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Building Your Digital Dream Team - Guide for PR Professionals


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Building a digital/social team within any company or agency is a mix of talent assessment, management and business vision to anticipate just what lies ahead. This presentation was given at a digital PR conference and examines some of the current in demand roles today and looks ahead at emerging areas of focus in the near (indeed nearer than you think) future.

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Building Your Digital Dream Team - Guide for PR Professionals

  1. 1. Building, Motivating and Managing Your Digital Dream Team Prepared by: Gemma Craven October 14, 2013
  2. 2. Building Your Digital Dream Team 1. The Current Digital Team 1. Emerging Areas / Roles 2. The Team Of The Future
  3. 3. The Current Digital Team
  4. 4. The Social Customer
  5. 5. The Social Brand Responsive Committed Open Trustworthy
  6. 6. The Social (Media) Marketer Too often social is called a “channel” by marketers… …it must be integrated around the customer journey Or obsess about creating some content novelty to trigger an avalanche of sharing… …we must focus on earning attention, advocacy and action Or are trapped in transactional campaign thinking …we should be always building a relationship
  7. 7. An Integrated Planning Approach Define Listen Know Social Insight Social Brand Print Business ambition Create Search & Behavior Insight Community Management Drive Learn Social Advertising Social Experienc e Content Activation Performance Measurement Content Syndication Digital Media Relations Optimization Influencer Management
  8. 8. Aligning The Talent To Support 8
  9. 9. The Big 5 For Social / Digital Marketers Strategist Strategy development Campaign execution/optimization Facebook •Mobile first: ongoing strategy to entice developers to incorporate Facebook hooksPOVs - knowledge of into their apps (Parse). Android partnership – Facebook Home social/digital space •Paid is king: increased volumes of paid, questions around effectiveness have led to streamlining •Graph Search: yet to reach full potential for brands Listening/research segmentation: who are my •Audience followers? •Customer service = budget related: bigger spending brands are the well
  10. 10. Paid Media Twitter Strategist Media partnerships Responsive ad placement Community content amplification Native advertising
  11. 11. Social Tumblr Analytics/Measu rement Benchmarking KPIs Insights & reporting Data strategy
  12. 12. Content Strategist Community content Real time marketing Integrated p Content development
  13. 13. What Works & What Does Not
  14. 14. New Roles – The Emerging Talent Need
  15. 15. The Community Director
  16. 16. Platform YouTube Partnerships / Co-innovation
  17. 17. Understanding Mobility & UX
  18. 18. Big Scale Experience Planning
  19. 19. The Team of The Future
  20. 20. Team Of The Future Client teams Social Business Consultancy Social Analytics Center of Excellence Innovation & Experience Design Social Community / Strategy Center of Excellence Industry presence New business
  21. 21. Contextual Awareness Design
  22. 22. ≈ Case example Digital Acceleration for Brands • IMAGE OF NESTLE DAT • VOICE OVER ON WHAT IT IS
  23. 23. Sector Platform Specialists
  24. 24. Thank You – Let’s Connect! Gemma Craven Email: Twitter: Linkedin: @gemsie