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This presentation describes what a library camp is, how we organised ours in Cardiff and and the pros of the un-conference format.

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  • Sessions were more workshop-oriented so attendees engaged in every session. with everyone contributing ideas in a free-flowing manner, while others had stronger facilitators who clearly drove the subject matter in a more structured format.  Regardless, the key tenet of the day was that the The reason is clearly that everyone felt a huge sense of ownership because they themselves drove the topic content. 
    “Why do you want to go to this conference?” is a question that you’ve probably been asked at one time or another. The real Question being asked (usually by our boss) is, of course, Is it worth the money and time invested in having you attend?
  • Library camp wales presentation

    1. 1. Library Camp Wales Participant Driven Events
    2. 2. Glasgow Manchester Bristol Newcastle Birmingham Cardiff
    3. 3. What is LibraryCamp? Librarycamp is a user generated unconference for people interested in libraries. Anyone can organise a librarycamp - they run across the UK. At a librarycamp the participants lead the agenda – in fact, there isn’t an agenda until people make suggestions for what they’d like to talk about at the start of the day. It’s free to attend and there are no keynotes speakers. It’s open to anyone: public/private/whatever sector and you don't have to work in a library.
    4. 4. Library camps largely adhere to the four principles of open space: 1. Whoever comes is the right people. 2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have. 3. Whenever it starts is the right time. 4. When it's over, it's over. In addition to these principles, there is one law of open space, known as the “Law of Two Feet.”
    5. 5. Law of Two Feet Any time you're not contributing nor adding value--you are encouraged to use your two feet and find a place where you can. In other words, if it's not meaningful, and you're not doing your part to make it meaningful, move on.
    6. 6. Some of the sessions proposed for Library Camp 2013. • Encouraging innovation in our libraries. • What do LibraryCampers think about the new Library of Birmingham? • Management and libraries. • Librarians: The Movie: Episode III. • What services do public libraries offer jobseekers? • Supporting language learning in Higher Education. • Evidence-based librarianship. • Learning to teach. • What is to be done with CILIP? • Copyright Ninjas – Rebels with a Cause! • Demonstrating value college students, to tutors, to management? • Are public libraries safe under local authority control?
    7. 7. We were all volunteers and work in libraries in Wales and the South West and organised library camp in our spare time. Library Camp Wales Organisers
    8. 8. Pitching sessions Speed Networking Session
    9. 9. Pros of choosing an unconference format? • People formed more connections, and stronger ones, at this 40 person conference than we would have at a bigger industry event. • It’s free to attend. • Unconferences require less top-down planning, as participants form their own structure on the day. • Unconferences are a great way of promoting inter-disciplinary integration – anyone can attend. • Attendees can create their own sessions and focus on topics that interest them
    10. 10. The real reason why people attend Library Camp…