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Pitch2presentation 090923133930 Phpapp02

  1. 1. Pitch # 2<br />“I wish you weren’t a genie”<br />
  2. 2. Entering a classroom which is infact a drama lesson a teacher is seen speaking to the class saying that it is time for them to present their acts based on fairytales and that she is expecting to see magic, villains, heros, damsels etc... She then looks at a particular student in the corner of the classroom playing on his psp, she tells him that his group will be performing first and asks him what their act is about. Confused and caught on the spot he stutters trying to get out of it, looking at the group he was meant to be working with.<br />
  3. 3. As he tries to say something the bell goes and the teacher says &quot;Saved by the bell Luke&quot;. However she asks him to see her after class. He goes to her and she says to him, &quot;You always seem to be in your own little world, its about time you interacted with your classmates dont you think? You never know it might help build your confidence&quot; [Reveals something about Luke&apos;s character, implying he is generally in a world of his own on a regular basis] <br />
  4. 4. As the teacher speaks Luke is distracted by Olivia walking past the classroom, and the teacher becomes more distant to Luke&apos;s attention. She realises he is no longer listening and tries to snap him out of it. &quot;See this is what i mean! Always on another planet. Just think about it Luke.&quot; She picks up the &apos;prop box&apos; and walks out however as she does a gold lamp falls out. [Logical causality for where the lamp comes from. Being a drama lesson props are required and since they&apos;re working on fairytales, involving magic etc... it is logical that there would be a gold lamp there as a &apos;prop&apos;.] <br />
  5. 5. Luke picks it up, and becomes fascinated by it for a second, and takes it back to the box. He places it in there and goes to his next lesson. During his lesson he is emptying his bag and finds something that doesn&apos;t belong to him. The gold lamp! [Not random because it&apos;s magical and the lamp is attracted to people that require it&apos;s help.] He wonders how it managed to get into his bag and as he does a few bullies notice it. [Narrative development - moving the story along by introducing something into it i.e. the lamp.] <br />
  6. 6. They begin laughing and pointing and making genie jokes towards Luke. Slowly slowly Luke becomes more and more aggravated but he doesn&apos;t say anything. [Character motivation - for why he explodes and shouts because the anger is building up inside him.] her comes in and settles down the class asking what the big joke is, a few students reply, giving more remarks against Luke. He becomes angered and shouts out. The class freeze but then all burst out laughing, shocked at the &apos;loser&apos; trying to shout. The teacher sends him out and tells him to return when he&apos;s calmed down.<br />
  7. 7. As he goes outside he says &quot;Argh! I wish i wasn&apos;t such a loser!&quot; he turns away but hears a girl say &quot;Is that an official wish&quot; he turns to see a girl there, confused he asks her where she come from and she reveals that she is a genie and her lamp found it&apos;s way into his possession so he must be in need of it. [Plot point 1 - Dont expect there to be a genie, story takes a turn in a new direction]He refuses to believe her but eventually gives in as he &apos;has nothing better to do&apos;. [Narrative development - the genie has entered the story helping to move the story along. Logical causality - for why the lamp comes to be in Luke&apos;s possession, she reveals it goes to people who are in need of it.]<br />
  8. 8. They begin talking and Luke starts to tell her about Olivia and how if he was with her he&apos;d have the girl he likes and also become more popular and less of a loser as she is highly &apos;respected&apos; in the school. The genie tells him that he has one wish only, so before he makes it she will help him as she feels he needs it and then by the end he can make the perfect wish. [The fact that they get along creates Character motivation for her deciding to help him because she realises he&apos;s a nice guy and deserves it and she wants to help him] While they are walking Luke bumps into Olivia and accidently drops her books. &quot;Well pick them up then!&quot; Luke obidently picks up the books and Olivia walks off rudely. The genie asks him why he let her speak to him like that and he tells her that it&apos;s Olivia. The genie is shocked and confused at his choice<br />
  9. 9. She says to him &quot;Well she looked right through you so maybe we should make you visible to her first&quot; Luke recieves a makeover from the genie, making him look more &apos;cool&apos;. When he goes to his next lesson people think he is new and are shocked to see it&apos;s Luke. [Character development - there&apos;s a change in Luke&apos;s character and helping to uncover the real him].Olivia now takes an interest in Luke as he has &apos;potential&apos; however she has no genuine lust for him she just likes the attention from desperate boys. He gives her some attention, still being shy and withdrawn slightly and only getting used to his new appearance. The genie waits for him outside the class to help him make Olivia notice him and when Olivia see&apos;s her she asks who she is but the genie walks off with Luke, disapproving of Olivia. [Character motivation for disapproving of Olivia - she see&apos;s that she doesn&apos;t really like Luke even though he&apos;s too blinded to notice]<br />
  10. 10. Montage of genie and Luke getting to know each other and spending time together, playing video games etc. Genie admiring Luke&apos;s ability to play. One day Olivia calls Luke over telling him that she &apos;likes&apos; him and that he can &apos;chill&apos; with her if he likes. [Narrative development - there&apos;s a new turn in the story which moves the narrative along]. Luke being extremely excited and pleased says yes straight away. With her, he begins playing on his psp and she asks what he is doing, he asks her if she wants to play but she refers to the game as &apos;nerdy&apos; hurting his feelings and making him think about Genie. <br />
  11. 11. He later see&apos;s the genie and runs to her saying he is ready to make his wish. She is hesitant because she thinks he will wish to be with Olivia but evenutally has to agree as she is his genie. &quot;I wish you weren&apos;t a genie!&quot; [Plot point 2 - Dont think he will wish for that, expecting him to wish for Olivia, again the story takes another turn]. They have a &apos;moment&apos; aknowledging the fact that they like each other. <br /> Luke and genie are next seen together in school, her as a student and both being popular.<br /> [Concluding ending- ties up lose ends.]<br />