2009 with the launch of its brands and Its main goal is to establish and hold a strong position in the Spanish market through its business strategy based in partners, affiliates and own users. For the near future, General Bets already explores the possibilities to export its system to new markets, focusing first in Europe and then America.
  9. 9. A project backed by experience Experience and, as brands belonging to General Best Spain, get advantage of the experience gathered by its mother brand General Bets SA, officially acknowledged and licensed by the Government of Costa Rica. At the same time, it holds the technical support from the online gambling platform Betfair, which from its leading position and extensive experience provides an unbeatable source of safety and development possibilities. Everything aimed to create a solid base upon which building a guaranteed project.
  10. 10. If you have a sporting enterprise and you are looking for sponsorship, call us. A project with an eye for responsibility
  11. 11. María Jesús Polvorosa [email_address] +34 983.313.407