General Education- ISB Application Strategy


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General Education started providing helps for ISB essay.Where General Education consultant will help you to write good essays for all ISB essay question, which is asked for this year ISB Application. Start preprare your ISB Application with General Education.

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General Education- ISB Application Strategy

  1. 1. Indian School of Business Application Strategy
  2. 2. General Education-Empowering Intellect General Education is India’s largest study-abroad enterprise with a huge number of studentbases. We have a team of consultants who have graduated from top B Schools around theglobe like Harvard, Duke, Cornell, ISB, LBS, INSEAD among a few. Over the past five years we have made it possible for numerous MBA aspirants who havetaken our services, ranging from GMAT preparation, essay evaluations, general counselling,interview preparation to brainstorming sessions, make it to schools like – Harvard BusinessSchool, Wharton Business School (University of Pennsylvania), Kellogg Business School(Northwestern University), the Indian School of Business, GSB Chicago Booth, INSEAD France,Cornell and others. We believe in a philosophy of sharing our knowledge and experience to aid prospective MBAaspirants make and fulfil the most important career decision of their lives. This has let us helpthousands of MBA applicants reach their desired business school. We are here to help youtoo if you think you are inexperienced, too old, or your GMAT is too low for applying to globalbusiness schools. We know and have all the reasons to believe that a business schoolapplication should not just be backed with a high GMAT score and experience. We are hereto empower your true intellect and help your B School application translating into anadmission.
  3. 3. Business School Selection Process One of the most crucial aspects of getting accepted in an MBA program is selecting the rightbusiness schools during the application process. The vast multitude of business schools aroundthe world offering MBAs program, makes the decision making process even more difficult.Some of the factors that you should be considering while applying to a business school are: 1. Raking of the B School 2. Your career aspirations post an MBA 3. Duration of the Program (1 year or 2 year program) 4. Funding Options 5. Teaching Style etc.Our detailed oriented counseling program helps you in preparing the best suited selecting listcomprising of top business schools matching your profile, requirement, score and outlook. Ourprofessional consultants help: 1. Understand your profile in a comprehensive manner (existing role, educational and professional background, analysing out your strengths weaknesses etc.) 2. Brainstorm about your career goals and aspirations 3. Short listing B-Schools suited for your profile to apply to.
  4. 4. ISB Application Process 2012-13As you would probably know that ISB has introduced a new concept for assessingapplications of a candidate through a video essay for its PGP program. The ISB videoessay should be of 90 seconds with 300 word limit and is aimed at gauging the finesseof applicants . Have a look at this video to see how we can help you with this mostimportant aspect of your application. Education is an expertise consultancy agency providing assistance toMBA aspirants in the ISB video essay for the intake of ISB 2013.
  5. 5. ISB Essay Questions 2012-13Essay 1 - Please make a strong case to differentiate yourselves from an exceptional set of applicants applying for PGP 2013-14. You could cite personal/ professional achievements to present your case. (300 words max)Essay 2 - Where do you see yourself three years after you graduate from the ISB? (300 words max)Essay 3 - Please provide additional information, that will significantly affect the consideration of your application to the ISB. (300 words max)Video - Life to me is.........................(Please complete the following statement in your own words on Video) 90 Secs/15 MB
  6. 6. ISB Essay Analysis 2012-13 Essay 1 - Please make a strong case to differentiate yourselves from an exceptional set ofapplicants applying for PGP 2013-14. You could cite personal/ professional achievements topresent your case. (300 words max)The essay requires you to state your USP. In a way, the essay attempts to make theadmissions committee’s job easier – by asking you to put your best foot forward so thatthey can judge directly from this essay (instead of trawling through your entire packageto find out what is unique about you). That said, the adcom will still go through theentire package to see if what you are stating is consistent with other things mentionedin your package and recommendations.Ideally, your answer to this question will be to talk about some quality inherent in yourpersonality that sets you apart. A quality is a good choice because, it is a part of you andwill continue to influence your action and results well into the future. Mentioningcertain experiences or exposures would come as a second choice since the school canargue that these are contextual and you may not replicate your exceptionalperformance etc in other circumstances. So stating that you are entrepreneurial orhave high levels of perseverance (or some such quality) is preferable to mentioning thatyou survived the tsunami that hit coastal India by clinging onto the top of a coconuttree (difficult to see how this can be useful in corporate life).
