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“When you look at the                                                                        capabilities, the price per u...
Here is what you will experience:                                                                              Check out t...
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Office 365 Hands-on Workshop

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Office 365 Hands-on Workshop

  1. 1. “When you look at the capabilities, the price per user, and the opportunity costs ofWeidenhammer is hosting an Office 365 SMB half-day Workshop. This supporting on-premises serversworkshop is a hands-on introduction to Office 365 that provides you internally, we are confidentan opportunity to experience powerful new productivity solutions in a Office 365 is the right decisionreal-life environment. for our business.”The whole experience with Weidenhammer is designed to enhance the Patagoniaattendees understanding of Microsoft’s unique cloud technologies International Retailerwhich can help your company to innovate and grow.
  2. 2. Here is what you will experience: Check out this video to see • Accessing professional, domain-based email. how others like yourself felt about the workshop and how • Sharing calendars and contacts. it has helped them: • Chatting via video, instant messaging, or audio calls. • Doing it all with confidence and a financially backed, 99.9 percent up-time guarantee. Breakfast will be provided to get your day started and Lunch will be served to keep it going. Wednesday April 24th Thursday April 25th Follow us: Friday April 26th Seating is limited so choose a day that works for you and registered now! This email and any offers herein are brought to you by Weidenhammer.