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Whangarei speaker ppt


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Whangarei speaker ppt

  1. 1. Steve MillsKey Global IT Trends and Impact onNew Zealand Business
  2. 2. Ben KepesHow Cloud Computing is Applicableto Kiwi Business
  3. 3. Tim RobinsonEngage the Future of Business
  4. 4. Bill RuysGordon RamseySue MilnerLocal businesses engaging differently
  5. 5. John Paul-SikkingThe Essentials about BYOD
  6. 6. Alan NehemiaBlair StrahanEnabling Customer Agility
  7. 7. Luke PetersFree Your Users From Their Desks
  8. 8. Paul QuirkA Modern Office Has Arrived
  9. 9. Joao AlmeidaMaking Life Simple – Plug and PlayEnterprise Computing
  10. 10. Jeff MaslanIntelligent Storage
  11. 11. Glen BearmanCollaborating Through the Cloud