  7. 7. Often, you would have difficulty seeing your own qualities. In case you face this issue, talk to afew good friends and ask them to tell you what they perceive as your outstanding quality atwork or at school. Based on the feedback you will be able to narrow down on a quality thatyou can talk about. In case the best that collectively you come up with is ‘excellent sense ofhumour’, you would need to consider mentioning some event, a la the tsunami episodementioned earlier. However, if you are mentioning some such event or exposure, you need tofocus on learning that you had and which you have since applied in your life. So, if you wereto talk about the clinging onto a coconut tree event, you would ideally focus on things liketenacity and learning to survive against all odds etc.Once the quality or event has been finalized, you can approach the essay in three parts.Ideally, you can find a famous quote to start off the introduction. This quote should bedirectly related to the quality you are mentioning. Start with the quote and then mentionupfront the quality that differentiates you while linking it to the quote. In case the quotesounds too clichéd, simply state the differentiator as an introduction. In the next twoparagraphs, mention one event from your professional life and one from your personal lifethat exemplify your differentiating quality. In case you have no personal life to talk about(typical of many of us who are wedded to our computers), as a second best option, you canmention two events from your professional life. However, mentioning two events from yourpersonal life and not making reference to events in your professional life will be a poorchoice.
  8. 8. Essay 2- Where do you see yourself three years after you graduate from the ISB?(300 words max)Clear, realistic career goals are a very important part of your ISB application. Your career goalsshould built on your current experience and background. While it is imperative that the role yousee yourself in three years after you graduate from the ISB are realistic, it is also important thatthe role is ambitious.The role you see yourself in post graduating from ISB should ideally be in either the samefunction or the same industry you currently are in. Generally, if you write about a role whichinvolves both function and industry change, the goal might appear unrealistic.You must detail the industry, level in the organization, key responsibilities, function etc. of yourdream role. Explain how your experience/ background coupled with your MBA from the ISB willhelp you achieve your goal. Be sure to convince yourself of the role you see yourself in beforeattempting this essay. A good way of doing this is to research career paths of people with similarbackgrounds to you through professional networking sites or by speaking to ISB alumni.The content of this essay is likely to be discussed in your interview as well. Therefore the moreresearch you do before writing this essay the better are your chances of success.
  9. 9. Essay 3 - Please provide additional information that will significantly affect theconsideration of your application to the ISB. (300 words max)This essay gives you an opportunity to tell the ISB why you are worthy of a seat there. Howeverthe open ended nature of the question makes it challenging. So what additional importantinformation should you mention in this essay? A general rule of thumb would be experienceswhich project leadership, diversity, entrepreneurial spirit, ability and will to win against allodds.One of the key points to note while attempting the essay is to answer the question So what isin it for the ISB and my prospective peers? The most common mistake made among candidatesis to just mention information without answering this question. Eg: You may say that you werean award winning cricketer in school and college. This information on its own will probably notget you through. However explaining what you learnt from your years of playing the sport at acompetitive level and how you can contribute to the class based on your experiences will makeyour essay competitive.Please remember to keep your essay simple and not clutter it with too many pieces of additionalinformation. This will not only make your essay a difficult read but will constrain you from detailing yourinformation sufficiently, given the 300 word limit. You should focus on highlighting one or at max threeaspects of your personality/ experiences.Do get in touch with us for more details on how to effectively answer this question.
  10. 10. Video - Life to me is.........................(Please complete the following statement in your ownwords on Video) 90 Secs/15 MBThe key to answering this question successfully will be your ability to present your uniquethoughts on life in a structured manner. Begin the video by completing the given sentence.You should spend the remaining part of the video explaining your thoughts and backing themup with examples from your own life. The video should be used to present aspects of yourpersonality and experiences which are not covered in the essays.So how is this different from completing the sentence through an essay? For one, the videogives the admissions committee an opportunity to evaluate you on parameters likepersonality, appearance, ability to hold a crowd etc. An MBA after all is not just aboutacademics but also how you are able to effectively present your thoughts and yourself.A word of caution - do not give too many of your thoughts on life in the video. Make amention of your top 2 or max 3 thoughts on life. Your answer to this question will give theadmissions committee a sense of your maturity and priorities in life- so choose wisely.Get in touch with us for more guidance on this aspect of the ISB application.
  11. 11. Achieve your Dreams with General Education We at General Education believe in a methodology where we begin with a brainstorming session to see and evaluate the profile of an applicant and check if a particular B School is the best fit for him/her. Having closely scrutinized hundreds of applications over the years and that many of our consultants have been part of various admission committees, they also help applicants prepare their applications that stands out among the rest. If you are about to embark on a journey towards a global MBA from a top business school and require any assistance, we would be happy to help you in all regards. Please write to us at, speak to us at +91 90350 50056 | +91 99167 03328 | +1 704 402 7235 or else if you would like us to get in touch with you, enter your information here http://www.general-