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Internet CEE 2012_Conference_Media_Partnership_Proposal


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Internet CEE conference, upon its every edition, draws a lot of media attention. Among the media partners of the event there are portals, online industry websites, professional press and business TV channels from Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. The conference organizers invite all media representatives to become the Internet CEE 2012 Media Partner. Contact us at:

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Internet CEE 2012_Conference_Media_Partnership_Proposal

  1. 1. Warsaw February 2013th
  2. 2. Internet CEE is one of the key events in Central and Eastern Europe dealing within digital marketing,research and communication. The conference, gathering renowned experts on internet market, aimsat sharing and exchanging their ideas, opinions and experience. At Internet CEE you will meet:  key online publishers from the region,  e-commerce players,  representatives of the main CEE media houses, interactive and advertising agencies,  internet advertisers,  bloggers and independent commentators from the internet industry.Each time, the conference draws a lot of media attention. Among the media partners of the eventthere are portals, online industry websites, professional press and business TV channels from Centraland Eastern Europe.The Internet CEE 2013 conference - scheduled to take place in February 2013 in Warsaw, Poland - willgather the key players of the regional online industry under the Data connected banner. Today’sconsumers stay connected with the brands and are using the digital media 24/7. The amount ofinformation they receive, generate and share is larger than ever before. The same applies to modernorganizations, which need to learn how to win in the current data economy. The questions are:  How to make the most of information & technology for running a business and communicating more effectively?  How do digital media and businesses serve the needs of their clients?  How do consumers interact with each other and the brands?  And, last but not least, can brands really engage consumers using mobile and traditional Web?At the fourth Internet CEE conference you will get the answers to all these questions. The event is anopportunity to meet those who create the most attractive online business strategies in the region. 2
  3. 3. Gemius SAis an international research agency, the leader and forerunner in the field of research of the internetand on the internet in Europe and in the Middle East. Originating in Poland, Gemius has expandedacross the EMEA region and is now currently operating on thirty markets. The company is the pioneerof the full hybrid methodology for online audience measurement, integrating both consumer panelsand advanced site-centric research, giving media planners highly credible results (gemiusAudience). Italso offers professional research solutions, analytical and advisory services, from site-centric anduser-centric studies to technologically-advanced tools for studying internet user behaviour on chosenwebsites (gemiusTraffic), internet user socio-demographic profiles (gemiusProfile), the quality ofWWW page usage (gemiusUsability) and the effectiveness of internet advertising campaigns(gemiusEffect). Gemius also conducts research related to subjects submitted by customers(gemiusAdHoc). Apart from the above-mentioned research services, Gemius offers studies on thebehaviour of users who view online multimedia content (gemiusStream) and a research tool forimmediate measurement and presentation of all clicks made by internet users on a website(gemiusHeatMap) SAwas founded in 2011 by internet business veterans, and is event and publishing company whichfocuses on organizing fairs, conferences and publishing specialized digital works. Experience, skills andexpertise of the persons engaged in creating SA is the biggest asset of the company. Wetreat the internet as our ecosystem, the environment in which we live and develop. We wish that ourprojects would become platforms of ideas and experiences exchange, which attract attention withnew, vibrant energy and concepts.TARGET GROUPThe conference is addressed primarily to the management / marketing and sales directors fromcompanies operating in CEE countries or planning expansion on the regions markets. Participantsalso include internet publishers and representatives of agencies and media houses serving clientsfrom the CEE region. 3
  4. 4. The promotional and informative campaign involving advertising and PR activities will be conductedvia:  media patrons in the CEE region: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine  specialist media and portals in the CEE region,  internet industry organisations of the CEE region.This 4th edition of the Internet CEE conference, convened under the banner ‘Data connected’, takes acloser look at the phenomenon called ‘Data Economy’- its benefits for both consumers and industryorganizations. It is intended to answer the issues of maximizing the positive impact of informationand internet as well as mobile technology in running a business and effective communication. It alsowants to focus on the Consumers = internet users that stay connected with the brands and each other24/7 what changes the way of communication with them.The conference programme is going to be divided into 4 blocks: 1. Publishers and social media - new face of online media business: ‘right here, right now’ in the world of recommendations and ‘likes’ 2. E-commerce and data management - the future of e-commerce: personalized experience, best deals and group shopping 3. Digital marketing - delivering the brand experience and multi-platform story-telling in online marketing 4. Hot or not? Other internet CEE trends – start-ups in the CEE region, mobile marketing, online advertising, gamification or other hot trendsThe programme of the conference will also be enriched with discussion panels to accompany each ofthe thematic blocks. The Programme Board is open for any topics suggestions, which according to theinvited Partners, could bring a significant input to the agenda. 4
  5. 5. Three earlier conferences (in 2007, 2008 and 2010) were highly appreciated both in Europe andglobally, and revealed the need for this kind of a regional event. In fact, Internet CEE, gatheringrenowned experts on the internet market, serves as a platform for sharing ideas and know-how of thekey players from and beyond the Central and Eastern Europe region. The 2010 conference featuredinternationally recognized experts of the online industry:  Tristan Nitot, President at Mozilla Europe,  Sam Kumar, Digital Advertising Manager, The Economist Online,  Mike Hess, former Director of Global Research & Communications Insights at OMD,  Fedor Virin, former Research Director at ,  Artur Waliszewski, Director at Google Poland,  Andrey Sebrant, Product Marketing Director at Yandex,  Marvin Liao, Commercial Director, EMEA Expansion Markets at Yahoo!,  Tomas Lauko, CEE Digital Development Manager at ZenithOptimedia ,  Simon Thomas, Strategic Analytics & Insight Systems Director, GroupM EMEA,  Jana Vyhidalova, Director of Information and Advertising Services, Telefonica 02  Bruce Hoang, Head of Global Media Research, Orange  Attila Weisz, Digital Marketing Manager, Coca- Cola And many, many more! 5
  6. 6. We would like to invite all interested parties to partake in the event by becoming a Media Partner ofthe Internet CEE 2013 conference.The package ‘Media Partner’ at the conference means:  the possibility to interview the conference speakers and use the reports shown at the conference as resources for articles  accreditation for one journalist, with a possibility to participate in the conference and the after-conference event  placing the Partners logo on the conference website  placing the Partners logo in the informative and promotional materials of the conference  placing the Partners logo in the mailing sent out to the participants of the conference  placing the Partners advertising rollups at the venue of the conference  placing the partnership information in informative materials sent out to internet industry organisations from CEE  placing the partnership information in press materials sent out to specialist media from CEEAll materials should be provided by the Partner at least 25 working days before the Internet CEE conference.A Media Partner is expected to:  display conference advertisement banners on the Partner’s website during the months preceding the conference  place conference ads and information about the conference in a newsletter distributed by the Partner  publish the Internet CEE press information on the Partner’s website 6
  7. 7. We welcome you to follow the latest information on If you would like to become a Media Partnerthe Internet CEE webpage and on the social media: of the Internet CEE 2013 conference, contact us: Katarzyna Winczewska f PR Specialist Gemius SAt +48 22 378 30 61 7