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What steps have you made to change your lifestyle?


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Published in: Business, Technology
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What steps have you made to change your lifestyle?

  2. 2. We are so inundated with various lifestyles that it becomes overwhelming when it comes to making a choice
  3. 3. Maybe…Itwouldbeeasierifwelookedatthemthisway?
  4. 4. Orthisway?...
  5. 5. Either way we feel STUCK!!
  6. 6. But once you decide to reach out and choose your “lifestyle”….. Here are some baby steps that you should take
  7. 7. #1. Take ACTION!
  8. 8. We’re waaittiinngg!
  9. 9. #2. Eliminate the crap that is weighing you
  10. 10. Yes these “friends”
  11. 11. Toss That SH*T OUT!!!!! First you need to take care of this
  12. 12. Then empty it out. PLEASE?
  13. 13. #3. Take Ownership.
  14. 14. Once you put on the HAT. There’s no looking back. In fact, whatever seemed impossible before looks like a piece of cake!
  15. 15. I know what you are thinking.
  16. 16. You fear of being beaten up and left out in the COLD. Possibly USED?
  17. 17. What do I know? I’m still standing INBOUNDS right?
  18. 18. Soon you will be able to measure your progress GROWTH 12 INCHES SEEMS LIKE A PRETTY GOOD SIZE *COUGH*
  19. 19. & Find the perfect fit momentum to reach your goals.
  20. 20. If you don’t follow these baby steps….. #1. Take ACTION! #2. Eliminate the crap that is weighing you #3.Take Ownership.
  21. 21. You will continue to feel like POOP!!
  22. 22. So stop stressing yourself out!!
  23. 23. There now…. Do you want a lollipop? I know this is wrong on so many levels… forgive me
  24. 24. So which LIFESTYLE are YOU? This one seems adventurous and exciting [rough on the edges]! Are you sure you’re up for this?
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  26. 26. Remember! It’s NOT a CONDOM…..