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Analyse Of Contents

  1. 1. Analyse of Contents <br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. The headline stands out with Q masthead label and having the date of the issue with a web address is an added feature I like. This makes the magazine more official and what a contents page should contain which is gathered useful information<br />The main image takes the majority of the contents. Its added pull quote give the reader the indication that the magazines main feature is this band and read up on there interview. <br />Its layout is effective having its main features listed and paged numbered using bold sans serif font making it sophisticated and readable. The ‘Every Month’ feature appeals to usual reader who expect to see this and enjoy taking part in the magazines competitions and games<br />This feature ‘Oasis Special’ I like as it’s a one off feature making it more interesting. The use of different colour stands out and it is gold which is a celebration colour expressing that the band have had success over many years. <br />The contents page also involves the music review which will interest the majority of readers the most. The added image shows the reader which celebrity is also featured.<br />
  4. 4. This contents page is a lot busier then Q’s contents’. It has a band index making it easy for the reader to pick out which band they are interested in reading up on. The heading ‘This week’ with the masthead opens the page and makes it more upfront. The main article featured is colourful and tells the reader this is all you need to know. This contents page is powerful and gives away what it really wants you to read. <br />The headlines have the same font and layout making it simple for the reader the note the differences. This magazine contents contains advertisement on its contents unlike Q for its own magazine. This contents page is a lot more effective to the reader and catches your eyes to the page due to the big writing and colour. It also has a selection of images referring to the main feature which the reader will instantly draw attention to.<br />
  5. 5. This magazine contents is much more simpler and easily readable. Having images of the bands and page numbers is much more effective then a band index as a reader would be drawn to look at pictures quicker then looking at writing. Also from the images of the bands there appearance will show the reader what type of music the band most likely produces.<br />This contents is based on one type of music which is heavier, more punk and indie. The contents is simple and does not show difficulty in producing. <br />The font of the headlines fit into the type of music this magazine is aimed at. <br />