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Fire warden training


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Fire warden Training is a criticle part of your Occupational Health and safety Regulations. This presentation gives you a guide on the requirements of a fire warden. The best training is delivered by real emergency workers that are expert in that field.

Under Australian Standard 3745-2010 all workplaces are to have at least on trained fire warden as part of their emergency control organisation.

Multi tenated building such as shopping centres require the building owner or thier agent to ensure that an Emergency Control Organisation is in Place (Fire Warden Structure) for all buildings Class 2 to 9 (Building code of Australia).

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Fire warden training

  1. 1. Gemstone Fire and Safety 723 309Gemstone Fire and Safety believes that Safety Knowledge should beshared. Our courses are taught by fire fighters and paramedics. Suchexperience will not only engage your staff in the content but will alsoensure that real benefits are delivered.Book your Fire Warden and Fire Extinguisher course today.Ph: 1300 723 309
  2. 2. Fire Warden & Evacuation TrainingOperate as part of an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)Gemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  3. 3. • Describe the roles & responsibilities of Fire Wardens• Describe the Hierarchy and identification of Fire Wardens• Recognise emergency incidents where evacuation may be required• Gain a understanding of basic fire science• Have an awareness of Building Fire Safety Regulations and Compliance• Demonstrate & implement evacuation procedures• Identify emergency equipment Eg. FIP, OWS, EWIS, WardenIntercommunication points.• Effectively communicate in an emergency evacuation drillCourse ObjectivesGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  4. 4. • All workplaces should have an appropriate number of employees trained asFire Wardens.• Fire Wardens are in charge of a building evacuations, until the fire brigade orother emergency service arrives. They are to ensure that all occupants cansafely evacuated from the building in an emergency• Evacuation Drills to be performed every 6 months.•Australian Standard 3745-2010 states that all workplaces should undergoregular fire and evacuation training.•In Multi tenanted buildings such as Shopping Centres it is the responsibilityof the owner or their agent to ensure an ECO is in place.Fire Wardens often make the difference between lives saved and lives lost inemergencies!Training RequirementsGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  5. 5. Emergency Control Organization (ECO) and procedures for buildings, structuresand workplaces.This Australian Standard sets out the requirements for the development of proceduresfor the controlled evacuation of building, structures and workplaces duringemergencies.The Standard also establishes guidelines for —•(a) the appointment of the emergency planning committee (EPC);•(b) the setting up of an emergency control organization (ECO);•(c) the preparation of emergency plans and procedures;•(d) the role and authority of ECO personnel while executing their duties; and•(e) the requirements of an education and training program.The standard covers emergency situations until the appropriate emergencyservice arrives to take control, at which time, the ECO will work in conjunctionwith that service.Australian Standard 3745: 2010Gemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  6. 6. The Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) shall be appropriate to the facilityand to the emergency response procedures as determined by the Emergencyplanning committee. The ECO is to be structured as per AS 3745.Persons appointed to the ECO should—•(a) be physically capable of performing their duties;•(b) have leadership qualities and command authority;•(c) have maturity of judgement, good decision-making skills and be capable ofremaining calm under pressure;•(d) be familiar with their areas of responsibility;•(e) be available to undertake their appointed duties;•(f) have clear diction and be able to communicate with the majority of occupants andvisitors; and•(g) be willing and able to undergo relevant training.ECO PersonnelGemstone Fire and 723 309
  7. 7. • During emergencies, instructions given by Wardens shall overrulenormal management structure and non-emergency procedures• Floor or area wardens and their deputies shall have the authority tomarshal all staff and any visitor/s to their evacuation area.• The powers of fire wardens is to ensure that during an emergencyincident, life and safety takes precedent over asset protection andproduction matters.• Attend regular fire warden trainingRoles and DutiesGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  8. 8. Upon discovery of a fire or other emergency, then theyneed to activate the alarm so that all building occupants canevacuate or response as per the emergency procedures.They can do this by:• Calling 000 and notifying staff as per procedures•Call a workplace emergency response line and advisethem of the problem (they will then dial 000)• Using a workplace PA, OWS or EWIS System to alertbuilding occupants•Using a Break Glass Alarm to call the fire service (iffitted) activating a local alarm. Always call 000 as well.•Using any other system described in the workplaceprocedure manualActivate the alarmGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  10. 10. • Immediate area:– e.g. Medical incident - The purpose is to clear the scene ofbystanders• Full:– This measure is used to clear a building or facility of all occupants• Partial:– Alternative to full evacuation often used in high rise and hospitals.