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Simplifying Personas


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Personas are supposed to help us understand, target and serve our audience. Instead they create confusion and an awful lot of guess work without demonstrating many benefits. But it doesn't need to be that way - This presentation covers a simplified persona process that we can all relate to making it much more actionable than traditional models. The best part is that it is testable so you can benchmark and measure the impact of your efforts.

Presented at the Content Marketing Show 2013.

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Simplifying Personas

  1. 1. Simplifying  Personas   Gemma  MacNaught  
  2. 2. About  Conversion  Factory   Clients  from  start-­‐ups  to  $5B   web  giants   We  focus  on:             Gemma  MacNaught   Lead  Conversion  Consultant   Conversion  Factory       @gemmamacnaught           IdenIfying  barriers  to   conversion     Proposing  soluIons     TesIng  them     Typically  double  digit   increases  in  conversion  rate   within  3  months  
  3. 3. What  are   personas?   11/11/2013   Angels  Fancy  Dress   3  
  4. 4. What  are  personas?  
  5. 5. Why  are  personas  important?  
  6. 6. Why  do  people  hate  personas?  
  7. 7. Much  be7er  
  8. 8. How  do  we   simplify   personas?   11/11/2013   Angels  Fancy  Dress   8  
  9. 9. You  sIll  need  to  know  your  target  market   Take  advantage  of  new  Google  AnalyIcs     demographics  and  interest  data   And  how/when/where  they  are  visiIng  your  site   ü New  vs  Returning  Visitors   ü LocaIon   ü Periods  of  Increased  Visits/Conversions   ü Mobile,  Tablet  and  Desktop  
  10. 10. Understand  the  goals   Your  goals   Make  more  money   Generate  more   leads   Increase  brand   awareness   Customer  retenIon  
  11. 11. Understand  the  goals   Your  goals   User  goals   Make  more  money   Fulfill  a  need/ requirement   Generate  more   leads   InformaIon   Increase  brand   awareness   Customer  retenIon   Get  assistance   Peace  of  mind   Peer  approval  
  12. 12. Meet  your  new  personas  
  13. 13. CharacterisIcs  of  the  new  personas   Right   Impulsive   CreaIve   ErraIc   EmoIonal   ImpaIent   Unconscious  
  14. 14. CharacterisIcs  of  the  new  personas   Le=     CauIous   AnalyIcal   SystemaIc   Logical   PaIent   Conscious   Right   Impulsive   CreaIve   ErraIc   EmoIonal   ImpaIent   Unconscious  
  15. 15. What’s  important  to  these  new  personas   Right   Direct  content   Price   Imagery   EmoIon   PromoIons   Rewards  
  16. 16. What’s  important  to  these  new  personas   Le=     Full  content   Right   Direct  content   Usability   Price   Security   Imagery   Transparency     Reassurance   Pain  points   EmoIon   PromoIons   Rewards  
  17. 17. How  do  we   put  this  into   acIon?   11/11/2013   Angels  Fancy  Dress   17  
  18. 18. Remember  this?  
  19. 19. Box  up  your  product   If  your  product  was  on  that  shelf…   What  would  make  shoppers  pick  you?   Here’s  our   reviews,     our  security   standards,   our  customer   service   guarantee   back     This  product   is  :     1.  Awesome   2.  Half  price   3.    Everyone   will  like  you   if  you  buy  it   front    
  20. 20. Box  up  your  product   The  best  thing  about  this  persona  process….   it  can  be  tested!  
  21. 21. In  Summary   1.  Who,  Where,  When  &  How     Target  Market:  Google  AnalyIcs   2.  Why   Goals:  Understanding  your  users’  goals   3.  What   Personas:  Are  you  doing  the  right  (and  leb)  thing?   4.  Test  it!  
  22. 22. Simplifying  Personas   QuesQons?     @gemmamacnaught