• Shelter in Place:– No evacuation-used when evacuation might expose occupants togreater dangerTypes of EvacuationGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  11. 11. Fire is a exothermic chemical reaction involving rapid oxidation (burning) of a fuel.Four things must be present at the same time in order to produce fire:• FUEL - solid, liquid or gas.• OXYGEN - Sufficient oxygen must be present in the atmosphere for fire to burn.• HEAT- Sufficient heat energy must be applied to raise the fuel to its ignitiontemperature• CHEMICAL REACTION - This reaction will occur when all three of the aboveelements are present in the proper conditions and proportions.Fire TetrahedronGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  12. 12. Fighting fires is a dangerous activity. If you are not trained to do so don’t!Upon discovery of a fire you must ALWAYS:•Assist any person in immediate danger; If it is safe to do so!Remember you are the most important person•Call the Fire Brigade on 000 immediately, alert people in the area bycalling out & pressing the manual break glass alarm – close all doors.•Evacuate the building or facility as per your emergency proceduremanualONLY THEN may trained Fire Wardens attack the fire if it is safe todo so.Safety Procedures for FiresGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  13. 13. •Bomb threats require special procedures. Some industries receive more bomb threatsthen others.•Bomb threats can be written or made on the telephone. It is important to get as muchinformation about the device and it’s location as possible•The Chief Wardens must be immediately notified. Police must be called and theChief fire warden is to evaluate the threat.•The bomb threat may have very little detail or it may contain specific threats where thelocation, time and type of bomb are given.•Bombs threat procedures should be made and included in the emergency proceduremanual to assist staff in dealing with bomb threats.Bomb ThreatsGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  14. 14. There are many ways to handle a bomb threat. It is the chief wardensresponsibility to decide what action to take. The following actions are open to theChief Fire Warden.*Take no action*Search without evacuation*Evacuate & Search*Evacuate without SearchIf an evacuation is to occur then all Fire Wardens must be notified straightaway & do as their told.REMEMBER IT IS THE CHIEF WARDENS DECISIONChief Warden ActionsGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  15. 15. Whilst total evacuation may be the decided option, therisks include:•Risk Of Injury•Panic, Distress•Loss to businessRisks of Total Evacuation in Bomb ThreatsGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  16. 16. Chief Warden & Deputy Warden –WHITE HELMETFloor Warden & Area Warden-YELLOW HELMETWarden-RED HELMETFirst Aid Personnel WHITE HELMET WITH GREEN CROSSBest Practice is to also have an area ID Ie Level 7 WardenWarden Hierarchy and IdentificationGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  17. 17. Fire warden must be aware of the following items and report any failure tomanagement• Ensuring Emergency Exits and paths of travel are clear & unobstructed• Good housekeeping• Fire & Evacuation Training is completed 6 monthly• Fire-fighting and Alarm systems equipment inspected 6 monthly as per AS•Staff inductions include walking new employees to the assembly areas• Ensuring that wardens know their areas of responsibility and emergency procedurescontained in the Emergency Procedure ManualsBuilding Safety and complianceGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  18. 18. Wardens must be familiar with:•The design of the building•Evacuation Routes & Safe Places•The operation of: Alarms & Communicationequipment•How to assist disabled occupants•Ensure equipment is isolated upon exit. Ie Cranes•Location of firefighting equipment and their use.Warden Roles & ResponsibilitiesGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  19. 19. • Determine the type and size of the emergency & determine ifevacuation is required• Ensure that the appropriate emergency services have beennotified (Call 000)• Brief wardens of the nature of the emergency and actionsdecided by the Chief fire warden.•If required ensure that evacuation is conducted safely.• If necessary order wardens to undertake specific duties•Position your self where the emergency services can identifyyou.• Liaise and assist Emergency Services on arrival with the natureof the incident & the progress of the evacuation.Chief Warden / Deputy DutiesGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  20. 20. •Ensure that all doors are closed except for bomb threats•Ensure that all occupants have exited by the safest and nearest exitdoor•Assist persons whom are injured or have a disability. If unable toassist communicate with Chief Warden.•Report to Chief Warden as appropriate once at evacuation area & actas directed.•Ensure that only emergency service workers enter the building•Operating fire fighting equipment, e.g. Portable fire extinguishers,hose reels and fire blankets if trained in that equipment.Warden DutiesGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309
  21. 21. 1.Assess the emergency situation2.Dial 000 and ask for the most appropriate service.3.Request Appropriate Emergency Service. i.e. Fire Brigade4.Give Call taker:- Address Including:1. Street name and number (or nearest number) Note: Call takers will also ask State or Territory2. Nearest main road & Suburb3. Other directions that may assist in locating5.Brief description of the emergency6.Injuries or missing persons if any.7.Answer clearly any questions the controller may have.DO NOT HANG-UP UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO.Calling the emergency servicesGemstone Fire and Safety 723 309